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¿Por qué no puedes amarme a mí? by Zey0923
¿Por qué no puedes amarme a mí?by Zeny Same
USA es muy sobreprotector con Canadá, esto ha generado de que sus habilidades sociales no sean las mejores, sobre todo cuando se trata de hablar con la persona que le gu...
North America Gang (countryhumans) by hellllllnah
North America Gang (countryhumans)by Parker
(What to know: this book started out as a vine book, but eventually it turned into an actual story) Do you like high levels of bullsh*t? Perhaps a nice serving of wholes...
North America Gang pt 2; Terrible Twos by hellllllnah
North America Gang pt 2; Parker
(NOTICE: this is the sequel to 'North America Gang'. If you want this book to make sense, you should read that book first, which could be found on my profile. But you do...
Country Kids 2 by hellllllnah
Country Kids 2by Parker
(Sequel to Country Kids!) Meet the country kids! TCS and Reader, the adopted children of the Demi gods Florida and Nekomi Meri and Novio, Native Americas adopted childre...
✨🌾Cane Shuga🌾✨ [Countryhumans Rusame & Ukranada] by PaperClipBracelet
✨🌾Cane Shuga🌾✨ [Countryhumans Toastyboi.b
What happens if one night they collide and now have to learn from each other? They start off wanting to kill each other but slowly get to become friendlier. What happens...
North America Gang pt 3: The thick plottens  by hellllllnah
North America Gang pt 3: The Parker
Yep, we're doing this again This is the third part in a three part series If you don't wanna read the first two, I understand for they are long That's why there are th...
Empire by MiaGodOfCats
Empireby Mia GOC
The four ruling empires want revenge on their father, they take things a little too far. Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland, now divided amongst the empires, must find...
If Halls Could Talk by hellllllnah
If Halls Could Talkby Parker
Welcome to Pangea High School, just your average every day high school Yep, nothing crazy going on here No rowdy students, no drama, no love hexagons, and definitely n...
TRAGOS DE AMARGO LICOR.. [Edición Constante] by One-user
TRAGOS DE AMARGO LICOR.. [Edició lollipop
USA es dueño del night club mas querido y visitado por los countrys (El "Sleepless in america") . Este se ve sumergido en un problema con las autoridades por...
Forever by hellllllnah
Foreverby Parker
"We'll be friends forever, right Mexico?" "Of course, forever," Growing up, America, Mexico and Canada were the closest friends. They understood each...
North America Gang pt 4: It Never Ends by hellllllnah
North America Gang pt 4: It Parker
This is the fourth part in the NAG series. Holy f*ck Mexico, America and Canada will never stop I will never stop It is my curse Warnings: - countryhumans - insanity ...
˚· ͟͟͞͞;❥ ꒰ Spoiled brats 🌶️ | (STATEHUMANS) ꒱ ⋆⑅˚₊ by Cristal_Drawing_
˚· ͟͟͞͞;❥ ꒰ Spoiled brats 🌶️ | ( 💚My name isn't💚
❛❛ ┊(( 🍀)) In the South; Veracruz, Tabasco, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guerrero, Yucatán, Campeche and Quintana Roo are green. ❞ ❛❛ ┊((🕊️)) In the Central; Ciudad de México, Est...
Countryhumans ART BOOK by NoticeMeEee
Countryhumans ART BOOKby 🔫 D.E.A
dibujos de mierda. tratare de hacer la portada de nuevo
Entre Tus Brazos || Countryhumans [Guatemala x México] by _Rabesu_
Entre Tus Brazos || _♦️_
One-shot [Guatemala x México] week ::Completa:: +Alégrate de estar junto a mi Implora por que jamás te deje ir Emocionante cuando te mire... Hazlo conmigo por favor... P...
Lab Rat//Rusame//Au by BanditBucket
Lab Rat//Rusame//Auby Bucket
This is an au sort of like infection my other book also not really. I just like fantasy animal and such. ~Plot~ America and Russia where dating for a couple months when...
Yo Te Sanaré (Japón x México) by GorutoXD
Yo Te Sanaré (Japón x México)by UwULuisUwU
[ERR] Descripción.EXE no a podido ejecutarse correctamente... intentando de nuevo.... exito ...
The Whipping Boy (countryhumans MexAme) by educateddummy
The Whipping Boy (countryhumans educateddummy
Inspired by Sid Fleischman's 'The Whipping Boy' and Hellllllnah's 'Forever' Mexico went his whole life only knowing three things. Things that he made sure to always keep...
CountryHumans! (One-shots, short stories, and more!) by Alan_is_Luminous
CountryHumans! (One-shots, short Bruhiwannadie
(Cover art credits to @casey_keshui) Nothing much, just your usual one-shot book, but specially made for the cahotically beautiful Countryhumans fandom. Requests are op...
Cosas de CountryHumans by LyliArtist
Cosas de CountryHumansby Admin
me arrastraron al fandom,jelp. Estos son dibujitos de CountryHumans,mayormente Mexico + su joto del momento. si obtiene suficientes vistas abrire preguntas supongo
Blue Bonnets, Guns, and a Lone Star by tw3n1y
Blue Bonnets, Guns, and a Lone Starby OOFbecausewhynot
*This is a statehumans fanfic* *Art is mine* I wanted to make a Texas backstory for a while and I decided why not, so yeah. This story may contain violence and abuse so...