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Adventure Time (1) by ZomBaitBoom
Adventure Time (1)by Zom "Currently Hanted By Poni...
Just a doctor living near the outskirts of Ooo
Adventure Time : Memories (2) by ZomBaitBoom
Adventure Time : Memories (2)by Zom "Currently Hanted By Poni...
That was a long time ago...Do you still feel the same? .....I know I do.....
Bittersweet - Bubbline AU by TersyGabrielle
Bittersweet - Bubbline AUby Tersy Gabrielle
Marceline is a pure mess. She's in the bottom of the world. There's nothing on her life that wasn't gone wrong. Bonnibel is the school's princess. She's in the top of ev...
eternal ~ bubbline by melanianoname
eternal ~ bubblineby No-Name
Marceline has had romantic feelings and sexual attractions to Princess Bubblegum for years. Will PB return those feelings? And what's going on with Flame Princess and...
Adventure Time (Finn x reader) by bluestella24
Adventure Time (Finn x reader)by BlueStella24
You fall into a puddle and wake up in a hospital? Except its pink, there's also a Pink chick reading a clipboard. You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into, or...
𝐂𝐄𝐋𝐄𝐁𝐑𝐈𝐓𝐘 𝐂𝐑𝐔𝐒𝐇, wal...by ౨ৎ
COMPLICATED LOVE (Rainbow Dash x Catra x Marceline) by APPLE-_-DASH
COMPLICATED LOVE (Rainbow Dash x C...by applejackrd
'TheVenom' or students called 'The V3' . Rainbow Dash, Catra and Marceline. Story about these three typical famous college girls. They are the riches slash bad ass, and...
Chemistry -A Fubblegum Fanfic- by maltesels
Chemistry -A Fubblegum Fanfic-by mallows
Chemistry *a fubblegum fanfic* chem•is•try (n.) a strong mutual attraction, attachment, or sympathy between two people Finn had broken up with Flame Princess. And he mov...
Bubble Gum by Andy869
Bubble Gumby Andy
Jiung likes to chew gum. Intak finds it annoying. -- EVERYTHING IS FICTIONAL! ! No disrespect to P1Harmony No disrespect to Intak and Jiung No disrespect to FNC Enterta...
Bubblicious Bubblegum by VersaceTingz
Bubblicious Bubblegumby Petty gurlie
[COMPLETED] Elisia Alvarez is the girl everyone wants. She is a popular singer and model known around the world. While on tour of her show, she meets someone she has kno...
Bubblegum by Sleepy_Koko
Bubblegumby Koko
7 years of being dumb -L This is a short Jenlisa story. :)
 Our Own Little World (marceline x bubblegum) by dontcallmesweety
Our Own Little World (marceline x...by doesn't matter
This is a story about... Well you saw the title. I dont wanna spoil the story so just read it
Next to You (FioLee) A Fionna and Marshall Lee FanFiction by iloveme_021
Next to You (FioLee) A Fionna and...by Eloise
Everything was perfectly nice! People are afraid of me, they respect me! until i had to change school, well my actions were too much that they had to kick me out of the...
The Scars of Love (Bubbline Fanfiction) by ZombiezEatPringlez
The Scars of Love (Bubbline Fanfic...by xx
Bubblegum broke up with Marceline a month ago and it wasn't her best call. (Short story!) CX
Adventure Time - The Gender Bended World (On Going) by TheKeioticIntrovert
Adventure Time - The Gender Bended...by Keiotic
There exists a parallel universe where Finn is a girl and Jake is a cat and the Ice King knew about this and wrote his "Fan fiction" about it. How, you ask? We...
CAMPUS CRUSH  by TheOfficialSemiloore
----------------------------- PUBLISHED AS A PAID STORY ON GOODNOVELS UNDER EDITOR'S PICKS. ------------------------------ You are an 100 lvl student bah?" "Y...
Sonic X Remake (My Version) Season 1 by Albrittina_Lover
Sonic X Remake (My Version) Season...by Albrittina_Lover
Hey guys, So I decided to make a Sonic X story. I know not a lot of people like this show but I do. It's one of the best shows along with Sonic Underground and SatAm. An...
 A Gum in my Heart.💕🖤 by Yuku_Maria
A Gum in my Heart.💕🖤by Arch_Volx
Chatty the school halls were. Students of all shapes and sizes on their way to their classes. Candy people, ghosts, witches and wizards, animals and even the largest bea...
bubble gum - lams by scorpio-mcnuggets
bubble gum - lamsby inactive
TRIGGER WARNING: EATING DISORDER - when john laurens was 12, his best friend, francis kinloch, called him fat. when john laurens was 13, his crush, francis kinloch, call...