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Murder Most Unladylike Groupchat by CatLover_3695
Murder Most Unladylike Groupchatby ❤El❤
The title gives everything away. WARNING contains mentions of Drugs, sex and alcohol.
The Second Scream  by wellsandwong
The Second Scream by Amelie 🫶🏻
Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells would truly love a peaceful trip for once. Well, perhaps Hazel more than Daisy. But, let's be honest, when have Daisy and Hazel ever had a nor...
Murder most unladylike GC by JellyButter4
Murder most unladylike GCby Jelly Butter
A MMU fanfic. Set in modern times a few months after Christmas when Daisy is "dead". Weston and Deepdean are in the same town ⚠️Contains coarse language ⚠️
Heartbreak  by Fabulouschickie
Heartbreak by ✩❤︎︎elly❤︎︎✩
As we all know, Hazel Wong has had a super huge crush on Alexander Acardy for a long time now. I mean, it's not hard to tell. Only problem: he's dating stupid Delacroix...
MMU oneshots by hazelnut1921
MMU oneshotsby ~hazel~
just a bunch of oneshots from MMU characters and MOUA (murder most unladylike and ministry of unladylike activity)
The Nile by CatLover_3695
The Nileby ❤El❤
What if there wasn't a murder on the SS Hatshepsut and the detective society had a normal holiday with their friends.
Rue and Revenge by TinysReadingClub
Rue and Revengeby Stella
Alexander Arcady, Hazel Wong, Daisy Wells, and George Mukherjee are back at the Rue Theatre and they are acting in a play about lover! only problem is...Alexander and Ha...
The Next Time We Meet by mooncakebby
The Next Time We Meetby mooncakebby
The detective society made a promise to each other when they left school, that in two years they would be in the corner cafe, in Cambridge, on Christmas eve. On Christm...
Murder Most Unladylike Group Chat by kladoradunclet
Murder Most Unladylike Group Chatby Elle
Set in modern times (but the series still exists) beginning just before Daisy comes back to Fallingford in Book 9. There are a few of these and I am taking inspiration...
Marriage and Murder (MMU Fanfiction) by MeetThePlastics
Marriage and Murder (MMU Fanfictio...by Merri
This is HAZEL AND ALEX's MARRIAGE And if there was no murder on death sets sail Enjoy!
If they were here now by Fabulouschickie
If they were here nowby ✩❤︎︎elly❤︎︎✩
What would happen if all our favourite folk from murder most unladylike lived in 2023? What if they had instagram and phones? What would happen? Read this book and you'l...
Midsummer's Night Murder by 13yearold_writer
Midsummer's Night Murderby Matilda :)
'I just want to spend time with my best friends, with no stupid cases, but it's all going wrong!' Hazel and Daisy are going back to Fallingford with George and Alexande...
MMU- Detectives Reunite by hazelnut1921
MMU- Detectives Reuniteby ~hazel~
The Detective Society and the Junior Pinkertons are meeting each other for the first time after the book Death Sets Sail. They are in holiday for a week, and are spendin...
Love Most Unladylike by ml8919
Love Most Unladylikeby ml8919
I do not own any of these characters they're all from the murder most unladylike book series Enjoy!!
Halexander One-shots <3 by wellsandwong
Halexander One-shots <3by Amelie 🫶🏻
HALEXANDER SOLOS IDC ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹 Just because I love them so much <3 It's basically exactly what the title says! All characters are owned by Robin Stevens!
Murder Most Unladylike Quotes by hazelnut1921
Murder Most Unladylike Quotesby ~hazel~
All amazing and iconic quotes from the Murder Most Unladylike Series. I'm doing each book and there will be quotes from everyone, mostly Hazel as she narrates the books...
Murder Most Unladylike One Shots by sophiebellemia
Murder Most Unladylike One Shotsby the_detectivesociety
They will probably be a collection of moments from things that happen in the books and outside the books, sometimes ships and sometimes whole group things Including Haze...
Wong by mossrings
Wongby mossrings
'"What's this?" he asks, clearly knowing what it is. Alexander rolls his eyes. "Give it back, Henry." Henry, of course, ignores him completely. "...
if they lived today - mmu by 13yearold_writer
if they lived today - mmuby Matilda :)
The name is trash, but idk what to call it. Basically one shots imagining if Hazel, Daisy, Alex and George lived nowadays. Mainly pictures. I'm mainly doing this as a br...