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Unordinary Crack Chat  by OrangeJuice457
Unordinary Crack Chat by T C
uh I'm bad a descriptions so This takes place after chapter 234 Also doc is back Ships ________ Jeraphina Blemi Arlaine Isceile I own none of the characters
Searching For Air (Jeraphina) (UnOrdinary Fanfiction) by Tekst3
Searching For Air (Jeraphina) ( Tekst3
Seraphina arrives from her suspension to find John outside the house. The bloodied figure is enough to spiral her over the edge. For once, she decides to press him on th...
wellston but hell by CloudsOfMidnight
wellston but hellby clouds of MIDnight
____________________________________________ Just what the title says- Wellston but hell. (It's a chatfic) Updates will be somewhat random, but you can expect at least o...
Unordinary Adventures by unOrdinary014
Unordinary Adventuresby unOrdinary014
This Chat fiction will be where the UnO friend group will be on a group chat and go on trips/adventures doing what they do best I suggest you read the original story on...
Joker The New King by RereAU
Joker The New Kingby 𝘙𝘦𝘳𝘦
In a world where power is the only thing that matters, Joker climbed up rank out of hatred. Living as a cripple was proven impossible, and he had enough of it. But he di...
the shit that goes on at wellston | chatfic by theparkedcar
the shit that goes on at theparkedcar
"'ASSLO.'" Remi makes a group chat, but whoooo the UnO cast is NOT easy to deal with. Crack ensues. Achievements: #1 in Jeraphina #1 in Blemi #1 in Asslo #1 in...
To Know by BrynLara94
To Knowby Bryn
John was late home the day that his dad first came to visit. Very late.
"This chat is real crack" - By Blyke  by RemedyBoiii
"This chat is real crack" - By
Idk read the story title, it's what it is. .-. CRACKIE CHATTIE Mostly Jeraphina but also Blemi and arlaine moments too.
irReplaceable (an unOrdinary fanfiction) by atotalfailure
irReplaceable (an unOrdinary atotalfailure
At Agwin High, power means everything. John has the most power of anyone at Agwin, yet he frames himself as a cripple. One day however, his power is discovered by the s...
No More Secrets by staidforsooth
No More Secretsby staidforsooth
In Episode 62, when William asked Sera who was stronger, what if John had arrived home a few minutes later? How would this change the story?
Jokers Redemption  by fanfictionfanmade
Jokers Redemption by fanfictionfanmade
New Des. Unordinary. Johns redemption. OC'S included. Enjoy!
unOrdinary: Hidden - Chatfic by CyberLink963
unOrdinary: Hidden - Chatficby Blue Bitch
THERES A LOT OF HORNY CRACK SHIT!!! OK, so this is a chatfic based on my story unordinary: Hidden My original characters are here and this mostly follows the events of...
unKnown by Anonymous-Cow
unKnownby Anonymous-Cow
A new student enrolls in Wellston, with a secret that will change everything. Two weeks before the main story starts heros begin dropping like flies. The authorities hav...
Royal Love by Skylar_AlphaX
Royal Loveby ꧁Skylar꧂
The characters don't belong to me they belong to uru-chan. Time : Takes place after episode 234 John & Seraphina has feelings for each other.. Will they end up together...
The Group Chat that started it all by SimonDiasanta8
The Group Chat that started it allby Simon Diasanta
This is your typical UnOrdinary Group Chat story with a few twists and turns in store. It takes place the day after William, John's father, left the two teenagers. Long...
Coming back (an unOrdinary fanfiction) by VMK_21
Coming back (an unOrdinary Jeraphina simp
Starts in Ch. 194. This story is about what could have happened if John saved Seraphina from Zeke instead of Blyke. After seeing his former friend in danger, how will he...
An ExtraOrdinary Adventure [CROSSOVER] by jujumajikk
An ExtraOrdinary Adventure [ SONJI
unOrdinary x The Seven Deadly Sins crossover. What would happen if superpowered teenagers suddenly found themselves in the middle of a holy war? More importantly, how wo...
UnOrdinary Chatfic by EclipsedFox2013
UnOrdinary Chatficby QUIT
It's a school. With insane childz. With powers. What do you think is gonna happen? Also they have texting. Crack intensifies SHIPS: Arlaine Jeraphina Blysen Remi is sing...
The Body Tempest by cooolBeans123
The Body Tempestby cooolBeans123
A little collection of interconnected stories revolving around John Doe and Seraphina's perspectives on each other. I wrote this a while ago to help me get into the head...
mango boba | unOrdinary by okayolliie
mango boba | unOrdinaryby kaia
Three years after his father published unOrdinary, 19 year old John decided to begin writing his own story. He called it Ordinary, and it was a tribute to the choices he...