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Dear Love by imaginator1D
Dear Loveby Anna Todd
What if you could write a letter to, love, death or time? What would you say? I was asked to write a letter to Love and this is what I had to say. I encourage you all to...
Thus, I emerged by x-amina-x
Thus, I emergedby 🥀C.A.🥀
A collection of some of the poems written by me. Both in English and Dutch
Dear Death by AshleighReeds
Dear Deathby A s h l e i g h
If you had one thing to say to Death, how would you say it? What would you say? It's an interesting thought, isn't it? I challenge you now! Write a letter to Death an...
My Short Letter To Love by livvyg1
My Short Letter To Loveby livvyg1
#CollateralBeauty A letter to love To ask a questions To tell someone how I feel Who better to write to than love
Dear, Love by sadbitchonperiodt
Dear, Loveby sadbitchonperiodt
this like kinda jumps all over the place, but please read it! And give me feed back! It'll mean a lot :)
Dear Death/Time/Love  #CollateralBeauty by thr4sam
Dear Death/Time/Love Sam
Letters written to the 3 anomalies Death time and love to express my gratitude, affections and respect towards them.
Belle Rose by AlreadyWritten
Belle Roseby Ein
My mother passes away and she is the only family member left.... I struggle day in and day out. Barely getting along. Until something a very unsuspected thing happens to...
Dear Love | #CollateralBeauty by abitofaParadox
Dear Love | #CollateralBeautyby Andrea ♛
What if you could write a letter to love, death, or time? What would you say? These are my letters to Love and Death. ~Collateral Beauty movie in theatres on December si...
Collateral Beauty: A Collection Of Letters by sunflowerboulevard
Collateral Beauty: A Collection mak
What if you could write a letter to, love, death or time? What would you say? Write your letter and tag it with #CollateralBeauty and then share it. You can also head ov...
Letters  by lectricemy80
Letters by Emy
To anything & everything #CollateralBeauty
Dear Love, by NotTheLetterKay
Dear Love,by Kay ✿
What would you say if you could write a letter to love? To time? To death? Well, all, I did just that and I encourage you to do the same. If you're a Wattpad user, be su...
LTD. #Collateralbeauty by Forgot-me-pants-m8
LTD. #Collateralbeautyby AyraBeMeh
Story in 500 depicting a letter to Time, Death, or Love or all of them together.
Dear Death (Short Story) (Winner of the Collateral Beauty Contest) by ReeReverie
Dear Death (Short Story) (Winner ReeReverie
**WINNER in the Collateral Beauty writing contest!** A letter to Death. Prompted by Wattpad Romance and Collateral Beauty. All rights reserved.
Collateral Beauty: Dear Love by Chocolate-Cheesecake
Collateral Beauty: Dear Loveby Lisa
What if you could write a letter to Love, Death or Time? What would you say? A letter to love. Inspired by the movie Collateral Beauty. Collateral Beauty in theaters on...
A letter to DEATH. #Collateral beauty  by 18black_kittens
A letter to DEATH. #Collateral 18black_kittens
It's just a letter to the grim reaper. Nothing more, nothing less, just a confession.
To Intangible Time by amadcat
To Intangible Timeby m@∂
Because there is no Time. #CollateralBeauty
"A letter to Love" by jhenbarquilla
"A letter to Love"by Jennifer Barquilla
What if you could write a letter to, love, death and time? what would you say? Inspired by the movie: Collateral Beauty. In theaters December 16, 2016. ***** Hi, I'm Lui...
Dear Death by sakshilouis
Dear Deathby SAKSHI
A letter to death! #CollateralBeauty
Cos'è l'Aesthetic? by BellezzaCollaterale
Cos'è l'Aesthetic?by Bellezza Collaterale
La parola "Aesthetic" ha origine dal greco e vuol significare una sensazione o un assorbimento del mondo che ci circonda attraverso l'uso dei sensi. 
La nascit...