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The Shadowhunter Heir by TheaWinter
The Shadowhunter Heirby TheaWinter
Aurora "Rory" Shadowhunter is the last of her name. Famous in the Shadow World for being Jonathan Showhunter's last direct descendant and for being one of the...
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Psychotic • Clalec by mattsdesire
Psychotic • Clalecby mattsdesire
"Feel something..." She begged me and looked at me with tears in her eyes. I stared for a while at her and laughed. "I don't feel anything." I said...
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Young and Menace [The Mortal Instruments X Percy Jackson X Supernatural] by teenephilimdiaries
Young and Menace [The Mortal Instr...by teenephilimdiaries
When Jace, Alec and Magnus are demon hunting at Pandemonium, they see two kids with orange shirts-the same ones they saw at the park.
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VENOMUS||❝hell is empty and all the devils are here.❞ (in which i showcase my graphics, book ideas, personal shits etc ) ©alex-mjj ®all rights reserves , viv, 2019...
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Reflections of Night by Izzicle
Reflections of Nightby Izzicle
A shadowhunters fanfiction. Set after City of heavenly fire. "What...What are you?." It whispered in a hoarse voice. "You fight like a shadowhunter, but y...
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Mój chłopak wychodzi za mąż. by em_ka_
Mój chłopak wychodzi za mąż.by em_ka_
Wcale nie tak dawno temu Alec i Lydia... A nie, to nie ta bajka. Alec i Magnus. Magnus i Alec. I kot. Czy coś im może przeszkodzić? Chyba nie. Gwarantuję dużo śmiechu...
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The Other Herondale by olivia9324
The Other Herondaleby liv
"This is going to be harder than we thought, isn't it?" he asked, looking into her eyes with passion that she'd never seen before. "Yes, but I believe it...
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100 Magnus Bane Quotes by ___meraki
100 Magnus Bane Quotesby meraki
100 quotes from the character Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices and The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare. All quotes are property of Cassan...
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Safe with You (A Clace, TMI Fan Fic) by thefaultinourfeels__
Safe with You (A Clace, TMI Fan Fi...by thefaultinourfeels__
The war with Sebastian is over, he is dead and Clary's and Jace's relationship couldn't be better, but after Jocelyn gets married to a Warlock, some unfurtunate events w...
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The Mortal Instruments~Gif Imagines  by kk3034
The Mortal Instruments~Gif Imagine...by Kaitlyn
A book full of imagines for The Mortal Instrument/ Shadowhunters cast and characters
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Shadows • Clalec by mattsdesire
Shadows • Clalecby mattsdesire
"Emotions are nothing but a distraction, Clary." He said and I looked at him and knew that his heart and soul was filled with ice-cold nothing... Clary had be...
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Dance for me (Clace) by someone_tell_me
Dance for me (Clace)by Rumpelstiltskin is my name
She's broken He's lost She's hidden He's right there Her brother died He's grieving the brother he never had Her Dad's gone His Grandmother's passed Don't press it Don't...
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Want You Back by Queen_Izzy_Dragneel
Want You Backby Queen_Izzy_Dragneel
Alec and Magnus are broken up. Alec sends letters to Magnus asking for him back. Will Magnus take Alec back? Or will Magnus move on? Ft. Shadow Hunters of the Institu...
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Unexpected Change In Feelings  by fanfictionshitz
Unexpected Change In Feelings by fanfictionshitz
"You are not Valentine" That's all It took. Jace couldn't see Clary the same way anymore. One can say the same for the way he saw Simon.
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Reflections of Light by Izzicle
Reflections of Lightby Izzicle
A Mortal instruments fanfic Fifth installment of the 'Reflections of Night' series. Entered into the 2019 Watty Awards
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ALL THE STORIES ARE TRUE - vol. 1 by asmodaddyhydroflask
ALL THE STORIES ARE TRUE - vol. 1by asmodaddyhydroflask
A collection of oneshots featuring the worst shadowhunters ships we could think of.
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The Fighter (Jace Wayland love story/mortal instruments) by itscrazyxx
The Fighter (Jace Wayland love sto...by itscrazyxx
"I tap my foot impatiently as I wait for the others to get off the bus. I've always liked the city. something about the bright lights and the crowds. New York has a...
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horns ➸ J.WAYLAND by cherylblxssom
horns ➸ J.WAYLANDby - ☾☆➹
"she's got horns like the devil pointing at me and there's no where to run from the fire she breathes,"
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The Mortal Instruments on Instagram by feelcantbecontrolled
The Mortal Instruments on Instagramby Carrie
What would happen if the characters from The Mortal Instruments had the app Instagram. (I DON'T OWN THESE CHARACTERS. ALL CREDIT GOES TO CASSANDRA CLARE)
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