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Our Story - Binjin by binjin-fan
Our Story - Binjinby binjin-fan
This is the first time I'm writing a fanfic. I've been so caught up on Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin couple after watching their drama. This is my imagination of how things coul...
Another Life With You by thelightteam0
Another Life With Youby thelightteam0
Yoon Seri, CEO of Seri's Choice, is about to take over as Chairwoman of Queen's Group. Ri Jeong-hyeok, son of the director of the North Korean General Political Bureau...
CLOY : Life in Switzerland (Season 2) by ZoreenKhan
CLOY : Life in Switzerland ( Zoreen Khan
This picks up from where the drama ended. You can call it season 2 of Crash Landing on You. This story tells the life of Ri Jeong Hyeok and Yoon Se Ri when they move to...
One Shots- CLOY FanFic by CharmiShah
One Shots- CLOY FanFicby Charmi Shah
Just another short fanfic to fill in the CLOY shaped space in our hearts. These are one shot chapters without really any sequence or order to be truthful. I am just goin...
Swiss Stakes by sosseu
Swiss Stakesby sosseu
Yoon Se-ri's Swiss holiday turns awry as her brother Se-joon and sister-in-law Hye-ji tag along during one trip with a new adversary...and that's just the beginning. Wil...
Crash Landing on you - the untold scenes and season 2 by RitaArcher
Crash Landing on you - the Rita Archer
Crash Landing on You. A powerfull story for an amazing show. Beautiful. Exquisite. Wonderful cast. Awesome story love of fate, redemption, forgiveness. A south Korean ri...
Remember Me, Darling by starupabove_
Remember Me, Darlingby starupabove
Five different places where two people meet by chance. Funny how small the world is sometimes. Riri AU.
Lifetime Promises by SweetGoguma
Lifetime Promisesby Sweet Goguma
"5 years? 10 years from now? When would you like to start our own family? I know you still like girls, so hopefully, our firstborn would be a girl who would look ju...
Crash Landing on You: Deleted Scenes by Teeners101
Crash Landing on You: Deleted Teeners
A collection of ficlets. Some are re-imaginings of memorable scenes from CLOY, and some are my personal wishes for what could have been. All are dedicated to the CLOYtob...
Reminiscence by xmonicashane
Reminiscenceby xmonicashane
Join the Ris as they take a trip down memory lane!
Soft Landing With You ( a 'Crash Landing on You' fanfic) by TuesdayJuru
Soft Landing With You ( a 'Crash Tuesday Juru
This is my wish for the RiRi Couple codified. Expect the appearance of the different characters that make up their universe. P.S. RIP Gu Seung Joon. Although, I hate yo...
When Jeong Hyeok Met Seri by itspbjellytime
When Jeong Hyeok Met Seriby itspbjellytime
A romantic comedy inspired by #CLOYtober - RiRi couple AU. It only takes an encounter of misunderstanding for Ri Jeong Hyeok and Yoon Seri to keep finding each other onl...
One of many by nia_1314
One of manyby nia_1314
After them. One possibility among many. This is one of several possible plots for CLOY's afterwards. I didn't publish it until now because it was similar to how my own o...
All These Little Things by shutterbugtraveler
All These Little Thingsby shutterbugtraveler
BinJin drabbles/one-shots - completely fiction.
Saudade by yukiya2716
Saudadeby yukiya2716
Inspired by Ri Jeong Hyeok's confession under influence...
Crash Landing on You - Edelweiss Diaries by IndigoMusings
Crash Landing on You - Edelweiss IndigoMusings
Edelweiss Diaries tells the story of Jeong Hyuk and Se Ri from the time Jeong Hyuk is sent back to NK by SK NIS officials and Se Ri is left to ponder their future. In th...
Best Thing Ever - A Binjin Love Story by GroceryGirl
Best Thing Ever - A Binjin Love Grocery girl
She's hands down the best thing that has ever happened to him. Their relationship is the best thing she has experienced. So what's with the hiccups, challenges and misun...
First Snow  by amelinasa
First Snow by Amelinasa
Ri Jeong Hyeok is the ambassador of North Korea, based in Bern, Switzerland. Yoon Seri is a successful South Korean CEO. The rest is history.
Clandestinely Yours by ravenmague
Clandestinely Yoursby Raven Mague
When twenty-four year-old Ri Jeong Hyeok met Yoon Se Ri one fateful day in Switzerland, sparks flew. The winter fling that should have lasted for two weeks went on longe...
Simple Moments by Delulumind96
Simple Momentsby Delulumind
A collection of one shots alternating between the lovely couples, BinJin and RiRi. Usually inspired by a scene, quote or photo. Never getting over CLOY and these beauti...