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Pics Of My Favorite Ships by nightrainfall227
Pics Of My Favorite Shipsby nightrainfall227
pics of my fav ships in amine ⚠a little yaoi⚠
Shark Bait (Rinharu) by Ky-tonic
Shark Bait (Rinharu)by Kytonic
Rin hasn't seen Haru in a hot minute, but what will happen when Haru comes to visit. Will they stay friends or will they become something more? #1 - Haruxrin (1/25/20) a...
sick • rinxharu by _Attack_On_Anime_
sick • rinxharuby ~~~
sick • rinxharu Haru and Rin have been friends since they were younger, and separated for a while. Rin returns back from his "break", and the boys feel somethi...
A Mermaid in Shark's Domain (Haru x Rin) by Edajjan
A Mermaid in Shark's Domain (Haru...by Andy Veil
Haru returns to his hometown after several years, many things have changed, but he just wants to get through his last year of high school unscathed. Rin is the leader of...
Free Haru x Rin by HiddenHealer123
Free Haru x Rinby 🥀Its_Dominik🥀
Haru a very shy boy he lives alone with no job he is bullied each day for being gay Rin a loud popular boy who is also is gay has to be parnts with Haru on a sciene's pr...
Haru The Whore [Haru x Makoto fanfic] by weebakon
Haru The Whore [Haru x Makoto fanf...by weebakon
[#1 IN #HARUXMAKOTO 3/8/19] [#1 IN #MAKOTOXHARU 8/11/19] [#21 IN #ANIMEFANFIC 5/23/19 :))))))] [#112 IN #FREE 9/17/19] Haru and Makoto have been dating ever since they...
Adored By Him - Haru x Rin by sunsetsandpolaroids
Adored By Him - Haru x Rinby sunsetsandpolaroids
A one-shot based on the song Adored By Him by doddleoddle.
Make Us Feel Our Splash (Rin X Haru Free!) by ekdlee
Make Us Feel Our Splash (Rin X Har...by ekdlee
For a while, we just sway with the water, our backs afloat with our faces dry in the sun. The moment is so serene that I could forget about the water for a few seconds...
A Fish Out Of Water (Haru x rin yaoi famfiction) by deaththekid101
A Fish Out Of Water (Haru x rin ya...by ᖇIᑎ TᕼE KITTY ᔕᕼᗩᖇK
Rin was walking along the shore but soon spots Haru lying washed up on shore.
Natural Disaster - Haru x Rin by sunsetsandpolaroids
Natural Disaster - Haru x Rinby sunsetsandpolaroids
"And as Rin sat on Haru's bed, his eyes on the natural disaster himself, he began to wonder if this was what love felt like."
Free one shots  by Btwvisionsquad
Free one shots by 💜møllz💜
This is a book full of Free! Itowabi swim club one shots!!! I will take requests so enjoy!!!
Weep For The Angels (A RinHaru Fanfiction) by Rin-s-A-Sharky
Weep For The Angels (A RinHaru Fan...by Haru-s-A-Dolphy
I've lived at this school for the entirety of my life, and never have I met someone who intrigued me as much as he did. At first, he was really popular, and had no probl...
Three Years and Beyond (BoyxBoy) by teiaheichou
Three Years and Beyond (BoyxBoy)by teiaheichou
Tachibana Makoto finally had the guts to confess to his childhood friend Haruka Nanase, but everything didn't turn out well. Three years after, still having the same fee...
Infinity |A SouRin | MakoHaru |Fanfic| by haikyuu2_
Infinity |A SouRin | MakoHaru |Fan...by haikyuu2_
Makoto has had feelings for Haru ever since they were little. When Rin came into the picture, Makoto was jealous that they were spending time together. Haru would often...
Echo ∆RinHaru∆ by The_Momther
Echo ∆RinHaru∆by Smile❣️
"I kept screaming but all I heard was my echo." "That's when I knew I'd never be the same."
Just Friends by Haruuuuu
Just Friendsby Haru
Just friends. That's all we were. At least what I thought. --- "Haru!" "What is it, Rin?" He held my hand. I looked into his eyes. He smiled, his...