The Terran Empire is in a state of chaos after the successful sack by the Valdi armada.  As the Terran fleets struggle to reorganize, First Marshal Scott Pearson led the charge to cut into the enemy flank and stem the tide of reinforcements.  With Orion help, he was succeeding, until Captain Traci Ganner interfered--again.
    But Traci must bring the Terran marshal and the chief Orion councilor together to confront a new Terran threat from the future.  Facing daunting new technology, Traci finds herself in the clutches of a new Terran enemy and if they force the location of the rift from her, both the Terrans and Orions will be lost.
    In the final book of the Traci Ganner trilogy, Traci and her officers must endure their most difficult trials yet that leads Traci to a mystical temple that holds the keys to her very survival.
Very well written.  I could feel the crew's tension.  Nicely done.
Wonderfully written and I will purchase the whole book to read at my leisure.
Katana is the most perfect of the anciant martial art weapons that man can build: it can both thrust and sleash continuesly without its weilder loosing his guard. every other weapon just in this fendament. Need I say more?
This is great I super like  the story :)) two thumps to the Author
Tip, please put in the info that this is book 3 of 4 I think. As I read this book first not knowing of the other books.
Really enjoyed this book, well done to the author. I was constantly finding time to keep reading, look forward to reading more of your work :-)