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Psychopaths [ X1 ] ✔ by _KITSUN3_
Psychopaths [ X1 ] ✔by ツ
"You can't escape us because you're belong here forever" Then, a creepy laugh came out from their mouths. X1 x Readers (ft Kim Sanggyun of JBJ95) #1 - Junho (...
X1 OneShots (BoyxBoy) by ColorMeBlueMoon
X1 OneShots (BoyxBoy)by Hanmi
Just a bunch of boyxboy X1 oneshots, mostly fluff or angst, but I can also do a bit of mature content Feel free to request
[↺] ❀ X1 Zodiac ❀ by soobstofu
[↺] ❀ X1 Zodiac ❀by r i
❝ I'll sing for you forever and dream for you ❞ How's your fate with X1 boys? ┈ ♔° highest ranking; #4 up10tion - 16/12/2019 #2 sondongpyo - 19/12/2019 #1 up10...
i fell for my brother's bully| kim wooseok  by bunnygukie
i fell for my brother's bully| bunnygukie
hyejin found out her brother hyeongjun is bullied, by this handsome guy, she hates him so much, but love made its way.
 / ~ X1 IMAGINES ~ / by gyul_99z
/ ~ X1 IMAGINES ~ /by 에리
BTW I'm only writing this for fun... And I will be updating it if I have an idea cause I don't want so many pressure. But I'll be accepting requests. Hope all the one it...
spoiled brat | nam dohyon by dohyonam
spoiled brat | nam dohyonby pat
dohyon is studying in japan but suddenly, his parents decided to go to korea for business matters. he was told to stay at the house of his mother's friend and met a girl...
x1 scenarios  by seoulbeat_
x1 scenarios by 𝓼𝓾𝓷𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓮
+ curious of how x1 members go through their days in different situation? you are at the right place. {completed}
Living with X1 by dohyunss_
Living with X1by stan x1
a girl by the name of cho yena is 17 years old and is studying at a high school in korea. Her parents decided to work abroad and can't bring yena along so they decided t...
X1 / PDX101 Imagines (Smut, Fluff, etc.) by jaehwan423
X1 / PDX101 Imagines (Smut, jaehwan423
Imagines for different X1 Members! Requests are closed for now but will reopen! Fluff/etc. open for all members, but smut only for '00 & older members. Member x member o...
Just A Fan // Lee Eunsang by moooonayy
Just A Fan // Lee Eunsangby R A W R
[[ COMPLETED ]] "I'm just a fan, nothing but a fan, and forever will be"
goblins || x1 by sunushine
goblins || x1by ❝ 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐢𝐞 ❞
"yohan, all the dads are fighting over wooseok again." "oh my go- seungyoun stop throwing bananas!!" seungyoun and wooseok are 'that duo' junho and...
METANOIA {Dohyun X San} by _woaini0
METANOIA {Dohyun X San}by _woaini0
The journey of changing one's mind, heart and way of life
Mr. Seungwoo's Baby l Seungpyo by RandomName202
Mr. Seungwoo's Baby l Seungpyoby RandomName202
A cliche story of a Mafia finding a liking into a cute boy who is broke af, to the point where his parents put him up for sale. In which the Mafia decides to buy him and...
it was you. by veedaddy
it was veedaddy
Lee Do-Hyun and Park Jae-Hee.
(dis.c)My Book of X1 [REACTIONS/IMAGINES/SCENARIOS] by Saiirawr
(dis.c)My Book of X1 [REACTIONS/ Shya🐔🍷
"Just another work of mine. It's just that it's X1 this time" I said. start: 08/09/19 end: when x1 disbands ㅠㅠ Rankings UwU : #928 in #producex101 (09/09/19) �...
debuting with X1 (rest) by byeolrangdan
debuting with X1 (rest)by ♡ℰ𝓊𝓃𝒽𝓌𝑜𝓃♡
being ranked 11 among the female trainees on Produce X 101 made her the most famous female trainee and also the only girl to debut in X1. started: 6 September 2019 ended...
X1 Imagines/Reactions by pyobiased
X1 Imagines/Reactionsby OneIt_Army
Enjoy my imagines and reactions that can take you to a world where you aren't a lonely weirdo desperately looking for love.
3rd Times a Charm by RandomName202
3rd Times a Charmby RandomName202
X1 smuts . Don't like . Don't read . Include ALL members, Just request . Slowwwwwww Updates
Match Them Together(x1fanfictionbl) by seungpyohanpyo
Match Them Together(x1fanfictionbl)by seungpyohanpyo
Eunsang is classmates with Junho, Dongpyo, Minhee and Hyeongjun. Apparently they are best of friens Eunsang is the type on person who doesn't really care about the feeli...