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AVA ~ Untitled  by Angel_writes00
AVA ~ Untitled by Angel
*AVA Untitled* ...'on the fucking ground motherfucker, I'mma blow your fucking brains out you fucking twat' ...and he pulled the trigger, 'the fuck Ryan' .. 'they are b...
Isabella - gilmore girls  by vxlqsired
Isabella - gilmore girls by vxlqsired
smut warning ⚠️ not all about it Isabella gilmore, rory twin sister. Read it to find out what it's about
Before March Comes by erlitascorpio
Before March Comesby Erlita Scorpio
Only friends or more than friends? #epistolary #beforeloveseries1 INDONESIA COLLEGE OF ARTS (ICA) Start : November 28, 2023 End : ===================== BEFORE MARCH COM...
House of Baloo 2, 3 by Ajnsjsjsjsjsjaajsj
House of Baloo 2, 3by wavyblack
As the stranded person crash-lands on the moon and embarks on a quest to find a crystal that holds the key to their return home, they unwittingly set off a chain of even...
The Eastern Pass by ThatOneSteamBun
The Eastern Passby Iza
Elmelan enjoys his life in the town of Rivulen, delivering packages to nearby cities and seeing everyone's joyful faces afterward. It is just enough adventure for him, a...
My Bunny Friend (FNAF 1 Bonnie x Reader) by H4ZELIA
My Bunny Friend (FNAF 1 Bonnie x H4ZELIA
You are Pennie Barnye Weaver. An average 12-year old girl who loves nothing more than STAYING at home and out of trouble. However, your friends somehow convince you to c...
The moth to your flame by elliebelliestories
The moth to your flameby elliebelliestories
Everyone can become an assassin if the right buttons are pushed. You don't have to be a psychopath or sociopath to kill someone. For those of you who disagree, I have a...
Magic and Emeralds by rubyviperr
Magic and Emeraldsby rubyviperr
23-year old Rosalina is invited to hang out with her friends that found some old game that they don't really know much about. The game comes with a couple cards and eac...
Uncontrollable Feeling by jascliro
Uncontrollable Feelingby jascliro
Meet Kristal Jane Anderson. The girl that feels as though she was stripped from all the joys of life on one ungodly night. A night that changed her whole perspective on...
Breaking the Soundwave by Jmarie_Freiberg
Breaking the Soundwaveby Jmarie Freiberg
Have you ever heard about superheroes falling in love with supervillains? When a superhero is hearing and a supervillain is deaf, what happens? What if they break the le...
Competition || Eddie Munson x Reader by pastelolivee
Competition || Eddie Munson x pastelolivee
"May the best guitarist win." 𖢻 Y/n Harris recently moved to Hawkins with her dad, brother, and sister after their mom died. Y/n loves all things rock and lov...
Brilliant Short Stories by Storytellingdude871
Brilliant Short Storiesby David Saunders
Here is another short story collection, folks! Get ready to experience the fictional realm, like never before! ;) Amazing cover created by my friend @AudacityAllie! ❤✨
Married at First Sight by Gu Lingfei by BklccICU
Married at First Sight by Gu BklccICU
Married at First Sight Book 5
The Rejects of Richmond University | editing by sumeyawrites
The Rejects of Richmond Sumeya Abdi Ali
Brenda wanted a normal school year. Instead her mom died. Salma needed space from her sister and terrible ex. Or else she'd lose her mind. Delilah didn't think she'd hav...
Bouros by TheoZoic
Bourosby Gulliver C. Perry
Anita is jobless, hopeless, and desperate for change. So when she sees an advertisement for a well-paying scientific experiment, she signs up, regardless of the conseque...
Tts/Rta incorrect quotes  by Varian_and_Sunflower
Tts/Rta incorrect quotes by Varian_and_Sunflower
Incorrect quotes including Rapunzel Eugene lance Catalina angry varian maybe (y/n) and more!
Isabella by Anastasiafavvy
Isabellaby Ana Favvy ✅🏅
Isabella Gustavo; murderer, serial killer, assassin, burglar and a wanted criminal. Exposed to danger at an early age, she saw death, faced death, dared death and overca...
I WEIRD YOU ❤️ by missajeeb20
I WEIRD YOU ❤️by missajeeb20
She is standing in front of me with pure hatred in her eyes. "Please listen to me" I begged try to reach her. "Never, I don't trust you anymore. You are t...