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"Would you join me to the immortal life?" HuTao x Xiao love story (HuXiao) by ashton010109
"Would you join me to the Alex
Cover by @xiaoxhutao on Twitter. Story is entirely by me.
Genshin oneshots~ PART 2 by c_hilyxx
Genshin oneshots~ PART 2by childe_hilyxx
Part 2 is here! This will include ships that I may or may not personally ship, bringing a wider variety of stories, and more platonic oneshots. Again, the artwork used f...
Why you? [kazuscara] by KikiStripz
Why you? [kazuscara]by KikiStripz
(Started on 12/13/22) (ended on ?) Kazuha one day saw a man with a large hat walk by him in Liyue Harbor. Intrigued he followed him to the local woods becoming friends a...
Is this the feeling of love? // A Heikazuscara Fanfic // Modern Au by Mei_Kazuko
Is this the feeling of love? // Kazukoo
This is a Heikazuscara modern au fanfic so if you don't like the ship don't read it. There will be fluff, angst and some other ships included you may or may not like so...
Cynonari Oneshots by KikiStripz
Cynonari Oneshotsby KikiStripz
There is barely any of this ship on Wattpad and I really like this ship.
Feelings (Genshin Impact Xingyun fanfic) by dofuwanii
Feelings (Genshin Impact Xingyun dofu.wani
Chongyun and Xingqiu are best friends. But a school project makes Chongyun write in his diary, and things spiral downwards after Xingqiu accidently reads it. Modern...
Rating genshin ships by Aeeeeera
Rating genshin shipsby Aeeeeera
SOME ONESHOTS AND HEADCANONS INCLUDED★ requests for ships and Oneshots are open <3
High school days with you (Thomato) by danhenngg
High school days with you (Thomato)by Sheng
Thoma and Ayato's adventure in high school and how they slowly fall in love art cred tiniditii (Twitter)
I'm not really gone, am I? | Zhongven by Iloafbr3ad
I'm not really gone, am I? | Iloafbread
No, no this was not always the name of the book. Read the A/N to find the old name. Wars going on left and right! They survived them all until the end. But there was on...
KavehTham/HaiKaveh oneshots !!!! by Tobi_thebeloved
KavehTham/HaiKaveh oneshots !!!!by Tobias !!
Just some oneshots, mostly fluff. For fun and for when I need to write ideas down and all that.
The boy's a liar || Heiscara modern au  by Mei_Kazuko
The boy's a liar || Heiscara Kazukoo
There was a brown-reddish boy who had a crush on the famous indigo haired boy model for years. One day the brown-reddish boy entered the school gate and saw the famous m...
[neuvifuri]•-• by Naty51359
[neuvifuri]•-•by Naty51359
No hate!No hate!🫵 Best ship ever!!!!
Good Luck, Bennett (Rannett) by mori_san_
Good Luck, Bennett (Rannett)by - 𝙼𝚘𝚛𝚒 -
Bennett had always had terrible luck. Rocks always seemed to find their way in his path, and his food always seemed to be poisonous. But he was used to that. Until one d...
The puppet and the Samurai // Kazuscara fanfic by Mei_Kazuko
The puppet and the Samurai // Kazukoo
"Is this the feeling when someone is in love?" "It indeed is, but I don't know if i can ever tell you my true feelings." This story contains: A bit o...
Together again - modern AU by do_ik_u159
Together again - modern AUby
This story is a modern AU, I might do smut if I decide to later on, and this is probably going to be really ooc. But other than that, I hope you enjoy this and I'll try...
Icey Cold Feelings II Chongyun x Xingqiu fluff! by Bluuen
Icey Cold Feelings II Chongyun x Bluu
《GENSHIN IMPACT X HIGHSCHOOL AU》 ➪ CHONGYUN X XINGQIU Two bestfriends and one love story. - - ❥ get a load of this fluff lol. totally not me writing this because I am t...
Good Luck, Bennett II (Rannett) by mori_san_
Good Luck, Bennett II (Rannett)by - 𝙼𝚘𝚛𝚒 -
>> This is a sequel to 'Good Luck, Bennett' << All was going well. That is... until Razor received a cryptic letter and was forced to head to a mysterious gr...
Xiao x Lumine One shots by H3yYo0p
Xiao x Lumine One shotsby <3
COVER IS NOT MINE CREDITS TO OWNER❗ This book was originally made for my bestest friend tagged in the 'welcome page'. Reminder that I'm a noob in Genshin, So none of it...
Hidden (xingyun fanfic) by D415Ys
Hidden (xingyun fanfic)by D415Ys
(Modern AU) Xingqui and Chongyun have been dating for 6 years now and are both 22 living in the same apartment. Chongyun works as a streamer and Xingqui works as a...wel...
Bygone Tales || Genshin Impact One-shots by yuuxiel
Bygone Tales || Genshin Impact zurichiro
Genshin impact one-shots, solo stories and pairings. This is their tale, to be told.