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Hitorijime My Hero by goldfishwithadhd
Hitorijime My Heroby B 🐝
Art nor characters are mine Lowkey my favorite anime
Never Again by jenojaem_0
Never Againby 🍼🍯🧃
"OPPA...HWANG MINHYUN!!" "I--I'm..sorry Yoojin, be happy" In which a girl is hurt and traumatized by the power of boys and vows to herself to never m...
DOIS AMANTES by MesninaJubs
DOIS AMANTESby Stella Oliveira
Seria um sábado comum se eu não tivesse que cuidar de um dos meus amores. Sim 'um dos', eu namoro Nicolas e Marcos há quase um ano. Você deve estar me achando uma vadia...
pick up the phone call | chengstin oneshot by feverbleu
pick up the phone call | semiia (was @caixknn)
"I hate talking, just text me." Chengcheng said. "Okay." Justin answered. How many times i've told him that ? chengstin oneshot.
OUR JOURNEY  by bambamguevarra0427
OUR JOURNEY by bambamguevarra0427
We're 11 Different Boys With 11 Different Faces And 11 Different Talents But We Have 1 Dream 1 Mind 1 Soul And 1 Heart We're WANNA ONE, come and join OUR JOURNEY
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Hello Tomorrow // 明天你好 by kryskrr9
Hello Tomorrow // 明天你好by Kerry
┓Hello Tomorrow // 明天你好┗ Featuring Justin Huang from Nine Percent. This story is set in China. It is about a 14 yr old boy named Xize, who lost his parents and in losing...
[C] Quotes Book📝 by flippinchapter
[C] Quotes Book📝by Mrs. 배
"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." -Dr. Seuss S: 190823 E: 200715 PLEASE VOTE AND CO...
Sleeping Beauty by jenirubbyjane
Sleeping Beautyby jenirubbyjane
Kalo kata maaf bisa dituker jadi emas atau uang, gua pasti masuk 7 wanita terkaya di dunia versi on the spot
Her meets Him by pinkjeanneee
Her meets Himby pinkjeanneee
She was known for being the rich boyish girl and stress reliever in the town. A handsome problematic boy came in the town. Did he came to change her or did he came to be...
• 101 Produce • Hwang Minhyun x Yoo Seonho | Minseon couple | by Berry_88
• 101 Produce • Hwang Minhyun x 🍓 Tiểu Dâu 🍓
Thể loại: Message, Chatting Nội dung: Minseon vẫn liên lạc sau khi chương trình 101 Produce kết thúc. Note: Mình chỉ là một con shipper couple mạnh mẽ. Các thành phần an...
Dirty by CreepyStalker666
Dirtyby CreepyStalker666
This is so dirty that you have to take many showers
WANNABLES PROMISE  by bambamguevarra0427
WANNABLES PROMISE by bambamguevarra0427
Wannables Promise Our beloved Wanna One will soon be leaving but every Wannable will remember them... This are some messages from Wannables from different countries...
first time in korea - ° by achibaba_
first time in korea - °by yaeyae
In this story, a japanese girl went to korea to study. Its her first time going to korea. When she started to study in a school a boy was bullying her because of her acc...
Mothra x Godzilla by AXL244
Mothra x Godzillaby Godzilla2019
I don't know what to say but just enjoy the book! and the story type is not mine so..... kill me if you hate me doing this
Chance<IDOL PRODUCER> by kevinisthemoon
Chanceby Valerina
inspired by:MATCH Also on idol producer!^^ Welcome to Chance! Chance is a place to meet people from all over the world/country/city/neighbourhood!Its your choice! I suck...
Hiding My Heart - One Direction Fan Fiction by ocwise12
Hiding My Heart - One Direction Olivia
Kendall was born and raised in the USA! I mean... At least she thought. Kendall only lived with her mom, Amy. When Kendall was just a few weeks old, Amy took her to Am...
aku kena jauh dari dia. jeon hani parkwoojin
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