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Mated To A Jerk |✓ by ranchchips
Mated To A Jerk |✓by jenna claire
Being mated to the future alpha isn't a breeze, especially for Cassandra. Wanna know why? Because he's a flat out cocky, egotistical, hot, demanding, possessive, indecis...
  • supernatural
  • dark
  • darkness
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My Dark Wolf King by SL_Holland
My Dark Wolf Kingby S.L. Holland
Azreal is the king of the dark wolves. He is known for being relentless and cruel. There are two pack the light and dark. Evelyn is a member of the light wolf pack. Her...
  • darkwolf
  • queen
  • wattypride
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Ipliers and Septiceyes and maybe Sanders Sides ( one shots and ships ) by rayraydarkwolf
Ipliers and Septiceyes and maybe S...by DarkWolf
This will be ships I and other people made up and xreader one shots. It will included all of markiplier's alter ego and jacksepticeye's alter egos. I will allow request...
  • whokilledmarkiplier
  • darkwolf
  • darkiplier
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Broken© (Niall fanfic) by bellebug23
Broken© (Niall fanfic)by Belle Horan
She lives in a world full of darkness. There is no color where she lives. Pain, sadness, misery, they all surround her everyday. She wants more to life. She wants to see...
  • werewolf
  • niallhoran
  • broken
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My Drawing Book by NiteWulf20
My Drawing Bookby NiteWulf WulfPack
This book has my drawings from when I was bored, dared, or just plain out wanting to be hated. I do accept requests.
  • anties
  • galaxy
  • traditional
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Red hood the werewolf huntress by -Broken-Angel-
Red hood the werewolf huntressby I'm not perfect, sorry
Red Hood the werewolf huntress is a short story mix, it's a mix of red riding hood, and sleeping beauty. This was written by my friend and I a few years ago, so sorry if...
  • redhood
  • aurora
  • darkwolf
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The Last Dark Wolf by Erik_Hirst_Wolf
The Last Dark Wolfby k9 wolflord
this book follows the life of erik, the last darkwolf. he was not always the last but war took it's toll, I wont say too much so i cant spoil it. the first chapter will...
  • war
  • darkwolf
  • wattys2019
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Island Survival - A ChooseYourOwnAdventure Book by DarkWolf283
Island Survival - A ChooseYourOwnA...by DarkWolf283
Hello everybody, this is an interactive book for all you people who enjoy commenting. The book will have a decision at the end of each chapter and you guys get to vote o...
  • escape
  • darkwolf
  • wolf
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New Miraculous (Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction) by CaseyHancock1
New Miraculous (Miraculous Ladybug...by Casey Hancock
(The girls POV your readings name is Skylar Smith. She has brown hair and blue eyes. This girl is a tomboy and simply doesn't care what people think about her. Basicaly...
  • adrien
  • darkwolf
  • miraculousladybug
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In darkness (Mlp oc fanfic) by wolf_a1223
In darkness (Mlp oc fanfic)by PurpleMoon X
When wolf finds out a way to get revenge on all the people who hurt her, the world will be in danger, we'll worlds. Starting with her world, then Equestria. Read to find...
  • wolf
  • darkwolf
  • moonsoarer
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The Story Of DarkWolf by c2264318
The Story Of DarkWolfby Noah's BabyWolf
As a WolfDog with powers and forms, I was just a monster to everyone else but will someone love me one day?
  • sad
  • fantasy
  • darkwolf
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L'école Dark Wolf by AslanteSheena
L'école Dark Wolfby AslanteSheena
Deux adolescentes , Luna et Alice, deux amies d'enfance, font leur rentrée à Dark Wolf la deuxième plus prestigieuse école ( internat )pour les enfants particuliers disp...
  • amismerveilleux
  • destin
  • animagus
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• Black wolf • by wolffang017
• Black wolf •by •Darkwolf•
Jacob{a 15 year old} loses control and becomes crazy and insane once turning and can't get back to his perfect life he had. The more angry he gets the more people and an...
  • darkwolf
The Dark Wolf by MrWarewolf
The Dark Wolfby MrWarewolf
You see so many psychopaths throughout your day and you dont even know it. Well what if one of these phsycos was not, but was framed by something more. Poor Nathan Villa...
  • sad
  • darkwolf
  • horror
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Snow Wolf by heelerfanatic
Snow Wolfby Eh
Kali Moore fell head over heels with a boy named Kaleb at a young age. Here heart fell everytime she saw him because deep down she knew she would never be able to have h...
  • luna
  • drama
  • wolf
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The Dark Wolf and The Red Hood by FairytaleMachine
The Dark Wolf and The Red Hoodby FairytaleMachine
When the king pays a visit to a witch to get a herb for his sick wife, she gives it to him but when the herb doesn't work and his wife dies he blames the witch and burns...
  • darkwolf
  • loveislove
  • fantasy
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Shadow Wolves by DarkWolf283
Shadow Wolvesby DarkWolf283
Elizabeth is a young girl with high hopes of becoming an owner of a wolf care center. Elizabeth at the age of 12 has always suspected that there was more to wolves than...
  • darkwolf
  • shadow-wolves
  • shadow-wolf
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DarkWolf and Brokenstar story by c2264318
DarkWolf and Brokenstar storyby Noah's BabyWolf
This is about two cats that are siblings and about their story
  • darkwolf
  • tigerstar
  • thistleclaw
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