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Before i start i know.. i know there are already multipe stories like these so i am not going to push you all to read this But if u do then please share your response. I...
DXD: golden king of leviathan  by gundambanshee
DXD: golden king of leviathan by gundam epyon
serafalls queen has been a mystery to all the under world...well until her queen acompines her to the meeting of the three fractions
Universes Collide (BNHA x Solo Leveling) by MrDeathWeapon
Universes Collide (BNHA x Solo Count Inferno
!!!FINISHED!!! Credits to me and my partner/sister she decided not to reveal her name. Starting with the USJ arc, near the climax, Sung Jin-woo enters a gate and appear...
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The Eiyuu Ou Is a Part Timer by RoseKing92
The Eiyuu Ou Is a Part Timerby Nibblet
After His Dreaded Fight with That 'FAKER' , The King of Heroes was sent to a Different world due to the grail holes unstable power. Now with a Body barley above a Traine...
GATE: Journey in the New World by Dom2040
GATE: Journey in the New Worldby Dom2040
Following the demise of a great empire, the New World experienced temporary peace, but the cycle of fear and death continued until fate decided to intervene, and it beca...
Hold it Down (A Kevin Gates Love Story) {Under Construction) by IndiaSlays
Hold it Down (A Kevin Gates Love @$laybandz
{READ} *WARNING* Copyright is Not to be Done to this book. If So It will be handled by Law and Wattpad . Constance Is off To A New Start In her Life Until she meets up...
The Unexpected [Completed] by mollysbooknook
The Unexpected [Completed]by Molly Mae
Peyton Grimes doesn't have a good relationship with her father. When she was 5 years old he left her mother for some young and flashy flight attendant that he met on on...
Lonely and Tired by AnaBeverhausen
Lonely and Tiredby AnaBeverhausen
Dear God Series - 1 A visit to her brother's burial site sets Stephanie on a collision course with her past. A lot of things have changed since the last time she saw Bri...
Hope Begins to Fade by AnaBeverhausen
Hope Begins to Fadeby AnaBeverhausen
Dear God Series - 2 Does everyone have just one soulmate? Or is there more than one person out there? When tragedy strikes can you find your way back to happiness with s...
Thus The Remnants Of A Bygone Era, Fought There! by Eighteyedeagle
Thus The Remnants Of A Bygone Eighteyedeagle
"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones". - Albert Einstein The 3rd World War ended...
Don't Go by jennastromberg
Don't Goby Jenna
Jenna Wellington was the best friend of Brian Haner Jr. Also known as Synyster Gates, of Avenged Sevenfold. They have been best friends since Jenna can remember. As J...
My Drug Is You by HayleyMarie95
My Drug Is Youby Hayley
Sophie Miller walks around like a ghost. She is badly bullied by Nicole and her friends. They make her life a misery along with her abusive mother, they force her into a...
Riley Poole x reader ~A National Treasure Fanfiction~ by Brokenlove44
Riley Poole x reader ~A National Brokenlove44
"Hey." You looked up. Next to you, Riley was giving you a concerned look, his bright blue eyes glittering with sympathy. "Listen. I really meant it when I...
Fairytale Gone Bad - {Synyster Gates - Book 2} - by KEJ1990
Fairytale Gone Bad - {Synyster KEJ1990
COPYRIGHT ©REBEL_UNBOUND 2013/2014 After Katie had left L.A. and got back to Munich Brian and Avenged Sevenfold started their tour with their new album, the first one wi...
Golden Gate: New World Front by VerySmokey
Golden Gate: New World Frontby smokes
The fall of Afghanistan and the situation within the pacific has the United States begun to loosen its grip on the coalitions they once established. With the sentiment o...
Missing You Again by AnaBeverhausen
Missing You Againby AnaBeverhausen
Dear God Series - 3 Zacky's life is a disaster zone. He's taking one hit after another and if he can't catch his breath soon he's going to suffocate. Fortunately he's a...
Connected by elrickaiser
Connectedby Elric Kaiser
Do aliens exist? What do they look like? Will we make contact with them? Are they intelligent? These are the questions we're all asked at one point in our life. Dr. Silb...
The Angel's Hymn II Solo Leveling X Male Oc by Floofybirb
The Angel's Hymn II Solo Floofy Birb
Born to be a weapon, Apollo raises hell against his creators. Unable to succeed, his memories and abilities are locked away, only to be sent to Earth. With a new life...
I have so much to say, but you're so far away (Synyster Gates sequel) by MCRchic03
I have so much to say, but you' Melissa
Okays here's the sequel to I'd rather trade it all while somehow saving you! Bare with me (: