Fall of the Terran Empire - Traci Ganner series book 1

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Brian Jeffreys By grandmobiusbrian Completed
Resisting the cruel, conquering machine of the mighty Terran Empire, the Orion Star Cluster locks its fledgling navy in combat with one of the most brilliant Terran admirals in its history. But Orion's only chance rests with a discovery made by a young imperial cruiser commander named Traci Ganner. In a routine Pirate patrol, Ganner discovers a new world defended by Strike Fighters; a technology neither the Terran Empire nor Orion Clans possess. In a bid to save them both, Ganner devises a cunning plan, a plan that will come with a terrible price. To succeed, she must secretly unleash an unthinkable force and continue to stay one step ahead of everyone until it is time to reveal the truth. She is pitted in a game of wits against the highest levels of Imperial Command, including the Emperor himself, in order to save her own life, and those she cares for.
Exciting opening chapter with plenty of riveting action. Recalls the best of the Star Trek franchise.  voted.
it feels like reading startrek with a mince of tomb raider =) two thumbs up !
I just finished the first part and let me just ssy I could not keep my eyes off the page, this is the perfect mixture of Star Trek and your own unique genius, keep writing.
Love storie. :) read mine please? I just started writing and it sounds really cool. :) its call Still Beating. :) wish me luck. Really a huge fav of yurhh' storie!!
A thorough well written Sci Fi. I hope you have a series in mind with view to publishing.
Please check it out! And tell me what you think! http://www.wattpad.com/story/3521281-a-broken-brother