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The Werewolves Human Adopted Sister by seaweedismine
The Werewolves Human Adopted Sisterby Anna
Nolin was a human adopted into a household with 7 brothers. They all loved her and she loved them but being adopted she wants to know who her parents are and wants to kn...
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dangerous donald broke my bed by 1738SesameSt
dangerous donald broke my bedby 1738sesamestreet
another one of those smuts about an orange-faced soggy apricot, also known as "dangerous Donald," "The Donald," "The Don," "The Trumps...
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Cold by joabvoltaire22
Coldby joabvoltaire22
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South by cadmarrmcarthur49
Southby cadmarrmcarthur49
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Sexual by jamisonlinden98
Sexualby jamisonlinden98
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Seek by dyanekafadar80
Seekby dyanekafadar80
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Trumptation [a Megyn Kelly x Donald Trump fanfiction] by averagedairycow
Trumptation [a Megyn Kelly x I hate myself
He was a presidential candidate. She was a journalist. He was rude. Abrasive. Arrogant. She was disgusted. Irritated. Appalled. He was charming. Alluring. Charismatic. S...
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You by hachmannshaham87
Youby hachmannshaham87
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Best by tarrsusyukawa24
Bestby tarrsusyukawa24
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Tough by riorssonlemahieu51
Toughby riorssonlemahieu51
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Crime by kaseygomez90
Crimeby kaseygomez90
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Course by pascoleyva35
Courseby pascoleyva35
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Salvadoran businessman Juan Vides is running for the New York Assembly by videsny
Salvadoran businessman Juan Juan Vides
Vote Yes for Vides for New York State Assembly Distrcit 20 a strong , hardworking and intellect, Hispanic, Latino democratic candidate.
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Religious by nadertrain12
Religiousby nadertrain12
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Daughter by delanosassetti24
Daughterby delanosassetti24
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Unit by resslermerlini90
Unitby resslermerlini90
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Some by luaneyanowitz58
Someby luaneyanowitz58
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Apply by mukerjicooksy39
Applyby mukerjicooksy39
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Training by wrenniepiaia15
Trainingby wrenniepiaia15
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Out by cartaningram98
Outby cartaningram98
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