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 bully to boyfriend • {z.h.❕j.m.} by -simplyskyeee
bully to boyfriend • {z.h.❕j.m.}by s i e r r a
jonah marais • "i need to convince my parents that i'm gay." "i'm not gay, so i can't help you." • zach herron 01 |#zonah| 06.08.18 01 |#zonah| 08.09...
Space, Galaxies, and Dreams by RedWinterSong
Space, Galaxies, and Dreamsby RedWinterSong
WDW bxb oneshots! Corbyn centric Taking requests! (The art in the cover isn't mine. Credits to the creator)
✓ | kiss me again, dorbyn.   by jolestrange
✓ | kiss me again, dorbyn. by 𝐉𝐎
"can i make up for our first kiss?" "baby, just... kiss me again." love is a funny thing, you never know where it's going to end up or what path it...
₍🕊₎ ..⃗. ꒰ 𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐁𝐘𝐍 ꒱ In which the prince decides to go to a public high school for his senior year started: august 14th 2019 completed: november 27th 2019 all ri...
Why ~ Dorbyn by XxSALLY_salad20xX
Why ~ Dorbynby Sylvie Malpass
A story where Corbyn and Daniel find themselves asking why a lot. (This is my first ever story I thought I would give it a shot, anyway I hope you enjoy and yea. It wi...
Trapped. by zacharyH27
in which two men trap three young boys.
the bad boy and the daddy by captivatingcorbyn
the bad boy and the daddyby 𝘀𝗸𝘆𝗹𝗮𝗿
daniel is a troubled teen, so his mother sends him to a boarding school...where he is forced to be a baby. corbyn is his daddy and wants to help him as much as possible...
collar || why don't we by wdw-km
collar || why don't weby 𝗞𝗮𝗿𝗺𝗲𝗻
Corbyn Besson never worried about being out at night, until one three a.m. light flicker caught his attention. Phone falling out of his grasp, eyes falling closed as he...
anxious | jack avery by SEAVEYSVOGUE
anxious | jack averyby SEAVEYSVOGUE
[contains depression anxiety and suicide attempts] where jack and the boy's lives are shown not as happy as people may think it is. [jachary intended] please don't read...
To The Kepler And Back  by suddenlyscripturient
To The Kepler And Back by ✨BANI✨
A Dorbyn A/U [ONGOING] Daniel Seavey and Corbyn Besson were the worst of enemies. But due to some unusual circumstances, Corbyn takes on this mission of fixing Daniel's...
METANOIA |dorbyn| by TallyMae99
METANOIA |dorbyn|by 𝓽ꪖꪶꪶꪗ
in which they wake up in each other's bodies metanoia- the journey of changing ones mind, heart, self, or way of life
Porn - Why Don't We by Donah_forever
Porn - Why Don't Weby Donah_forever
-FICTIONAL- About five boys that do everything to make a living.
He looks so perfect | Dorbyn by Abby_Maximoff
He looks so perfect | Dorbynby 🍃Abby🍃
Corbyn has a big crush on Daniel Daniel is a very quiet kid keeps to himself and normally has his nose in a book Corbyn is popular all girls and guys want him but he ha...
Why Don't We Sickfics by sentimentalseavey
Why Don't We Sickficsby s e n t i m e n t a l s e a v...
The title says it all. ~best rankings~ #3 in "sickfic" #7 in "sick" #13 in "whydontwefanfiction" #20 in "whydontwefanfic" longes...
Why Don't We One-Shots by henrydangerlover
Why Don't We One-Shotsby henrydangerlover
REQUEST ARE OPENED! This book is going to be centered around Corbyn, but it's going to include Daniel, Jack, Zack, Jonah and a some pages with Eben in it. If your
so basically feel free to message me any ideas with any ship I'll do anything from 2 of the boys to 3 of the boys to all of em. just comment. so warning gay smut.
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Little; Dorbyn by corboner1125
Little; Dorbynby 🥺dorbyn lover🥺
in which Daniel feels little and needs Corbyn to take care of him🧸💕 started 7/12/2020
Runner~Dorbyn Fanfic  by -dorbynloml
Runner~Dorbyn Fanfic by Ruhi<3
Corbyn runs away from an orphanage and meets 4 people that become his closest friends and 1 that becomes maybe more than that.Yet they all have a past that terrifies t...
My Boyfriend Is The Alpha [Completed] by DevilGirl103281
My Boyfriend Is The Alpha [ Megan McGough
This is about a guy named Daniel and a guy named Corbyn. Daniel is a regular wolf and Corbyn is the alpha of the school. Daniel is new and they both fall in love.