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UNEXPECTED LOVE-sidneet by pure_soul26
UNEXPECTED LOVE-sidneetby pure_soul
Join to see the painful lives of two lovers. Love can never be achieved without pain.
APEX LEGENDS ONESHOTS - <3 by ChocoBerryCoffee
𝙩𝙘𝙝, 𝙛𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙙𝙞𝙨𝙜𝙪𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜. warnings: strong language and sexual chapters. [started: 28/3/20 ended: ???] highest rank(s): #1 in legends, #1...
Apex Legends but it's a Meme by XminipikachuX
Apex Legends but it's a Memeby Mini Pikachu
funny apex legends scenarios really short pages but a lot of uploads
The Shadow's Strike (Apex Legends) by PhoenixGarden
The Shadow's Strike (Apex Legends)by PhoenixGarden
A new Legend is found in the likes of Y/N L/N. Entering the Apex Games tournament for the thrill of the fight, and the money of course. Eventually realising that friends...
∗:apex legends preferences and oneshots:∗ by ex0ticgrxavity
∗:apex legends preferences and kokichi oma
apex oneshots and preferences requests are: closed for now... matchups: closed :( i will do anything (pretty much) includes: everyone :)
Apex legends x reader Scenarios by XminipikachuX
Apex legends x reader Scenariosby Mini Pikachu
this scenario story for the apex legend characters and you, the reader. anyone can request a scenario just comment it. ps i will still continue my other Apex legends x...
APEX LEGENDS: The New Legend by TheMajesticTitan
APEX LEGENDS: The New Legendby TheMajesticTitan
Ophelia Summers has just entered herself into the Apex Games under the name of "Huntress". She goes into the games worried, but confident in her abilities. Her...
Apex Legends x reader ·|Oneshots|· by BaylynC
Apex Legends x reader ·|Oneshots|·by shorty
|·Apex Legends·| ✨rankings✨ ·#12 random fanfictions· ·#15 lifeline· ·#16 Apex· ·#27 Apexlegends· ·#16 Caustic· ----------------------------------------------- "Hi...
The path to find love (Pathfinder male reader x rwby harem) by derpydoge911
The path to find love ( Gunslinger death
The name was...well, you never exactly knew your real name. Most people called you well..pathfinder, you were identified as a MRVN but beside the point, you friends give...
Sly (An Apex Legends Fanfic) by moz-and-a-dream
Sly (An Apex Legends Fanfic)by moz-and-a-dream
Joining the games in hopes to gain her freedom, Sly wasn't expecting to come out of the arena alive, much less coming out a legend. After losing the last person she has...
Fanfiction story on Ajey Nagar aka Carryminati❤.
Sidnaaz Hamari Jaan ❤ by naughtygirl000
Sidnaaz Hamari Jaan ❤by naughty girl
story about the love for our life sidnaaz ❤😋😍
 Sparks  (Wattson x Octane)  by 0verit
Sparks (Wattson x Octane) by 0verit
Wattson's (mostly)/ Third person Pov Wattane <3 cover art by @_nessepack.k on insta :) (changed format)
Loba x Revenant - Pursuing the killer by AiWrait
Loba x Revenant - Pursuing the (I Write)
After years of blocking away the memories of the death of her parents, Loba discovers the location of her killer. Determined to take revenge, she joins the Apex games...
Apex Legends  by ApexLegendsFan
Apex Legends by ApexLegendsFan
An Apex Legends story Some ships Killing If you have suggestions please tell me, thank you!
Life Lines by SCCourtney
Life Linesby Sarah
Natalie Abernathy was born into a world where the lines on your skin tell everyone who you are. They appear like tattoos and change with every choice you make, every per...
Syringes - An Octane x Lifeline Fanfiction (Apex Legends)  by punkoctane
Syringes - An Octane x Lifeline octavio silva
"She entered the building cautiously, biting her lip at the sight of a stained, bloody trail that dragged across the floor, much of it splattered on a smaller area...
Apex legends x reader Smut by flyingfrog7
Apex legends x reader Smutby flying frog
all of this was made my friend I made this for her because she can't get Wattpad also she is new to writing also I'm taking this from discord where she writes them also...
Octane x Reader by SteelBallsCowboy
Octane x Readerby Gyro Zeppeli
There are a few good Octane x Readers on this site but there are also many that have terrible story telling and they obveously didnt check their Spanish, so I decided to...
α тяυє ℓєgєη∂:αρєχ ℓєgєη∂ѕ χ яєα∂єя by Br0k3n_Potato
α тяυє ℓєgєη∂:αρєχ ℓєgєη∂ѕ χ яєα∂єяby ꌃꋪꂦꀘꏂꈤ_ᖘꂦ꓄ꍏ꓄ꂦ
Just some fun Oneshots. We will take requests. And I don't own apex legends blah blah I don't own any characters art or music blah blah. you know this already