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The Truth About the Girl With the Broken Smile [Ouran Host Club] (Editing) by freehugproductions
The Truth About the Girl With Rachel
There's something mysterious about the new girl. Something in the way she smiles is off and almost broken. She doesn't make eye contact, and when she speaks, it's with a...
  • academy
  • fiction
  • desire
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She Never Said Goodbye by Leanniette
She Never Said Goodbyeby Leanne Spraggins
After the death of a co-worker, twenty-seven year old Monica Turner unravels a trail of secrets. Some of them are her own while others come from another source. Cover:::...
  • music
  • teacher
  • paranormal
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A Night with the High King by losttoliterature
A Night with the High Kingby
**The Wicked King spoilers** "He settles beside me. I am nervous, scared, wary of a trick, but yet...but yet this sickening desire." An imagined extended scene...
  • thecruelprince
  • prince
  • fanfiction
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~ Morat  Facts ~ by Morat_ft_CNCO
~ Morat Facts ~by 🤘🏻 Vale 🤘🏻
💘Todo lo que debes saber sobre Morat la banda colombiana mas hermosa y perfecta del mundo💘 -Juan Pablo Isaza -Juan Pablo Villamil -Simón Vargas -Martín Vargas #Alehosi...
  • pop
  • villamil
  • morat
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Strawberry Boy (BxB) by OMGguyLOL
Strawberry Boy (BxB)by Rick
"I'm maybe a man, but I could still rock pink better than bitches," his hot breath lingered on my dry lips with his hot palms pressing on my bare chest. My min...
  • boyxboy
  • western
  • forever
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Zatanna by Barbara23f
Zatannaby Barbara23f
The silence breaks the ground A shadow is riding the horizon An arcane man arrives to town Remoresless and condemned Tasted the snake's poison Broken every bone Felt a t...
  • folk
  • online
  • story
Grimm's Fairy Tales Originals by Ana-Schwarz
Grimm's Fairy Tales Originalsby LunaticTrappedInTime
It is here that we find such figures as Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, Tom Thumb, Rapunzel, and the Bremen Town Musicians--to na...
  • love
  • fantesy
  • paranormal
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-Rincón Enamorato- by Morat_ft_CNCO
-Rincón Enamorato-by 🤘🏻 Vale 🤘🏻
Te gusta Morat? Eres fan intenso/a? Bienvenida/o a tu lugar perfecto...El Rincón Enamorato! Aquí encontraras diversas cosas sobre estos 4 chicos muy divertidos! -Memes ...
  • atreves
  • típicos
  • villmil
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Pinki - wesołek z Kutna by mkzmwd
Pinki - wesołek z Kutnaby mkzmwd
Książka przedstawia losy saksofonisty zespołu Enej.
  • muzyka
  • kutno
  • olsztyn
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Singer/Vocalist of the Week by GhostLoveWriter
Singer/Vocalist of the Weekby The Vampire Lover
Each week, I'll be writing about a different singer here in this book. There will be a lot of singers I think deserve a lot of appreciation! DISCLAIMER: I do not own an...
  • metal
  • rock
  • celtic
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Chidoru by Calabresi43e
Chidoruby Calabresi43e
Yeah, the kid been makin these mami's, yell "papacita" Since Kangols and shell-top Adidas Love when te-ta's look like they'll pop through beaters And the hips...
  • folk
  • story
  • folklore
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Agamotto by Sandra548o
Agamottoby Sandra548o
You are so special to me Loving you was surely meant to be And when I'm feeling blue You hold me close You've always been so special to me When I think about my life Bef...
  • folk
  • story
  • reading
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-R.E.M.-[Facts & Curiosidades -los tiempos oscuros de R.E.M.] by Mycollection_ofdead
-R.E.M.-[Facts & Curiosidades •Bleeding gums•
Un grupo con una trayectoria tan intachable, coherente y de tantos años como la suya, sus trabajos son los favoritos de muchos, ¿alguien lo duda? "Éramos la banda q...
  • michaelstipe
  • rem
  • janglepop
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Juke Box by silenttomorrows
Juke Boxby silenttomorrows
Put a dime/ penny / euro or washer in the slot of the olde Juke Box and play a tune:) Or Send me a YouTube link by message and I'll put your song in the Juke Box for yo...
  • pop
  • folk
  • laughter
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Akhenaten by Leslie748e
Akhenatenby Leslie748e
When you go through a day And your mind's a million miles away Searching for truth Something to say A world of your own Love was right But I face another sleepless night...
  • folk
  • story
  • tale
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Burpman by naylor57j
Burpmanby naylor57j
Elle marche lente comme à contre temps Subit son corps Tous ses mouvements Elle regarde dehors Pour voir s'il fait beau temps Du fauteuil au divan Du fauteuil au divan P...
  • folklore
  • folk
  • reading
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Cabira by Pabst67v
Cabiraby Pabst67v
La Tierra es un mundo de luz. Al lado hay otro, lleno de oscuridad y violencia. Los separa una Puerta que se abre cada doscientos años liberando irremediablemente a cria...
  • reading
  • folk
  • folklore
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Chapu by Zegwaard3ll
Chapuby Zegwaard3ll
You're the first in my life To make me think That we might just go all the way And I, want you to know we're all hanging on They'll come and yes they'll try To break us...
  • story
  • readings
  • folk
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Agundas by Wade3nm
Agundasby Wade3nm
Quelles que soient tes peurs Quelles que soit la raison de tes pleurs Quelle que soit la peine Qui a envahi ton coeur Quelles que soient les chances Que tu n'as pu reten...
  • story
  • reading
  • folk
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