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breddy oneshots❤🎻 by twosetfields
breddy oneshots❤🎻by fields
the title says it all :) feel free to leave requests in the comments or via dm!
Andante con Brio by Avdk80
Andante con Brioby Avdk80
The long awaited moment is there: Eddy is finally turning eighteen. But has he told his mum about his plans to audition for the con? And how will she react when he does...
holy by nonsenseverses
holyby nonsenseverses
"hello angel. i'm eddy, and you are?" • a demon walks into a bar and meets an angel. ••• brett and eddy if you come across this do not read it
World Tour by Avdk80
World Tourby Avdk80
For a while now, Eddy has been feeling things for his best friend he ought not to. He's keeping it under wraps, though. Brett's his best friend, he'll do nothing to j...
Andante by Avdk80
Andanteby Avdk80
What happens when two boys from strict homes meet and feel things they shouldn't? When Eddy meets Brett his whole world changes.
Two Violins, One Love, BAE by Ohmadou
Two Violins, One Love, BAEby Ohmadou
Will Brett ever manage to say the R word??? But just as importantly, will he have the courage to be true to himself and to his feelings? Enjoy reading and yes, it's the...
distraction: you by twosetmeridian
distraction: youby merri
distractions are not high on eddy chen's priorities. when brett yang steps into his life, however, he might need to revise that mindset. • a breddy fanfic ; first meetin...
deux by nonsenseverses
deuxby nonsenseverses
alternate universe in which eddy is an up and coming soloist, and brett is a concertmaster for the sydney symphony, with a job at a coffee shop on the side. - warning: i...
Emotionless ( A Breddy / Twoset Fanfiction )  by Breddy_00
Emotionless ( A Breddy / Twoset Breddy_00
Eddy, that hyper-active, caring and reliable boy met a kid, an emotionless kid or so he thought.
'tis the season (to love you) by twosetmeridian
'tis the season (to love you)by merri
In which Brett concocts a plan that is definitely foolproof, Eddy becomes weirdly overcommitted to this fake boyfriend thing, and the boys conduct a masterclass in actin...
Crush  by breddymendy
Crush by breddymendy
My very first breddy fanfic What would happen to Twoset in Toronto? Crush? love? tension? Let's go find out ;))) Past ranking #1-twosetviolin #1-Breddy #1-flufflep...
the rhythm our heart plays {breddy; twosetviolin fanfiction} by violinrosette
the rhythm our heart plays { rose
For Eddy, his friendship with Brett is irreplaceable. He can't ever risk losing something that important, whether his own stupid selfish feelings have a say in it or not...
(love)birds of a feather  by procrastinate40hrs
(love)birds of a feather by reese
In which Eddy stumbles upon the inner crisis of falling in love with his best friend, his other half, the other bird of his feather, Brett. It's always been like this...
tsv oneshots by nonsenseverses
tsv oneshotsby nonsenseverses
brett and eddy oneshots (platonic and romantic) for stories i want to tell in one part only :) warning: fluff ahead - brett and eddy do not read this for the love of god
Short Mini TwoSet Fluffs by miez13
Short Mini TwoSet Fluffsby miez13
This is my first attempt to write. So there will be really really short fluffy stories about my favourite youtube musicians: Brett and Eddy. ©miez
Unforgotten | TwoSetViolin - Breddy - Brett x Eddy by ihaddreams
Unforgotten | TwoSetViolin - ihaddreams
"I will remember you, will you remember me?" A fanfiction of Twoset Violin. Brett x Eddy. Breddy Love. --- Brett Yang has been struggling with Asian stereotyp...
THE RIGHT ONE by fancha
THE RIGHT ONEby fancha
Brett x Reader x Eddy You know what is like being forced to marry someone that you don't love? Your Mom done it. She has been forcing you to be with Eddy, the successfu...
Minor Changes by sun_flower_strong
Minor Changesby Sunflower
They've lived together; they've lived apart. Turns out you can miss someone terribly, even if they're just across the room. * * a/n: Most of the story takes place in 2...
Breddy one-shots by Avdk80 by Avdk80
Breddy one-shots by Avdk80by Avdk80
Hi there and welcome to another episode of Avdk80 writes Breddy ;) Just because... well, just because I can, I guess... I'm just going to write some one-shots (or as it...