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HOW TO BE A VSCO GIRL by blissfulemily
~ This is my ultimate guide on everything you need to be VSCO or as some would say 'basic' ~ I think its a cute way of dressing and having a guide will make it easier fo...
The Good Girl's Guide by nobodypart2
The Good Girl's Guideby nobodypart2
A guide for all, no matter who, too explore life and learns what it means to be human. I know when I was growing up, I had so many question that I didn't want to ask my...
Queen 101 by TheQueensClub
Queen 101by 👄👑💎✨
Everything and everything you need to know to slay like the queen you are. Wether it's physically or mentally you'll change for sure, and that in a good way. ♛Look your...
Glow Up!  by lookoutsidethewindow
Glow Up! by lookoutsidethewindow
Are you sick and tired of seeing yourself suffer? Procrastinating? Binging Neflix non-stop, even when you know that you are doing something bad, (and know the consequenc...
BÂSIC: tips, tutorials & diy's by Exilers
BÂSIC: tips, tutorials & diy'sby Exilers
a basic book, for my girls! will be featuring outfits, tips, DIYs, and even more. •• here, i welcome you to a tip gallery.
Who Girl Who Could by AmyAjComeau
Who Girl Who Couldby AmyAjComeau
About a simple girl with everything she could want. Then losing it all and has to work from bottom to top to prove herself to people who looked down on her.
The Chronicles Of Being A Girl 2  by xoxo_lilypop
The Chronicles Of Being A Girl 2 by Lily
This is the sequel of The Chronicles of Being A Girl. In this book, you're going to learn about DIYS, life hacks, boys , and on occasion: StoryTimes. I also occasionall...
Fashion Queen by TheQueensClub
Fashion Queenby 👄👑💎✨
Everything and anything a Queen must know to dress to impress. ♛Look your best. Feel your best. Act your best.♛
Emma's Survival Guide for Every Middle Schooler by icelandspuffin
Emma's Survival Guide for Every HOT • CHEETOS
This here book is Emma Hudson's Guide and Diary for her and all Middle Schoolers. This book is her most prized possession. If she looses this, her life is OFFICIALLY...
T G P by harshlines
T G Pby doe
My problems are your problems. Because we're teenage girls. Copyright 2015 @axthxntxc ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. <> Wrote this when I was 13 so don't complain.
ɢɪʀʟ ᴛᴀʟᴋ  by jeidsvpermacy
ɢɪʀʟ ᴛᴀʟᴋ by Olivia
Hi, this is your guide to being a girl! everything from: Fashion Periods Recipes Mental Health School Inspirational Quotes Decor Pain DIY's Hacks Tips Sickness Str...
A Guide To Life by JordanElizabeth_
A Guide To Lifeby Jordan Elizabeth
Life is a road that takes a lot of twists and turns, there are also a few huge pot holes here and there. There also might be no road it seems at all! This guide, hopeful...
Guide for Girls by osnapitsizzie
Guide for Girlsby izzy
• hi guys! I'm izzy and this guide is everything all you girls out there need to know; stay tuned for more chapters and all that good stuff •
Guide to Being A Teen by lucy_and_cassey
Guide to Being A Teenby Lucy And Cassey
Hi its Lucy and Cassey this is our first book and its a book that will hopefully help you survive being a teen because we know the struggle cause we are teens. Hope you...
What girls really mean by LostSunflower449
What girls really meanby LostSunflower449
This is a guide book for your boyfriend, husband, fiance, or even just a friendship +. You can read this book and decide if what I say is accurate or not and it can be t...