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APEX LEGENDS ONESHOTS - <3 by ChocoBerryCoffee
'cos i like you, and you like my attention. requests are closed as of 24/2/21! warnings: strong language and sexual chapters. [started: 28/3/20 ...
Apex legends x reader Scenarios by XminipikachuX
Apex legends x reader Scenariosby Mini Pikachu
this scenario story for the apex legend characters and you, the reader. anyone can request a scenario just comment it. ps i will still continue my other Apex legends x...
Apex legends preferences  by princ3ss_ang3ll
Apex legends preferences by Angel
Basically my opinion on how the legends react and treat different things or topics! Everyone's in this however Bloodhound is they/them Gibraltar is gay Loba is bi Va...
Loba x Revenant - Pursuing the killer by AiWrait
Loba x Revenant - Pursuing the (I Write)
After years of blocking away the memories of the death of her parents, Loba discovers the location of her killer. Determined to take revenge, she joins the Apex games...
octane x reader by octavioosilvaa
octane x readerby Octane
Life in the Apex Games; It wasn't what you expected - at all. RANK: #1 in APEX! Hey all- This is my first Fanfic ever! I put lots of time and effort into the story - hop...
Apex Legends x reader oneshots by XminipikachuX
Apex Legends x reader oneshotsby Mini Pikachu
one shots between Apex Legend champions and you guys (the readers) If anyone wants any requests just comment on my storys
Apex legends parent scenarios (requests Currently Closed)  by asexual_legend
Apex legends parent scenarios ( Al
This is my first story and I'm insecure af but I wanted to try. I want to start with something simple like a scenario book. If I continue writing you can expect more pla...
I'm the Nightmare: A Revenant x Reader by m1ntflav0red
I'm the Nightmare: A Revenant x m1ntflav0red
I turned around, only to be greeted with a tall robot. He was at least a foot taller than me and had a skeleton build. He was painted in a dark burgundy and cool silver...
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・❥Hermosa. (Octane x Reader) by snooperoov
⋆.ೃ࿔*:・❥Hermosa. (Octane x Reader)by Octane & Sal simp
[PAINFULLY SLOW UPDATES] You sign up for The Apex Games, expecting to just do it for the money and for fun. But you meet a particular adrenaline addicted boy who becomes...
FADE X RHAPSODY RHYTHM OF LOVE by ashandsalstories0302
the story follows fade and Rhapsody and their relationship as being apex legends and boyfriend and girlfriend. Rhapsody helps fade find out who set up his family on the...
Driving You Insane by phoenixmaiden13
Driving You Insaneby phoenixmaiden13
The war is lost. The Dark Lord Voldemort has won. Harry Potter is dead, but he's not going anywhere. Originally posted on and A03 by the same author.
I'm Weak But I'm A Killing Machine(Union Academy X Apex Legends) by AlstonChanAlstonChan
I'm Weak But I'm A Killing Ask
(This book is on Discontinued) In a world where Quirk,Sacred Gear,Semblance,Teigu and anything but Ask born with none of these power.His family died in a villain attack...
taking fanfiction back like it's 2012 • i do not own the gaming franchise Apex Legends
{Discontinued} The Shadow's Strike (Apex Legends) by PhoenixGarden
{Discontinued} The Shadow's LoganTheFenixGarden
A new Legend is found in the likes of Y/N L/N. Entering the Apex Games tournament for the thrill of the fight, and the money of course. Eventually realising that friends...
You're Most Alive When You're in Love (Crypto x Wattson) by Gaedrion
You're Most Alive When You're in Gaedrion
Crypto and Wattson are agreed upon by many to be a perfect ship in the Apex Legends franchise where many fan fictions have been written depicting their strong love for e...
* Apex Legends Oneshots * by ShyLightning
* Apex Legends Oneshots *by ShyLightning
Requests are very much welcome Mainly: Fluff <3 (pretty much the only thing I write) Character X readers Character x character Scenarios I hope you enjoy these shor...
Music in the heart (Male reader x Wraith) by Slenderboy3344
Music in the heart (Male reader Slenderboy3344
This story is about a new legend in hopes of making music more recognizable in terms of meaning and tune but he didn't expect to find love in the process (I do not own t...
Apex Legends Oneshots! ❤ by TheDemiEnbyPop
Apex Legends Oneshots! ❤by Call me Demi!
Hi friends! This book will contain Character x Character and Character x Reader Feel free to request!
Apex Legends ~ Preferences by Cryinandcreatin99
Apex Legends ~ Preferencesby just someone
just a bunch of legend preferences, maybe some scenarios and requests are open! Enjoy! I don't own Apex Legends nor am I the creator of any of the characters
Night of the Animal by AnimalWriter
Night of the Animalby AnimalWriter
Life isn't easy for Britney Hect, and it only gets worse when she is caught by a maniac scientist who believes she will be "the one" who would complete his wo...