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Scorpion's New EQ by EmilySeifert
Scorpion's New EQby Emily Seifert
~Discontinued, I wrote this when I was 15, and love seeing it continue to grow, but I'm not capable of putting the love into it that it deserves~ Fanfiction of the Tv sh...
I'm So Glad I Found You : Quintis Fic by ScorpionCyclone555
I'm So Glad I Found You : ScorpionCyclone555
Young girl with a name and a past, that's all they know and that's all she'll tell. She's scared, strong and all alone in this world. Not for long though, perhaps she's...
Memories  - A Scorpion Fanfiction by FandomAndBooks14
Memories - A Scorpion Fanfictionby FandomAndBooks14
[Follow Alexa and team Scorpion, a group of super-geniuses led by the eccentric Walter O'Brien] [Scorpion Season One - Ongoing] [Alexa x Toby] [Semi-Irregular updates]
Scorpion x reader  by Agent-Lokitty
Scorpion x reader by SpecialAgent-Lokitty
A series of scorpion x reader fics * = self harm and other themes Characters: Walter If you wanna see anyone else just ask!!
Unexpected Miracles(A Baby Quintis) by _scorpion_fan_ships_
Unexpected Miracles(A Baby Quintis)by _scorpion_fan_ships_
Happy is pregnant and wondering how on earth she is going to be a good mother when she can't even understand herself but her and Toby will learn through it, because afte...
Scorpion One-Shots by _scorpion_fan_ships_
Scorpion One-Shotsby _scorpion_fan_ships_
Scorpion one shots! Mostly Quintis, some Waige, Melvester, Kelyes, and Eddyn. Hope you enjoy!
Twice Bitten by WordsAblaze
Twice Bittenby rima
What if Walter had also been bitten by a second snake and the venom had just taken longer to show its effects? Set as a continuation of S01E18... enjoy!
Scorpion/ Quintis one shots by Scorpionquintiss
Scorpion/ Quintis one shotsby Scorpionquintiss
So this is take three on trying to write a decent book, i decided to have a shot at writing some one-shots, (mainly quintis ones,some waige parts and possibly some calli...
•Peter Pan• Scorpion Fan Fiction by FanfictionCentral234
•Peter Pan• Scorpion Fan Fictionby Fanfiction Central
Genius Walter O'Brien and his team consisting of a human calculator, a behaviorist, a mechanical prodigy, a Homeland Security agent and a single mother have saved countl...
the walter o'brien diaries  by soyeon4eva
the walter o'brien diaries by ˗ˏˋ 𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘦 ˎˊ˗
This is a collection of journal entries that Walter O'Brien wrote after every one of the Scorpion episodes. Obviously, they were all made up by me, and I hope you all e...
The cyclone continues by MissDreamyPie
The cyclone continuesby MissDreamyPie
The cyclone has drifted apart, bonds are broken and trust has been tested. What will happen on the waltcon scale now Walter's anchor has left his side. How does scorpi...
A happy ending to Scorpion's S4E22 cliffhanger by 0Adiber
A happy ending to Scorpion's Adiber
A screenplay, that gives a happy ending to the ending of season 4 episode 22. Read it here:
A Fedora Filled with Hope- A Scorpion Fanfic by DottieBot
A Fedora Filled with Hope- A Dottie Harley
Alice has been alive for exactly nine years, eight months and twenty-one days. When she was four, her father left, leaving her with nothing but a promise and a hat. When...
The Things We Missed by ScorpionCyclone555
The Things We Missedby ScorpionCyclone555
Sequel to 'I'm So Glad I Found You'. Sage reverts back to her old ways in an attempt to save her father. New secrets are uncovered and the Team struggles to keep up wit...