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New family  by Tyler1920
New family by Tyler1920
Edward Hunt is a 17 year old girl who after many years of living with her mom she's forced to live with her father who abandoned her before she was even born. She must f...
FORCED (Jensoo converted story) by extraterrestrial_03
FORCED (Jensoo converted story)by 🩸
The first updates got f*cking deleted by wattpad so I had to start all over again. This was originally entitled (Sleeping with my rapist) Written by RainbowColoredMind. ...
Dane family (Lesbian Story) by Frog_Frag
Dane family (Lesbian Story)by Frog Frag
It's hard to be a mother. Especially a single mother. It's been almost ten years now that Alex is struggling to raise her kids alone and be true to her word. In her now...
These feelings by Tyler1920
These feelingsby Tyler1920
Tyler is a lonely girl that many people including teachers don't pay too much attention she dresses like a tomboy and has some issues at home, and one day she meets Ana...
Wait...the princesses are my mates ?! by _Shironeki_
Wait...the princesses are my mates...by _Shironeki_
(Y/n) is a very normal girl, who is studying at Crimson Valley High School but she is mentally and physically harassed there, the people around her doing the worst thing...
Perfect Imperfections (Jensoo converted story) by extraterrestrial_03
Perfect Imperfections (Jensoo conv...by 🩸
'Is it a boy or a girl?' A question that every ob-gyn can answer easily, but for Kim Jisoo's parents it was different. When her parents ask the doctor if the newborn bab...
Closer by nicvone99
Closerby nicvone99
After a horrible past, Samantha Thompson, known as Sam by her close friends, has come back to America to continue her studies after moving on from the horrible beatings...
Demon slayer yuri harem x Futa reader  by reconhunter
Demon slayer yuri harem x Futa rea...by reconhunter
Follow (y/n) as she becomes a demon slayer to get revenge on the one who robbed her of everything, as well as charming the ladies. All images belong to their owners the...
Bullies In Love With Me (Lesbian Story) by YuriHimeko
Bullies In Love With Me (Lesbian S...by YuriHimeko
There was a quite and shy girl when it came to public name Dylan Wargh, she been bullied by 5 drop dead gorgeous and was abused by her mother. The reason why they hurt h...
Not Such A Secret  by PleaseCloseMyD00r
Not Such A Secret by Rea
This was posted as 'Our Little Secret' Futa- Shemale- Lesbian Smut. Read the fine print or I'll eat your ass, this is definitely SMUT. I'm open to requests, DM me.
Breaking Free by Rumian101
Breaking Freeby Rumi
Zara are you cheating on me I asked her while she was putting on her cloth "oh about that I want to talk to you about something, sit down let talk" I sat do...
Red wouldn't say it was love at first sight. More like admiration at first sight, or so she thought. It was a feeling she thought would eventually stop but increased on...
The Princess by UnicornRawrrr
The Princessby uni-wow
An intersexual Princess, What could go wrong? Book Cover Design: HerParamour
The Art of the Ladydick by minervabirdd
The Art of the Ladydickby MINERVA BIRD
Bring your vibrators!
TWICE Smut (19+) by SenaBlink
TWICE Smut (19+)by SenaBlink
Twice Smut! Its mostly centered around Nayeon, Mina, Momo, Chaeyoung, Sana and Dahyun (I also do x Fem Reader) Futanari is fine but no gender bender. I hope you enjoy my...
The Inked Angel's Puppy by AmaterasuNoMangaka
The Inked Angel's Puppyby AmaterasuNoMangaka
Years after leaving Joey Drew Studios with her friend, Henry, Y/N gets a letter from Joey asking to come back. Y/N and Henry return to the rundown studio in hopes of fin...
Rejected Luna by CheyenneNeal
Rejected Lunaby Cheyenne Neal
Lauren Knight has everything she has ever wanted she has family,friends, a pack she's even Alpha but one mistake leads to more mistakes a drunken mistake at that she fin...
Remi and the Elzorians by Gentleman_God
Remi and the Elzoriansby Little King 👑
Way deep into space, in another galaxy there is a planet where, what some would call, aliens live on. Living there is like living in the perfect future that Earth would...
Perplexed (GxG) by limmysupreme
Perplexed (GxG)by limmysupreme
A very complicated love story
RWBY: Symbiotic Relationship (Yang x Futa Carnage oc) by Zillaworld
RWBY: Symbiotic Relationship (Yang...by ZillaWorld
I do not own RWBY or any of the characters. They all belong to RoosterTeeth Yang x Futa Carnage oc