Surprise Castle 🖊 by multiple_fandoms198
Surprise Castle 🖊by Multiple_fandoms198
Based on the tv show Castle. A different version of how season 5 starts.
  • jenny
  • rickcastle
  • gates
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Missing You Again by AnaBeverhausen
Missing You Againby AnaBeverhausen
Zacky's life is a disaster zone. He's taking one hit after another and if he can't catch his breath soon he's going to suffocate. Fortunately he's always had one person...
  • a7xfanfic
  • mshadows
  • haner
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DXD: golden king of leviathan  by gundambanshee
DXD: golden king of leviathan by gundam epyon
serafalls queen has been a mystery to all the under world...well until her queen acompines her to the meeting of the three fractions
  • gilgamesh
  • dxd
  • babylon
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Come Back To Me! (Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan x Reader) by jakewebberswifey
Come Back To Me! (Jimmy "The Rev" you're worth it
This is a sad love story between you and Jimmy Sullivan. Also known as 'The Rev'. He'll be in our hearts forever. Okay, so you've know Jimmy for years, but haven't reall...
  • synystergates
  • a7x
  • therevxreader
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Dungeon overlord evil always finds the way reader by bumblebeeandyglr
Dungeon overlord evil always bumblebeeandyglr
Kyuron the prime evil and overlord of his dungeon was killed or so that we think. He the. faked his death and now lives in his dungeon alone in his throne only his brown...
  • fireemblem
  • dungeons2
  • swordartonline
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Too Many People To Ache Over ~ (Zacky Vengeance) by synystxr
Too Many People To Ache Over ~ ( lauren
Yasmin Dixon thinks she is just going over to California to see a few friends for a month or so. Things seem to be going great until one night when her friend Harriet go...
  • rev
  • mshadows
  • syn
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Hold it Down (A Kevin Gates Love Story) {Completed} by IndiaSlays
Hold it Down (A Kevin Gates Love @$laybandz
{READ} *WARNING* Copyright is Not to be Done to this book. If So It will be handled by Law and Wattpad . Constance Is off To A New Start In her Life Until she meets up...
  • johanna
  • kevin
  • love
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Circuit, Break by DoctorParadox23
Circuit, Breakby Taika Lohikäärme
!Cover not final! "The Gate! The Gate's been shut off!" Someone cried over the crowd. Suddenly, panic ripped through the atmosphere. "My home is over ther...
  • travel
  • sciencefiction
  • universe
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Crimson meets Royalty by WolfyTomoshi
Crimson meets Royaltyby Naoky
Eight years ago, there was an awful tragedy in the central city of Odax. Many humans died this night plus the people who survived were seriously injured. Among the survi...
  • gates
  • crimson
  • demons
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Still Loving You (Synyster Gates Series: Book 4) by nickisevenfold
Still Loving You (Synyster Gates nickisevenfold
Brian sets out to change himself, in hopes that Jackie would give him another chance at being the best husband and father he could ever be. But scared of having history...
  • avenged
  • synystergates
  • story
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Life changes(Michael scofield) by __Rebeccca__
Life changes(Michael scofield)by Rebecca<3
•Courtney Gates was a hard worker at Jason publishing company. She was engaged to Tom Smith a FBI agent. Then suddenly her while life changes when she's sentenced seve...
  • lincoln
  • prisonbreak
  • burrows
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Another Reason To Fight : A Synyster Gates Fanfiction by _Band_Fangirl_
Another Reason To Fight : A _Band_Fangirl_
Katrina Stevens has never met her dad. According to her mom, he died before she was born. She's spent her fifteen years with her mom. When she's diagnosed with breast ca...
  • gates
  • guitarist
  • avenged
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Mates by Angel_Winchester_177
Matesby Angel Dixon
It's not easy every day to be a teenage werewolf. Brett/Lukas Not My Story!
  • brett
  • crezski
  • lukas
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Treasured by cloakoflevitation
Treasuredby kai
When Spencer Gates gets a surprise visit from her brother, Ben Gates, she goes with him to find the Templar Treasure. But she didn't know she'd find love
  • riley
  • poole
  • gates
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Crimson Day (Sequel to What Happens On Tour, Stays On Tour) by Issues_Trash
Crimson Day (Sequel to What Tammie
Zacky is left in a coma after a car crash. The doctors say he might not make it but Brian was not about to give up on his best friend/man he loved. The guys are there t...
  • bxb
  • syngates
  • shadows
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Silver Screen Romance (3rd Book) by DCMadden
Silver Screen Romance (3rd Book)by DCMadden
Mandy chose Carey, but does that mean Brian and Mandy's story is over? Alex is left standing in her wedding dress alone, while everyone awaits her decision, Benji or Joe...
  • benji
  • sevenfold
  • synyster
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The Land of Oroxora by Navya_Mahajan
The Land of Oroxoraby Navya Mahajan
Existence. Creation. Viability. These are all appellations which do not mean to Deulara Greren. All she hinges on is prospect. After she and her sister, Lierin, has subs...
  • fantasy
  • kingdom
  • rivalry
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six-four Arc by Halof30678
six-four Arcby Joseph Murphy
being left behind on a grimm extermination mission Jaune finds his true purpose in life
  • jaune
  • gates
  • betrayal
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Collecting All Zodiacs  by andrewthe8
Collecting All Zodiacs by andrewthe8
A fairytail story Ethan a young male celestial wizard is just starting his journey in the world of magic in the world if one collects all zodiac keys they get great pow...
  • zodiackeys
  • fairytail
  • zodiac
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Power Rider Timer by AceDataCrane
Power Rider Timerby 9292
A prince from a forgotten time arrives on Earth, just as every hero, Power Riders and Masked Riders, all go missing in one night. Now, the prince must fight to save his...
  • kamenridergates
  • gates
  • kamen
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