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Albus Potter is  an Irrelevance by Nifflerpuff
Albus Potter is an Irrelevanceby e d d i e
"Well Al has nothing to worry about! He's a Potter! Any child of Harry Potter's belongs in Gryffindor, not with those little snakes in Slytherin, right Albus?"...
Son of lord Voldemort : Harrison riddle by araaaningduagwg
Son of lord Voldemort : Harrison Arhaan Bhimani
The life of undoubtedly the greatest sorcerer alive the line between good and evil now the dark prince shall decide the fate of this world . #Ranked 22 out of 3k stories...
The Other Daughter- A Harry Potter Fanfiction by ElphabaThropp557
The Other Daughter- A Harry Bellatrix Black
In 1980, Bellatrix Lestrange and Lord Voldemort had twin daughters. In 1981, Voldemort was killed, and Bellatrix hid her daughters with two separate families. Not long a...
|| Dimentional Link || Hanako x Isekai Reader by Bat_Noir
|| Dimentional Link || Hanako x Manachii
『Hanako x Isekai Reader』 【 Spoiler Alert: From the manga】 Getting a mysterious box with a mysterious purple sapphire inside wasn't a normal thing for a famous celebrity...
There are no sunrises anymore. Only darkness. Only death. Only power. by veerastories
There are no sunrises anymore. veerastories
DISCONTINUED What if there was one more? What if He had created eight instead of seven? Eight horcruxes? Nine, if Harry Potter was counted. That wasn't possible, right...
The Cursed Chronicles: Year 5 by NotSoAverage_Fangirl
The Cursed Chronicles: Year 5by NotSoAverage_Fangirl
After the events of Albus' fifth year, returning to Hogwarts is certain to never be the same. With Scorpius by his side, his relationship with his father mended, and som...
Winter at the Manor by Scorose37650
Winter at the Manorby The Mudtraitor of Wattpad. I...
Rose Granger Weasley has been targeted by Delphi, who has just escaped Azkaban. As a protective measure, her parents have asked the Malfoys to take care of her. Rose is...
it started with a bracelet by zzmalfoyz
it started with a braceletby zzmalfoyz
y/n x Draco Malfoy y/e/c = your eye colour y/h/c = your hair colour y/l/n = your last name CHAPTERS prologue = published on 21-11-22 chapter 1 // detention = publishe...
Prophetic  ▹ Riley Biers (Daughters of Lilith I) by ssubhan
Prophetic ▹ Riley Biers ( ˗ˏˋ সেরিন ˎˊ˗
❝ she never loved him until he was gone, and when she found him again he wasn't alone. his love for her was eternal, but easily hidden by one that's carnal ❞ ••• ...
Not My Canon! by MCliffordAuthor
Not My Canon!by Mike Clifford
:::: One Part FANDOM RETROSPECTIVE, One Part ANALYSIS :::: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a play that premiered in London, 2016. It was met with praise by theate...
The Hated Hero by AmazingGraceFanfic
The Hated Heroby Gracie Hallow
Delphini has no idea of who she's about to become. At Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, her story will be changed forever. In a tale of love and compassion...
Rose by Scorose37650
Roseby The Mudtraitor of Wattpad. I...
Rose Granger Weasley's ultimate guide to hiding a lightning scar, loving a boy, strengthening bonds with parents, and surviving Voldemort's daughter!
Daughter of Darkness (Voldemort's Daughter) by marzlola
Daughter of Darkness (Voldemort' marzlola
Delphini (Delphi) Riddle is a normal girl, she had grown up in an orphanage and had believed her mother died giving birth to her and father abandoned her. It is only whe...
Delphi Riddle-Lestrange Behind Bars by hannah_emily_s
Delphi Riddle-Lestrange Behind Barsby Hannah S
A SEQUAL TO THE CURSED CHILD *Spoiler** "You shall be in here until you ROT Delphini. You dare mess with my son!" Those are the words, he said to me before I w...
A mother will do whatever is best for her children by Marenke
A mother will do whatever is Marenke
Narcissa finds she has a niece in what's possibly the most curious manner ever - by meeting with a furious Euphemia Rowle, who carried a black haired baby.
Orphans 》Delphi Riddle's Story by theaugurey27
Orphans 》Delphi Riddle's Storyby Dina M. Rashad
❌❌❌ Warning This story contains spoilers from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. To understand this fanfiction you have to be familiar with the script and the important...
It was a Time For Gargoyles by dawn580
It was a Time For Gargoylesby Chloie Dawn
It's been a thousand years since the fall of castle Wyren had commenced, now can Delphi and her clan take on this new time and new city, or will it be their downfall Co...
His Mark [Tom Riddle's son] DISCONTINUED  by JamzIsMe
His Mark [Tom Riddle's son] Jamz Lee
Book 3 in: The Serpent's Series __-__-__-__-__-__-__-__-__-__-__-__-__ [Will contain hints & spoilers to ] [ Harry Potter & The Cursed Child ] [After chapter Old...
Mistakes {a Cursed Child spinoff} by Kyalongbottom
Mistakes {a Cursed Child spinoff}by 💕Kya Reddings💕
A sequel to my book 'I Love Plants' (spoilers) ON HOLD "Albus and Scorpius failed. Jude, you can save your father. You wouldn't give up an opportunity like that wou...
Green Neon by EckhardSchmerbeck
Green Neonby Eckhard Schmerbeck
"Green Neon" is the first of 20 volumes in my book series "The Right People". Tom, a 15-year-old German, is spending the summer holidays at Christin...