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The mute - taehyung and sik k x reader ( khiphop ambw ) by kmaluvkpop
The mute - taehyung and sik k x Kmaluvkpop
This book was inspired by @Hobiserinity book called mute -rm(rapmonster)ambw Sik k is a mute well he doesn't speak much and you may think he's mute he goes to y/n scho...
KPOP LYRICS 2018 by GwiyeounDaeRa
KPOP LYRICS 2018by Daera
Uncontrollable Feelings  by Enju61
Uncontrollable Feelings by Enju61
#38 in jungkookff out of 793 stories #478 in btsfanfic out of 1000+ stories #1 in got7ff ****** How dare she ignore a worldstar like me?Who is she actually? ****** I f...
Fake Love - Jungkook Vampire AU by nonuniverseoul
Fake Love - Jungkook Vampire AUby Hyung 🌸
Jungkook has been friends with Taehyung for so long, they depended on each other for everything. They would save each other from the worst situations. Then what was once...
[ ✔ ] love, it's so mad •jeon.jk• by dinohankyuu
[ ✔ ] love, it's so mad •jeon.jk•by Hankyuu 🦖
why you? Credit cover to MOCHAGUK ❤ Highest rankings : #4 - armyfanfic #14 - armyfanfic #19 - armyfanfic #26 - armyfanfic #6 - btsfakelove #13 - btsfakelove #529 - fakel...
Fake love JK FF by bangtansarmyace
Fake love JK FFby drangonfly
long story short you have a pretty messed up background and you meet kookie and the rest of bangtan and stuff happens so lets read the ff to find out the rest ...
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BTS by FusionGogita
BTSby Gogita
Haneul: In this book we will see the members of BTS
QUOTES OF D'DAY by sh_yang
QUOTES OF D'DAYby sarahthestar
'QUOTES OF THE DAY' 💬 "There's dream, there's a hope " The quote is all written or said by a really successful person. Its time to tell yourself that...
BTS | fake love  by bangtaannforeverr
BTS | fake love by bangtaannforeverr
- a gιrl wнo waѕтed all нer love on ғaĸe love and a ғaĸe вoy -