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Free by MakiSakura
Freeby MakiSakura
What if Haru was a girl?
Free! 7 Minutes In Heaven by psiicho
Free! 7 Minutes In Heavenby Kylo
Nagisa is having a party down at the old swim club after dark! Everyone was invited. Well- Gou didn't want to come. Sosuke, Aii, Momo, Rin, Rei, Haru and Makoto all pret...
Haikyuu x reader  by GonbareGonbare
Haikyuu x reader by Ash
Based on season 2 onwards. I promise it gets better as it goes on. Possible love interests mainly include kageyama, Tsukishima, bokuto, kuroo, Rin....everyone really. Th...
Swimmer Boy (Book 1) by MBDanchou
Swimmer Boy (Book 1)by MB Danchou
MakotoxHaru's Twin Sister!Reader You are the twin sister of Haruka Nanase. You lived with your parents in another part of Japan but then decide to move back in with your...
Free! One-shots (Various x Reader) [REQUESTS CLOSED] by Kenzie-chan
Free! One-shots (Various x Reader)...by Kenzie-chan
One-shots of you with the water loving boys that we love so much from the anime Free! REQUESTS ARE: {[CLOSED]} Free! and it's characters do not belong to me, they be...
She's Back by hazilee
She's Backby hazilee
Nanase Kisho was seperated with her brother, Nanase Haruka when they were five years old. After several years, Kisho finds her way back to her home country to be reunite...
Best Friend's Brother : ||Rin Matsuoka x Reader|| by AnimalCrosser11037
Best Friend's Brother : ||Rin Mats...by Animal_Crosser
||(Y/N) is the best friend of Gou Matsuoka. The two have been close ever since they were kids. They also are a part of the Iwatobi Swim club, managing for the boys. It w...
Free! Boyfriend Scenarios and Oneshots by Sissy_matsouka
Free! Boyfriend Scenarios and Ones...by Xakaashi
Just some Free! Please give Requests and I will do them! Thanks for reading!
Fandom x Child reader (ON HIATUS) by TheDemonPotato
Fandom x Child reader (ON HIATUS)by Inez
TEMPORARY HIATUS ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ I'm also sorry that I mainly use female pronouns because it's easier for me as a female, but if you're male I think it'll still be...
For the Insecurity (MakoHaru AU) by SakitheChibi
For the Insecurity (MakoHaru AU)by Sakuri Lenthea
Makoto Tachibana was probably the biggest jerk on the face of the planet- and every single person in Iwatobi High loved him for that. But Makoto hated being mean to othe...
28 DAYS [MakoHaru] by hanlovespasta
28 DAYS [MakoHaru]by han!! ☆
It was common knowledge at Iwatobi High that Haruka Nanase was the freak of the school. So when he commits suicide one chilly winter morning, the entire town doesn't see...
Abandoned [A MakoHaru Fic] by MakotoTachibae
Abandoned [A MakoHaru Fic]by Alicia ☆
A MakoHaru Fanfic c: After Rin is threatened by his Homophobic parents that he should either chose Haru or Swim, the indecisive teenager ditches his boyfriend to contin...
Swimmer Boy (Book 2) by MBDanchou
Swimmer Boy (Book 2)by MB Danchou
MakotoxHaru's Twin Sister!Reader After moving back in with Haru at Iwatobi, starting a relationship with Makoto, and helping Rin get his friends back, it's time to think...
Hydrophilic [Free!] by LadyLyacaria
Hydrophilic [Free!]by Katy Beckett
[Reverse Harem x Fem!Reader] Water has always been your favourite element, and your favourite hobby has always been swimming. But ever since your family moved to Japan...
Free to Dissapear (Iwatobi Swim Club) [Completed] by MoonstoneAlchemist
Free to Dissapear (Iwatobi Swim Cl...by Moonstone Alchemist
{Entered in the 2018 Free Watty Awards} Hibiki Ibuki, a girl with a boy-ish name, was found by the Iwatobi Swim Club while she was swimming in the pool on a S...
Crossing Paths | MakoHaru by makoharuiskawaii
Crossing Paths | MakoHaruby 《See you in 2021》
(Social Media AU) Haru is a pro swimmer. Makoto is a simple college student. Their paths somehow cross after exploring Instagram, and a chance encounter in real life as...
25 steps to win the water boy [haru x reader] by kuuroleek
25 steps to win the water boy [har...by kai ⊹
[haruka nanase x reader] drabbles! here are 25 ways on how to get everyone's beloved swimmer boy! step -1: start the story, check! [© to artist for the art] highest ran...
A Mermaid in Shark's Domain (Haru x Rin) by Edajjan
A Mermaid in Shark's Domain (Haru...by Andy Veil
Haru returns to his hometown after several years, many things have changed, but he just wants to get through his last year of high school unscathed. Rin is the leader of...
Free! Iwatobi Swimming Club One Shots! by Iwatobi_trash
Free! Iwatobi Swimming Club One Sh...by Trash God 😉
Ever dreamt of yourself and one of your characters together in the anime world? Well fear no more, cause you've came to the right place where you get to imagine yourself...