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Una obra incompleta  by Arphinx
Una obra incompleta by 🧚🏻‍♀️ARX🧚🏻‍♀️
Madison quiere normalidad. Keenan algo más. Madison quiere control. Keenan ya lo tiene. Madison quiere dejar su pasado atrás. Keenan no puede. Ambos son arte. Ambos so...
Top Gun: Bringing Back That Loving Feeling (Maverick x Author) by Potterhead1406
Top Gun: Bringing Back That Potterhead1406
Madison is a lonely Florida girl who is struggling with relationship problems with her boyfriend, Johnny. Hoping to fix their relationship, they travel to San Diego. How...
My meme collection  by redheart007
My meme collection by nævis calling
Just some random memes and tweets I saved in my phone. N. B : the memes are not mine (idk the original owners)
Chasing Freedom by feelbrt
Chasing Freedomby Philbert
Dominique Milan-a struggling economics student-just wanted to get rid off of all the college drama, have their own house, finish her damned studies in the hellbent unive...
Is the crazy contagious?  by dannythedino18
Is the crazy contagious? by dannythedino18
Ryliegh Henderson was known as the crazy girl in town. She was the type of girl to go into the rumored haunted house and survive when others didn't. In fact she has done...
Storyteller | kth by jimnkth
Storyteller | kthby - 𝗗𝗲𝗲.
Min Y/N is a college student, unable to stop telling lies that makes her classmates envy her, but one day everything changed, she wakes up to find that all her lies have...
MANAN: Living in Love [SLOW UPDATES] by LovingTulips
MANAN: Living in Love [SLOW Tulip
This story begins from the point of Musicana night where Manik breaks Nandini's heart breaking himself in the process. What will happen next? Will Nandini leave or will...
KOKFORTE KJO DASHURI  by shkrimtaredashurise_
- Desha te shkrihesha si debora ne diell, per te reshkitur embelsisht pergjate shpatullave te tua dhe per tu zhdukur vetem pasi te te kem peshperitur sa shume te dua- th...
The Legend of Zitel Kleinhart by AnnMae90
The Legend of Zitel Kleinhartby AnnMae90
"They say that legends are born and legends are made. I believe that the word 'legend' is simply one of many numerous labels people are classified by." Zitel...
Destined To Be Together by fahimachougule
Destined To Be Togetherby ❤love~fahi❤
"We can't be together because I don't have any feelings for you. I don't love you". Instantly he cupped my face and pulled me close to him. "Don't lie Zoy...
Seduce Me by _Amaya_V
Seduce Meby Amaya Scar
Seduction /sɪˈdʌkʃ(ə)n/ noun An indefinable pull that is tremendous than the gravitational force or magnetic force. _____ When Dalia Viglia...
THE ÀRRANGEMENT|Romance Story  by IgeWuraolami
THE ÀRRANGEMENT|Romance Story by wuraolami maryam ige.
Imagine in a second you could bear an unknown man's name. April Anderson I'm getting married to him. "So you don't know me" he asked in a surprised tone. "...
Life Just Isn't by pepeokay
Life Just Isn'tby MIDE
Liza Jones could be considered socially awkward. With her strict parents constant scolding, Liza decides to stay focused solely on studying to get accepted into an Ivy L...
The Heist at the Ball by penography
The Heist at the Ballby penography
Cinderella was never actually supposed to be a queen. That wasn't the plan. I'm sure you think you know the story. A poor, sweet, beautiful, innocent orphan girl is liv...
The Scavengers by PrincessOlibia
The Scavengersby Olibia Brout
"So, what's your name?" "Yeah... about that. I don't know." "Don't know what?" "My name." "How can you not know your own nam...
GoT One-Shots Book 3! by MegLPie
GoT One-Shots Book 3!by Meg
I'm back again with more Game of Thrones one-shots! Still NFSW free! I do not own ANY GoT characters. They are the property of George R.R.Martin! Thanks for reading!!
Ordinaria [Shirou x ti] by Ryu-ackerman
Ordinaria [Shirou x ti]by kotaro
eres una beastmean que vivía en la ciudad, eras maltratada por tu padrastro y un Dia murieron tu padrastro y tu madre, asi que tuviste que ir a anima city.
Bela Sharma A young, alluring, astute, aim-oriented girl. Owning the typical stern-studious mindset, proudly though, she believes- WE LIVE ONCE, DIE ONCE, THE CHANCE TO...
Little Luna by Krisss05
Little Lunaby Kris
Scarlett is just a girl. A girl who happens to be very powerful, but she tried to avoid that power at all costs. When she gets pulled into the annual Alpha's meeting, ah...