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The House that Sam Built by ghostchilde
The House that Sam Builtby ghostchilde
Dick Roman is dead, but Dean and Castiel are gone. Bobby and his house are gone. Sam is trying to cope with his grief and not fall apart. So he builds a house of his own...
Moving Along by BaskedInTheSun
Moving Alongby Mattie
Faerin Miller is yet another young adult who is sick of his hometown. His best friend Dorian inspired him to finally pick up and leave- all by himself to a completely di...
deceased poet. by terzovlx
deceased terzo vlx
A man leaves his old home, drowning in his memories. He says goodbye, leaving the home as a burial of his memories and the deceased poet he so loved.
Not Alone by BKAston
Not Aloneby B. K. Aston
Cipher is not human. But he's still a person. His friends know that, but is it enough to keep him safe? [Short Story]
The Unbuilt Church by BeansieMcGee
The Unbuilt Churchby Beansie
Daniel Graves takes a night security job guarding the lot of a church that is being built. In trying to run from his ghosts, not that he believes in them anyway, he find...
Cipher by BKAston
Cipherby B. K. Aston
What if we found intelligent life in the universe? What would happen if they came to us not as enemies, but as refugees? Cipher is a stranger in a strange land. From a d...
The Broken Queen  by heathlin26
The Broken Queen by allaroundartist37
Queen Vasyllia is young, and wise. She has always been perfect to rule, and is ready to do so the moment her husband is brutally assassinated. The following day, Vasylli...
Moon Angel by bubblygumgum
Moon Angelby bubblygumgum
A girl finds herself alone in our world. She cannot remember anything about her past except her name, her age and that she doesn't belong on Earth. When her adopted fath...
When the World Turns Gray by TheMadHowler
When the World Turns Grayby TheMadHowler
This story follows the life of one young Penelope Gray as she learns to deal with the loss of her mother at the age of 17, and tries to remember how to live life like it...
An Emerald Love by JaileneEsmeralda
An Emerald Loveby Jailene Esmeralda
Elizabeth is doing fairly well despite the accident that flipped her life around two years ago. But is "fairly well" enough? She tells herself it is, but real...
Dealing with grief by Marykerose
Dealing with griefby Marlaike
Dealing with the loss of someone isn't easy. This is just one year where things went bad, and how I've had to deal with loss and pain.
The Time of Living by UtterlySeriousWriter
The Time of Livingby Maggie Weber
All Blair Travis ever really wanted was an adventure. The posters hanging on her walls advertized far off places she could only dream of seeing with the life she led: li...
Someone Out There by 123456789034567q
Someone Out Thereby Akhlys-your-local-angst-greml...
Oliver Finch always had a somewhat normal life, with a normal family and normal friends. But when a traumatic car accident leaves him crippled, will he be able to regai...
Pahimakas by sextynayn
Pahimakasby Alexa Kaye
Grief can only be felt through death. Atleast that's what I've been told growing up. It turns out it's not just death that brings grief, but life as well.
Jayden's year of grief (Sequel to the hybrid ranger) by ArielCornell
Jayden's year of grief (Sequel Ariel Cornell
After his younger sister's death Jayden goes to college with Lauren and made some new friends. While at home for term break he gets poisoned and kidnapped by Octaroo. (T...