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What if.... by YonderBacchus64
What YonderBacchus64
What if... John acted as a God-Tier instead of a cripple? Well the answer isn't in the description, its for me to know and for you to find out! Read the story if you wan...
wellston but hell | unOrdinary Chatfic by CloudsOfMidnight
wellston but hell | unOrdinary Krow
____________________________________________ Note: Contains spoilers for the webtoon, unOrdinary, authored and illustrated by "uru-chan". _____________________...
The Blazing Rebellion by ILoveWriting186
The Blazing Rebellionby ILoveWriting186
John thought he'd recovered after his two month break, but new issues keep piling on top of each other and he needs more help than he thought... Seraphina is determined...
Unordinary Group Chat! by ILoveWriting186
Unordinary Group Chat!by ILoveWriting186
Seraphina is a goddess, John is (questionably) trying to be better, Remi and Blyke are giving him a second chance, Elaine is dumb while Isen is weird as always... and Ar...
Searching For Air (Jeraphina) (UnOrdinary Fanfiction) by Tekst3
Searching For Air (Jeraphina) ( Tekst3
Seraphina arrives from her suspension to find John outside the house. The bloodied figure is enough to spiral her over the edge. For once, she decides to press him on th...
the shit that goes on at wellston | chatfic by theparkedcar
the shit that goes on at theparkedcar
"'ASSLO.'" Remi makes a group chat, but whoooo the UnO cast is NOT easy to deal with. Crack ensues. Achievements: #1 in Jeraphina #1 in Blemi #1 in Asslo #1 in...
the shit that goes on at wellston | chatfic TWO BABAY by theparkedcar
the shit that goes on at theparkedcar
"'SHRIMP.'" All Remi wanted was a nice place where the Royals could talk and chat, but of course, the UnO Cast are not exactly the easiest people in the world...
unScathed - unOrdinary Fanfiction book 1 by Inkbane1
unScathed - unOrdinary Inkbane Prime
this is a What-If series where I think of what would happen in the main plot of a Webtoon by Uru-Chan (and now anime series) UnOrdinary if John had told...
unOrdinary One-Shots by SereneMoondancer
unOrdinary One-Shotsby I think I ate a goldfish [Ind...
Oneshots of either my fav ships in unO, or other AUs and stuff (Update schedule: Indefinite)
forgiveness/unordinary AU by TottallyNot89
forgiveness/unordinary AUby Just2simp
✄┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈« 》Completed《 /Under editing/ ✄┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈« A new student arrived at Wellston High. Seraphin...
Tied in red (completed ) by OTParloxjohn
Tied in red (completed )by ꒷꒥♡꒷꒥
Arlo and John are connected by a red string of fate. But someone set them free. We don't know why. But they did. And now it's up to them to figure out what they want to...
Flowers of Love(Uno Fanfiction) by Zedaress
Flowers of Love(Uno Fanfiction)by Zedaress
Remi was put into the hospital after her fight with John , but everything was ok because she had Blyke. After the fight and loss with John they had gotten together. The...
The Luck of the Draw || Ember!Blyke by COCOAPICS
The Luck of the Draw || Ember!Blykeby Cocoa Powder
Blyke took up vigilantism in hopes of strengthening his ability. Doing so was his biggest regret. If he didn't make such a senseless decision, maybe he'd still be a st...
Smile Like You Mean It || Blemi Oneshot || unOrdinary by _Peachy_Soda_
Smile Like You Mean It || Blemi 『Peachy ͎͜Soda』
Don't smile if you don't mean it, Remi. The thought hung heavy in his mind. He didn't want to see her smile if she didn't mean it. The positivity that spewed out of her...
Crack chat of gods by JohnDoeFicWriter
Crack chat of godsby Blackfyre Writer
what if you were suddenly put into a group chat with people from different worlds? let's see what John does, I don't own any of these characters and all rights go to the...
Blemi Oneshots by maxxie_moxie
Blemi Oneshotsby Local Hajime Simp
Oneshots for Blyke and Remi, except they're mostly shippy If you don't like this ship then please leave politely If you do, then I hope my writing can satisfy you.
Hiraeth || 2/2 || unordinary by TottallyNot89
Hiraeth || 2/2 || unordinaryby Just2simp
Time never stays the same. It never does, everyone one in their lives had wished for it to stay the same at least once. Two years ago, back at wellston, maybe Ezreal wo...