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My Hero Academia: I See Everything (Aizawas daughter) by SarahTheRock
My Hero Academia: I See SarahTheRock
Piper walked into class and looked at everyone in front of her, Aizawa looked at her outfit and facepalmed, "Piper, where is your uniform?" "Oh, that cos...
The Puck Queen by RFG_RFG
The Puck Queenby Faith Green
Jessica Waters considered herself a pretty average teenager. She went to school, hung out with her friends, argued with her parents, and lived to play ice hockey. Then o...
(Rewrite)Mistah J(On Hold) by ARC655
(Rewrite)Mistah J(On Hold)by ARCERET
This book has been rewritten. It has been written under the same name + 2.0
Love me harder.. (დასრულებული) by MariaGrace006
Love me harder.. (დასრულებული)by Maria Grace
ესაა ისტორია ჯერ კიდევ ფერადი სათვალეების მქონე ვიოლეტა მაიერსზე, რა მოხდება როდესაც ბავშვური ბედნიერება უცბად ხელს გკრავს, ზურგს გაქცევს და სამყაროს რეალურ სახეს გიჩვენ...
Aptal Aşık by TCNehirYlmaz
Aptal Aşıkby Aşık Kız
"İki aptal aşık hiç bu kadar tutuşmamıştı..." -Tüm hakları kalpte saklıdır.
Moonlight by bieberabg
Moonlightby Bizxlebo 🌙
SEQUAL TO DEAR DADDY... ; "I do" she said. My heart was beating faster and faster. Every second that went by, more and more sadness came rushing in my body. ...
Deli by peacejacobbooks
Deliby Jacob Deintuala Peace
A Romantic book full of mysteries... *****************"""*""**************** "don't tell me you love me, I shouldn't be loved, I don't dese...
Tmnt Mikey Love Story ( Mikey X OC) Lemons Too by thegeodemon
Tmnt Mikey Love Story ( Mikey X Liz the one and only
(I don't own tmnt just my oc I redid this story because one I can't find it on here most of the time and two it needs to be perfected some I am a little ocd) The guys ar...
Lucky?(MHA story) by robloxeinTV
Lucky?(MHA story)by robloxein TV
when Dabi walking down the street after he escaped from jail he sees a small boy around 4 years old in a blanket sleeping he takes the blanket back to the league of vill...
in love with a anime character❤️ by mmiiyyaaaa27
in love with a anime character❤️by mmiiyyaaaa27
My name is jasmine and this is my story on how I shifted to a anime world and fell in love with a anime character, have fun reading this😚💕
Be true to who you are by nutella260_
Be true to who you areby Jeff the killer
Annabella is Faithful Loyal Caring Beautiful Intelligent Generous Humble She is Suicidal Depressed Abused She feels Worthless Insecure Bla...