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Isabella Lestrange by kindalboo
Isabella Lestrangeby Kindal Boatright
She was born in the evilest prison ever created. She was taken away only after a few minutes of breathing. She was the only daughter of the wickedest woman alive. She gr...
  • voldemort
  • harrypotter
  • malfoy
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Another Weasley Twin⚡ by WritingBeAurora
Another Weasley Twin⚡by aurora nicole
To love our enemy is impossible. The moment we understand our rival, we feel compassion towards them, and they are no longer the enemy. Madeline Weasley battles the conf...
  • ginnyweasley
  • deatheater
  • tragedy
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Birth of Hell || Tom Riddle by merakifreedom
Birth of Hell || Tom Riddleby Just a Potato ツ
"She was disgustingly humble; an oddity in Tom's arrogant mind." (Note: This story is unedited so do not judge too harshly. Once I am officially finished with...
  • loss
  • adventure
  • tomriddle
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Light in the Dark (Draco Malfoy Love Story) by averageslytherin6
Light in the Dark (Draco Malfoy Liz
What if Lily had a twin sister? What if Harry had a twin too? What if she fell in love with the emeny? Sophie Potter, Harry Potter's twin sister, was sent to live with h...
  • remuslupin
  • hp
  • slytherin
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Love shines in the Darkness (Tom Riddle) by MyFanficSux
Love shines in the Darkness (Tom Jay
Tom Riddles life was a complicated one, his heart was filled with hatred and anger for the life he had be given. But when Tom meets Laylah Dumbledore, a small light brig...
  • evil
  • deatheaters
  • tomriddle
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Yearning  ➸ Draco Malfoy by the100Banshees
Yearning ➸ Draco Malfoyby Lauren
COMPLETED (under editing) Alice Webster is perfectly content with the life she has, and she was happy to be attending Ilvenmory school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A sch...
  • malfoy
  • draco
  • deathlyhallows
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Daughter of the Dark Lord || Completed by divinedutchess
Daughter of the Dark Lord || Black girl power
She's the daughter of the dark lord, Voldemort himself. Most would assume she's as bad as he is, with the same twisted morals. But Nyx Riddle isn't like her father. She...
  • ronaldweasley
  • harrypotter
  • hogwarts
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Hermione riddle [Wattys 2018] [Dramione] by Alpha-Marrii
Hermione riddle [Wattys 2018] [ Alpha marrii
Hermione as Voldemort's beloved daughter. (#1 in wizards. #1 in daughter. #2 in deatheaters. #27 in Hermione. #31 in dramonie. #39 in evil. #53 in Hermione. #146 in dark...
  • dark
  • bellatrix
  • dumbledore
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The Potions Master's Daughter || VERY SLOW UPDATE ✔ by DalyneSlytherin
The Potions Master's Daughter || 𝓡𝓸𝔀𝓮𝓷𝓷𝓪 𝓛. 🌹
"I know him better." -Mavis Snape "I swear to my life, I'll protect my Mavis till my last breathe." -Severus Snape ••• Mavis Snape, a daughter of Sev...
  • darklord
  • lilyevans
  • deatheaters
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Forbidden (Barty Crouch Jr) by MyFanficSux
Forbidden (Barty Crouch Jr)by Jay
Laylah firsts meets Barty Crouch Junior at Hogwarts, when he is disguised as Professor Moody. They shared a bond instantly. It was before long Laylah began to have feeli...
  • forbidden
  • harrypotter
  • hogwarts
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snape's daughter → malfoy by beIIatrixbIack
snape's daughter → malfoyby chlo.
Severus Snape isn't everyone's favourite teacher. What happens when he is asked to take in a girl who Dumbledore has found on the streets, and most importantly, what hap...
  • gryffindor
  • magic
  • slytherin
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The Vampire's Mate: a Harry X Voldemort|Tom by MidnightNinja27
The Vampire's Mate: a Harry X The Narrator
AU: Creature Inheritance Trigger Warning: Rape and Low-Key Pedophilia The moon is my sun, the night is my day, blood is my life, and you are my prey. I bite, you bleed...
  • lightbashing
  • nevillelestrange
  • harrypotter
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A year in the life of Draco Malfoy's best friend // imagines *IN EDITING* by egg_benedict
A year in the life of Draco bambam
From exchanging looks in the Great Hall to becoming your best and only friend, Draco Malfoy's life is turned upside-down by a girl arguably more talented than Hermione G...
  • deatheaters
  • witch
  • weird
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Young Girl (Ronks) by The-Cupcake-Cult
Young Girl (Ronks)by Rhea.x_x
"What do I do? Falling in love was never part of the plan." "Don't tell me what to do!" "I think our Moony is in love." "Typical! It...
  • orderofthephoenix
  • teddylupin
  • ronks
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Is This Love? (Draco Malfoy x Reader) COMPLETED by lexi_2984
Is This Love? (Draco Malfoy x lexi_2984
When you first go to Hogwarts, you're the only Slytherin who hangs out with the golden trio. All the Slytherins despised you for that since they heard about the incident...
  • hogwarts
  • harry
  • malfoy
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The Next Dark Lord ||Discontinued|| by Marvel500
The Next Dark Lord ||Discontinued||by Marvel500
Harry Potter, betrayed by his friends and the light joins the death eaters.
  • harrypotter
  • dracomalfoy
  • dracoxharry
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NUMB | D. MALFOY [EDITING] by -consteIIations
❝You're fighting a war inside your head every single day. If that's not exhausting I don't know what is.❞ {half-blood prince and deathly hallows} copyright 2016 © -const...
  • deatheaters
  • dracomalfoy
  • malloy
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Hermione The Deatheater by slytheringirl6350
Hermione The Deatheaterby slytheringirl6350
When Hermione is betrayed by the people she trusts the most she is forced to turn to those who she saw as her biggest enemy. But maybe everyone isn't who they seem to be...
  • darkmark
  • malfoyfamily
  • draco
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Aurelian (Dramione) by BookwormDramione0923
Aurelian (Dramione)by Hermione Jean Malfoy neé Gran...
THIS IS NOT MINE originally from so I've republished this because Dramionehub deleted this here awhile ago. and please enjoy the story as I did. Two years...
  • dramione
  • deatheater
  • draco
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Solving You Riddle 《Tom Riddle》 by IsmatFk
Solving You Riddle 《Tom Riddle》by Ismat
A Tom Riddle love story He is not supposed to feel love born under the influence of a love portion,but there are exceptions to every rule and she is his only exception...
  • heirofslytherin
  • voldermort
  • pureblood
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