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Larger Than Life ~a Pacific Rim Fanfiction~ by Imnotwhatyouwant
Larger Than Life ~a Pacific Rim Fa...by Deviant_Paradise
Aliah Hansen, aka Ali, is daughter of none other than Hercules Hansen and Chuck's older sister. While she's still in the Academy she meets Yancy and Raleigh Becket. From...
Tick Tick Tick (a Pacific Rim fanfic) by mc_cassie
Tick Tick Tick (a Pacific Rim fanf...by Cassie
Annabeth Hansen has had her life ruined over and over again. First the world starts to end, her brother gets killed the ugliest bastards of the world, and she gets put o...
The Last Jaeger, The Single Driver by knightreading
The Last Jaeger, The Single Driverby Artemis Knight
Jaegers, Kaijus. Monsters made for different reasons. Let's see how it all goes down..
When the Darkness Comes •Pacific Rim• by TMNT221BHobbit
When the Darkness Comes •Pacific R...by Rhea Alberad
//A Pacific Rim • Raleigh Becket • Chuck Hansen • Original Character Drabbles// 'When the darkness comes, We'll be ready. When the darkness comes, We will fight back. Wh...
Rarely Written Character Fics. by abysswhiskey
Rarely Written Character Fics.by Arena Jackson.
It says in the title! The fandoms included are: Transformers Pacific Rim Star Trek [reboot] Supernatural MCU NCIS Assassin's Creed Criminal Minds Hawai Five-O Teen Wolf ...
Not About Being Heroic (Pacific Rim) by earthtoaniita
Not About Being Heroic (Pacific Ri...by anita
Six months have passed since the end of the war and life has moved on, except for one ex-ranger who continues to isolate himself in the past. Though he still does his jo...
PACIFIC RIM  by thatcherybinx
long ago, legions of monstrous creatures called Kaiju arose from the sea, bringing with them all-consuming war. to fight the Kaiju, mankind developed giant robots called...
Pasific Heroes by Lieutenant-Titan
Pasific Heroesby A.L Swinson
A new type of Jaeger is built. One that is half the size of an average Jaeger and only needs one pilot. when a new pilot and Jaeger are transferred to the Hong Kong shat...
Where the Story Ends (Pacific Rim: Chuck Hansen) by ralsbecket
Where the Story Ends (Pacific Rim:...by Shalina Bianca
Raleigh Becket would never have pegged Chuck Hansen as a fan-boy.
Hello and Goodbye by andjudar
Hello and Goodbyeby Maxi Wimmer
When you have to choose one over the other, people get hurt - every single time. Kylie McLeod and Hercules Hansen learn the hard way - and it will take so much more to b...