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Guardian Angel: F4 Yoon Jihoo fanfic by kenlie_1000
Guardian Angel: F4 Yoon Jihoo Kenlie Chu
From the perspective of a new person to the Boys Over Flowers universe, Cho has a tough life, meeting F4 can either make or break that streak. Set before Heir of the en...
Perfection Over Flowers   ( BOF fanfic) by rose_riyana
Perfection Over Flowers ( BOF rose_riyana
RAINEBELLE WILLIAMS. A ruling beauty she was true. She had the world at her fingertips, a silver spoon in her mouth. A heart made of gold, with a tongue laced with the s...
His Nari: A Boys Over Flowers FF by Meerubies
His Nari: A Boys Over Flowers FFby Meerubies
Kang Nari, a new student at Shinhwa, who preferred substance over hype, brains over beauty, and boys over flowers.
The Mafia Prince: A Boys Over Flowers Fanfiction by iamzebanaaz
The Mafia Prince: A Boys Over Z💜
The little sister of Yi Jung, Mi Young, comes back home after being away for years. 24 hours after her arrival, trouble comes knocking at the door of So family home, and...
The Time Gu Jun Pyo Met Jui by Maymaa_j
The Time Gu Jun Pyo Met Juiby Maymaa_j
"Sometimes, someone comes into your life, so unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise, and changes your life forever" Sorry if this book sounds a bit too cli...
Boys Over y/n by SwiftieLabyrinth13
Boys Over y/nby Halalgirl at home
Everything was normal y/n was in her room just finished 6th time watching "Boys Over Flowers" her favorite kdrama series as she laid on her bed and her parents...
It's Love (Boys Over Flowers) by Viviann-Michaels
It's Love (Boys Over Flowers)by Vivy
Re-telling Of/Based On; Boys Over Flowers, Hana Yori Dango, and Meteor Garden (none of which I own) Geum Jan-Di does NOT exist. Young Na-Ri will be taking her place as t...
Quotes by YukiiiA
Quotesby Yuki A.
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Boys Over Flowers (Novel)  by Dp1321
Boys Over Flowers (Novel) by Deepti
Hi guys . I have seen that so many people haven't seen BOYS OVER FLOWERS because they don't have internet connection .. So I am writing it down episode by episode . Hope...
KPOP Poem Collection by Jungxmbr
KPOP Poem Collectionby Jungxmbr
Have fun reading!
Love Me by Serenity_sarang
Love Meby Sarang
This story is about a sweet righteous girl and her love for Lee min ho. First started as a fangirl and then fallen in love with him. Their first meeting in person gone w...
Lee Min Ho Every day  by MysicMess
Lee Min Ho Every day by M
Every Minoz have a message to Lee Min Ho. Like, what would you talk when you meet him? I am going to talk to Lee Min Ho here everyday.
She dont like the lights by inthesoopjaja
She dont like the lightsby nope
A Lee Min Ho fan fiction. Femke have a genetics disease called,"Photo sensitive epilepsy" who falls in love with the Asian heart throb 'Lee Min Ho'. What will...
You're The Player by Channie-Chan
You're The Playerby Kenji
"You're Just a Player, a stupid player." Youngji knew she never be what Jandi and SoEun were. Yun Youngji is a rich 16 year old girl who's parents own the big...
Boys over Flowers (WooBin) by Kim-SooRin
Boys over Flowers (WooBin)by ~Yuki-Vermilion~
Shinwa High school is full of rich kids who come from filthy rich families. Geum JanDi is the daughter of a dry cleaner owner. She's not rich, not the smartest, and not...
In my Heart  by queencff
In my Heart by Queen
All her life, all she wanted was to be able to write her fantasies although her mother didn't support her dream, having other plans in mind. When Y/n moves to Korea for...
My High School Crush by sparklingannonymous
My High School Crushby sparklingannonymous
*Gu Song bin* A typical nerd. Introvert. But talks too much when at ease. . . . When the heroine meets her dashing high school crush, five years after, she could nothin...
The 6th Sense by DANDY_PEPPERS
The 6th Senseby DANDY_PEPPERS
They're 5 basic senses Taste Hear Sight Touch and Smell yet their is another one everyone has to receive Love. When you receive that 6th sense you have fallen inlove wi...