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✩ message received ✩ by sinkingwmyships
✩ message received ✩by 🌿🌧️🌟
DIO: just take him out ur-speakin-to-a-ten: okay but like with my Stand or on a date? ✩ highest rankings: #1, jotakak, 6/20 #1, avpol, 6/20 this is a textfic!! so, lower...
Book 1: Tough Love (Jotaro x Female Reader) by mrs_kkujo
Book 1: Tough Love (Jotaro x Femal...by Kay
In your 2nd year of high school , you're partnered with Jotaro Kujo for a project after your fight in middleschool . Do you move on and collaborate with your enemy for t...
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The Wands Card by DiaryLH531
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The Wand...by DiaryLH531
(Name) (Last Name), a girl who was rambunctious and wild. "The life of the party," some would say. A prankster, a joker, always down for a laugh of pure intent...
Blank by Jaxous84
Blankby Jaxous
Jotaro stood frozen, eyes blown wide in shock. Did Noriaki just kiss him? Did Noriaki just confess? ******************* Tenmei just stared at Jabari with wide eyes, not...
★ California Girls ★ {Jotaro x reader} by Tequila_Joseph
★ California Girls ★ {Jotaro x rea...by Tequila_Joseph
Now this is a story alla bout how my life got flipped turned upside down and i like to take moment- i aint singing allat. Hi, Im Y/n L/n. i grew up in Belair, Californi...
Stand Swap Adventures by Elvisa88
Stand Swap Adventuresby Elvisa88
What if there was an enemy Stand that swapped Stands with their users? The Stands become human and the humans Stands
+*+Rero yare daze +*+ !! || jotaro x reader x kakyion  by VenomVendetta
+*+Rero yare daze +*+ !! || jotaro...by vendetta ransom
Based on jjba part 3 sdc . ( minor changes to the plot so ,bare ) . Yn is an transfer and foreigner from the states . Under dio Brando's flesh bud control . He promised...
Friends old and new (Jotakak) by wtpthedemon
Friends old and new (Jotakak)by wtpthedemon
AU where Jotaro had a stand since childhood. "Hi, I'm Kujo Jotaro...was that green guy also a ghost that follows you?" The child asked without any care what wa...
Stand Proud || Stardust Crusaders/Conqueror of Shamballa by sober-and-godless
Stand Proud || Stardust Crusaders...by Key🐰
Put into a separate book, originally was in my RP shenanigans book. This is an ongoing roleplay written by me and my lovely joyfriend, Bee. Modernverse because I said s...
JJBA x Reader One Shots by Jotaro_StarPlatinum
JJBA x Reader One Shotsby Jotaro
A book of reader inserts for the characters of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Some inserts will include smut. Stands will be included. Requests are open as well.
Part 6 Alternate Ending by PlugKjellberg
Part 6 Alternate Endingby Plug Kjellberg
Inspired by Shuckmeister's take on Part 6, I've decided to include my own twists, in a summary: the Green Baby is actually a Dio revival, but his Za Warudo's powers are...
JJBA: shenanigans by alice-lang
JJBA: shenanigansby LB1324
exactly as it says on the tin it isn't easy describing a dynamic between the Stand users, magic users, the Shinigami, and the SPW foundation, for the former 2 is well-o...
Emerald Bubbles - CaeJo and JotaKak by derpybnha
Emerald Bubbles - CaeJo and JotaKakby Derpy
Caesar Zeppeli and Joseph Joestar survived their fight against the Pillar Men, and they soon go onto fall in love; get married. As they live up old together, they go and...
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Virtuous Pope by Bachi1s
Virtuous Popeby Bach1s
A follow-up to Kakyoin vs. Team RWBY and JNPR. Note All musical references in this book if for fun. The song references belong to their respected creators.
JJBA Alternate Bastet's Mariah (Jotaro & Kakyoin) by hb_swifter
JJBA Alternate Bastet's Mariah (Jo...by HB
What if it had been Jotaro and Kakyoin that had gotten magnetized by Mariah's Stand? ~ This was originally just a joke between me and the friend who introduced me to Jo...
Cringeworthy [COMPLETE] by skiddy-noddlez
Cringeworthy [COMPLETE]by biggest n'doul simp
- JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: Human Stands AU - " So.. you're not going to beat me into a pulp? " The pale man asked as he trembled beneath the looming giant. W...
😎JJBA SDC:Always Safe With Me💜 by JoesphIsBestBoi
😎JJBA SDC:Always Safe With Me💜by BaconBitz(2.0)
This BIZARRE journey starts off with Asutā Hiroki and Jotaro Kujo being in a jail cell,believing that there's something possessing them. Asutā has always been the. . .&q...
Reckless Love (Jotaro x OC)  by NessiNay156
Reckless Love (Jotaro x OC) by NessiNay 15
This is my attempt at Jotaro x OC Fanfiction. Hopefully I can get this right on the first try. Modern/Everyone lives AU. There will be another OC being featured in this...