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"that is my sister" "sister?! you have a sister?!"
cuffing season.  by SLUMPDADDY
cuffing season. by we gay 😳🤚
"somebody better come cuff me, or i'm giving up on romance." symere + jordan
STAY(Cuffing Season) by Miriel_Oye
STAY(Cuffing Season)by Miriel Oye
Not Edited #urbanoctober Noella is satisfied with her life. A paying job she loves so much, two crazy friends, lovely cats, her own apartment and no man...
Cuffing Season by bbqinwynter
Cuffing Seasonby bbqinwynter
It's cuffing season, otherwise known as get a boyfriend season, and everybody is finding their perfect mate. Everybody except Sierra Michaels, the most popular girl in W...
I'll Be Home For Christmas by pookish
I'll Be Home For Christmasby pooki
"I'll Be Home For Christmas" A story about love and Christmas. "Crying won't ever help his situation but being present and enjoying the little pretty thin...
Shore Leave by Belle_Wordsmith
Shore Leaveby Belle Wordsmith & Noah Mason
[Completed] Ailis was expecting a simple night out for her last night on land. She'd go to a bar, do a little flirting, and go home to get some sleep before shipping off...
Cuffing Season by spapce
Cuffing Seasonby space ☾
It's nearing the holidays and Cordelia isn't about to deal with her family nagging her about being single during this time of the year, again. She's so desperate to esca...
SHORT & SWEET by Deeda_99
SHORT & SWEETby Deeda ☻
just like our time together! (cover design: canva)