Gauntlet of Chiryo by Maskinos
Gauntlet of Chiryoby Maskinos
The story of Buka and Soruka as they travel the world of ganner, in an effort to complete the Gauntlet of Chiryo, and keep it from the hands of the Neka Emperor.
  • ganner
  • soruka
  • buka
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Glory and Empire by grandmobiusbrian
Glory and Empireby Brian Jeffreys
The Terran Empire is in a state of chaos after the successful sack by the Valdi armada. As the Terran fleets struggle to reorganize, First Marshal Scott Pearson led the...
  • murder
  • portal
  • desert
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Orion Gambit - Traci Ganner series book 2 by grandmobiusbrian
Orion Gambit - Traci Ganner Brian Jeffreys
This is the second book in the Traci Ganner series. After her successful campaign as a starship captain (and spy), she had been assigned to Orion's newest cloaking batt...
  • device
  • planets
  • space
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Fall of the Terran Empire - Traci Ganner series book 1 by grandmobiusbrian
Fall of the Terran Empire - Brian Jeffreys
Resisting the cruel, conquering machine of the mighty Terran Empire, the Orion Star Cluster locks its fledgling navy in combat with one of the most brilliant Terran admi...
  • fleets
  • ganner
  • space
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