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Complicated Love (KamiJirou fanfic) by Katsuboii
Complicated Love (KamiJirou fanfic)by Katsuboii
(The art in the cover is NOT mine) It all started a few days ago... Kaminari watched as Jirou talked with the girls about what their plans were for the weekend. Jirou se...
  • kamijiro
  • jirou
  • romance
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BNHA x fem reader texts by KCMoonlight
BNHA x fem reader textsby KCMoonlight
this is my first one of these so sorry if it's bad i cant promise these are gonna be pg because a) there's bakugou so swearing and b) immma use some of mine and my frie...
  • kaminari
  • 1-b
  • 1-a
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MomoJirou Stories by Hamsterlovermaddie
MomoJirou Storiesby DoubtDoubts
I knew if I was going to make Lapidot fanfiction, I needed to make stories about my favorite girls from My Hero Academia. I do not own any of the characters.
  • fluff
  • jirou
  • momojirou
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 CLASS PLAY 1A [ TDBK CRACK FIC] by reallyidontknowthat
The girls of former class 1a never forgot about the time when they were pranked on and had to wear cheerleading outfits during the time of tournament. . . Now the girls...
  • aizawa
  • kirishima
  • shouto
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bnha reacts to ships by WolfyTheShipper
bnha reacts to shipsby IdiotIsMeWolfy
ok some of these ships i ship but not the straight ones
  • ships
  • bnhacharacters
  • asui
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Baby bakugo by i_HOWL_with_wolves
Baby bakugoby Jake
Bakugo has had a little headspace for as long as he can remember.He has no daddy to take care of him,but what will happen when midoriya finds out? **********************...
  • momo
  • bnha
  • ddlb
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The All Seer// My Hero Academia X Reader  by himikomadness
The All Seer// My Hero Academia X...by himikomadness
(*WARNING*: contains foul language, mature content I guesss, trigger warning, your bi ;), and also cringe) Kind of a crackhead book, but besides that you're thought to b...
  • bokunoheroacadamia
  • fanfiction
  • anime
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Izuku's Harem by Trashychipz
Izuku's Haremby Epistemology
Izuku is a G period *DISCLAIMER* bnha isn't mine nor do I own the characters
  • violence
  • strong
  • deku
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Class 1-Gay Problems (Bnha chatfic) by ichigo_milkyway
Class 1-Gay Problems (Bnha chatfic)by ☆ Liz ☆
Izuku invites everyone in class 1-A to a groupchat and M*neta gets kicked out of UA leaving Shinsou to replace him. Shenanigans ensues from there. Ships: BakuDeku (and h...
  • bakudeku
  • momojirou
  • aoyama
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C L E A R [ BNHA ]by 🥀
[MY HERO ACADEMIA] [OC] "my mind is a dark place. you don't want to be there." soft mumbles. slight smiles. pouted li...
  • shinsou
  • katsuki
  • kyoka
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Forgive me... by DramaKelly
Forgive me...by Kelly
*SEQUEL TO PROMISE ME!* It's been five years since graduation. Five years since the incident took place... It left scars on all of them, but mostly on Deku's reputation...
  • allmight
  • bkdk
  • hero
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The Moon Fang Hero by Yatengami_Skullz_21
The Moon Fang Heroby 『₩₳Ɽ Ӿ ₲ØĐ』
A baby with no name lost his parents when he was born and raised by his parent's uncle and aunty. Eventually, he decided to took a name that his auntie heard from his mo...
  • mha
  • izukuxram
  • midoriya
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Traitor by Vanillalatte101
Traitorby Vanilla latte
Deku, a villain. Why? How? When? All characters belong to the author of bnha (Horikoshi) Updates are once in 10 to 12 days All art used here belongs to their respective...
  • boku
  • villaindeku
  • momo
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BNHA - Seven Minutes in Heaven Series by Belongs_To_Bakugou
BNHA - Seven Minutes in Heaven Ser...by ♡
Like the title says, this will be a bunch of Seven Minute in Heaven stories 🖤 I've been struggling with recent one shots, especially anything that has to do with lemons...
  • bakugou
  • party
  • yaoyorozu
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My Heroz Academia  (Izuku X Jirou) by TheBastardArc77
My Heroz Academia (Izuku X Jirou)by khai Meunrath
what happpens when Izuku learns about jirou's singing secret and decides to form a band in U.A.? only the best band in hero history! and the name of the band? HEROZ!!
  • fanfiction
  • izukumidorya
  • jirou
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Nepenthe - A Denki x Reader BNHA text fic by theshybi
Nepenthe - A Denki x Reader BNHA t...by Yours Truely
NᎬ•ᏢᎬN•ᎢᎻᎬ *ᴺᴵ*ᴾᴱᴺ*ᵀᴴᴱᴱ* (N) something that makes you forget grief or suffering, a pleasant forgetfulness. Y/n wants to die, like literally. But she won't go out without...
  • bnha
  • tenyaiida
  • 1a
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HeartBeat (MomoJirou) {Finished} by OtakuRainsFromAbove
HeartBeat (MomoJirou) {Finished}by InvalidOpinions
Inspired by the Fanfic Stay Jirou has been really quiet lately but doesn't tell anyone what's up. Her mom and dad dont know about what really happening until one da...
  • jirou
  • momo
  • kyoaka
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My love only blooms inside of me by Insane_Fanfic_Writer
My love only blooms inside of meby Insane_Fanfic_Writer
Kyōka Jirō, one of UA's aspiring heroes... Had been defeated. It started as a simple crush, and then the crush became crushing as the work of a single villain tore her...
  • girlxgirl
  • momojirou
  • momoxjiro
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U.A Academy Romance (IzuOcha Fanfic) ✓ by daebinnie
U.A Academy Romance (IzuOcha Fanfi...by σchαcσlαtє 💕
Midoriya Izuku, the smartest student in U.A Academy and the top successor among the class, has no experience of being in a relationship or falling in love. Uraraka Ochak...
  • todomomo
  • romance
  • tsuyu
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Bnha girlfriend scenarios  by amare_PikaPika
Bnha girlfriend scenarios by Personal retard
Basically love scenarios with the girl in bnha
  • jirou
  • yaoyorozu
  • bnhascenerio
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