Make The Mafia's Fall by Miixxiimii
Make The Mafia's Fallby Miixxiimii
Making the Mafia's fall is hard to do. How can I complete my mission if I am the one who fall from my own trap? ____________________________________ GENRE:Action/Teen Fi...
  • action-adventure
  • action
  • corny
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The Boy I Fell in Love With by sofiav2135
The Boy I Fell in Love Withby Sofía Varela
Angelica Sofia Vasquez has always strived to be a perfectionist. Even when she was at her lowest point years ago she never let anyone notice. Now she is being forced to...
  • academy
  • teenfic
  • spanglish
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▪°•♡Hurtful Little Thing Called Love♡•°▪ by greenleaf_101
▪°•♡Hurtful Little Thing Called greenleaf_101
🌷Your love is all i need to feel complete🌷
  • lovestory
  • tagalog
  • corny
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The Six College Girls and the Eight Heartthrobs.. by phoenix_sister
The Six College Girls and the WALAMPOREBERBOW_98
May anim magkakaibigan na babae, sina Aira, Aila, Sheena, Shanna, Janine, at si Jackie. Magkakaibigan na sila mula elementary ngunit nagkahiwa-hiwalay din ngunit muling...
  • mysterious
  • comedy
  • romance
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Our Relationship| m.yg x I.ny |  by bunnyswags
Our Relationship| m.yg x I.ny | by smol bean
Every relationship has its ups and downs but this one is quite unique Will they stay together? Or will they break-up and walk different paths? Ps: contains kinky shit u...
  • blackbangtan
  • corny
  • bangtwice
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Handcuffs (Ethan Dolan Fanfic) by flyyjacks
Handcuffs (Ethan Dolan Fanfic)by 🚶🚀
Nevaeh was a normal, New Jersey, 7 year old, little girl. Her best friend was Ethan Dolan. When they get in a fight, Ethan moved soon after. They don't see each other fo...
  • badboy
  • hate
  • corny
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Movin' From The Mainland (Hawaii Five-o Fanfic) by epicninja1313
Movin' From The Mainland (Hawaii Samantha
She's short. She's beautiful. She's a mainlander. He's tall. He's handsome. He's Hawaiian. When Sophia boards the plane to O'ahu, she can't possibly believe that life...
  • cheesy
  • cute
  • cop
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Mine (Liskook Tagalog Fanfiction)"chapters"  by KIMJINSUHOPEMINVkook
Mine (Liskook Tagalog Fanfiction)" Min_Yumie
  • crazy
  • corny
  • liskook
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The Bad Boy's Soft Side by dorkykween10
The Bad Boy's Soft Sideby dorkykween10
Moving from school to school isn't always the most easiest thing. Especially when you are the biggest nerd of all time. This is pretty much the life Lennon has been livi...
  • drama
  • badboy
  • love
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Ra n d om SHIEEEEETTT!! by LeDinno
Ra n d om SHIEEEEETTT!!by Samm~
Stuff! Ongoin' 👌 *Sips tea*🍵
  • sin
  • savemeh
  • ooff
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YOU'RE MINE  (SOMEDAY BOOK II) *SINRIN* by eunbijaronay44
YOU'RE MINE (SOMEDAY BOOK II) * shannah_jaronay
Isang babaeng hinihintay dumating ang pinakamamahal nya pero napagod din sya kakahintay dito nang malaman nyang may mahal na syang iba. Alamin natin ang kwento ng sinrin...
  • sinrin
  • nonfiction
  • loveteams
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funny/cute pick up lines ;) by DayiWeasley
funny/cute pick up lines ;)by DayiWeasley
  • sexual
  • corny
  • love
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The Michaels Twins [Book One in the Hard at Heart series] by Jello5467
The Michaels Twins [Book One in Jules
I grabbed her arm for support and I swore her skin on mine was getting me high. I understood what was happening with me. I spun her around and pulled her towards me unt...
  • kill
  • wolf
  • twins
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The Bad Boy Inside The Fairy Suit ✔ [COMPLETED] by CrazyIsTheNewAwesome
The Bad Boy Inside The Fairy Kryzel Jhae
"Are you seriously going to wear that for this job?" I gawked at him. "What?" He asked, wiggling his fairy wings, "It's not that bad." He w...
  • funny
  • goodgirl
  • romcom
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My Crazy Relationship  [ON GOING] by angelyplares
My Crazy Relationship [ON GOING]by angeline ocumen
May isang babaeng sanay na sa araw araw na pamumuhay nang mag isa, ngunit nagbago ito simula nang makilala niya ang isang lalaking baliw(lalaking baliw sa kaniya at bali...
  • wattys2018
  • skl
  • cliche
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Gwapogi (¢0m¶7£+€/tinapos)  by MiyaMiyazaki
Gwapogi (¢0m¶7£+€/tinapos) by MiyaMiyazaki
Ang adbensurs ng gwapoging si Wen Junhui. ¢0m¶7£+€ dahil wala nang maisip.
  • fuckingtape
  • kpop
  • junhui
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♡1000 Corny Jokes♡ [Completed] by makinglettersoflove
♡1000 Corny Jokes♡ [Completed]by Cheri Amigo
A list of corny jokes for you to have fun! ;) I'm so corne! ^*^
  • 1000funnyjokes
  • wattys2015
  • minion
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Adopted By Shane Dawson [Under Major Editing] by GurlUCrazy
Adopted By Shane Dawson [Under Naruto Uzumaki
A girl named Bella used to live in a crummy horrible orphanage, but when a couple comes to adopt her it changes her whole life around. She completely freaks out when she...
  • ships
  • adoption
  • shisa
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Delicious PUNcakes (Corny Pun Book) by AuthorWhoIsBored
Delicious PUNcakes (Corny Pun Book)by Author
Warning: dirty jokes, dark humor...etc. Don't be offended, if you do get easily offended. Don't read. I warned you. In my other account I made a pun book I never bothere...
  • dontgetoffended
  • jokes
  • challenge
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