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Make It Rain (Sons of Anarchy) by youngblood2354
Make It Rain (Sons of Anarchy)by Hanna
She just wanted to leave, to disappear. She didn't want to be in the same place anymore. She loved her father, her brothers, her sister, her family. She loved them all b...
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Lowmans baby by ghost_933
Lowmans babyby ghost_933
"What do you want me to do huh?!" He yelled, even his aggressive side was attractive in a weird way "I want you to see that I love you and you love me too...
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You make me happy by rachael_dixon
You make me happyby rachael_dixon
Chibs Telford has a daughter he hasn't seen in more than 10 years. He looked for her but had no luck. He had to face the fact that he would never see her again so after...
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Inked Skin - a sons of anarchy fanfic by Mxb123
Inked Skin - a sons of anarchy Mxb123
"Some people believe that the tattoos on their skin tell a story"I whisper quietly looking up to him "but others believe they are how you tell a persons...
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𝐁𝐄𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐈𝐅𝐔𝐋 𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐌𝐄, 𝐒𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐎𝐟 𝐀𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐡𝐲.¹ by thewriterlexie
❝It's buried in your bones, I see it in your closed eyes. Turning in, this is harder than we know. We hold it in the most, when we're wearing thin.❞ Sons Of Anarchy Fanf...
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Once You've Loved Somebody. by xxftxxb
Once You've Loved xxftxxb
Sequel to Son of a Rambler.
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Loving Bethany Trager | H.L | S.O.A | by _kaysss_x
Loving Bethany Trager | H.L | Kays🎀
The guys go to Belfast in able to get Jax's son back, but what happens when they find out that Maureen Ashby is keeping a pretty big secret from Alexander Trager. Will S...
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come home to me by anonymous10128
come home to meby anonymous
"Just promise me you'll come home to me." a Filip (Chibs) Telford fanfiction. sons of anarchy
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This Life by lifeshandful
This Lifeby lifeshandful
Getting out but staying in changes two lives...
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Home by lifeshandful
Homeby lifeshandful
Life changes but it stays the same even as time wears on. Will Storm even be able to escape the fate she was born into...
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Saving his angel -a Sons of Anarchy fanfic by Mxb123
Saving his angel -a Sons of Mxb123
What happens when a short purple haired girl comes into jax's life and he can't get her out of his head even though he has only known her for a short period of time - re...
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Greensleeves by Sonsofanarchy88
Greensleevesby Sonsofanarchy88
Jordyn Rose Teller. Daughter of Gemma and the late John Teller. Younger sister of Jax and the late Thomas Teller. *I do not own Sons of Anarchy, I only own Jordyn* *sor...
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House of the Rising Sun //Tig Trager// by LyonPride
House of the Rising Sun //Tig ;@#[@##=@
With his youngest daughter shot and his eldest in the hospital after the attack, Gabriel Waldorf has to do something to protect Lilith and save Sofia. He takes the last...
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Oh Little Teller by newtmas100
Oh Little Tellerby Hailey cox
In this story Jax has his son Abel and a daughter Ellory teller. Abel mom Wendy is still around every once in awhile but Ellory mom Terra died a few months after her bei...
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Daughter of a Son (Sons of Anarchy FF) by Isabelle88
Daughter of a Son (Sons of Isabelle Arocho
Charming is in for many surprises when Chloe Morrow comes to town, most of all Jax. She's running from someone dangerous and has many secrets with her that could affect...
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Biker and the popstar- little mix fanfic -sons of anarchy fanfic by Mxb123
Biker and the popstar- little Mxb123
Jade thirlwall from little mix is juices cousin,why happens when she comes to vist
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Disguise {Chris Motionless} by BloodSapphire
Disguise {Chris Motionless}by Sapphire Von Asters
When Chris Motionless meets his new neighbor, Briar, he'll learn more about her than he thought he would.
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Another Telford ( SOA Fan fiction) by Misery_Business_xx
Another Telford ( SOA Fan fiction)by Jaylin
¨All Monsters Are Human¨ My name is Davina Telford. i have been away for some time.. I come home for only my life to be flipped upside down.. (has slow updates sometime...
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The Third Teller by Castiels-Angel-
The Third Tellerby Castiels-Angel-
There are only two Tellar's right? Wrong. Jax Tellar has a sister, but no one talks about her anymore, not since she was stolen as retaliation when she was just a child...
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[HXH Đồng Nhân] Bẻ cong tên nông dân này~ [BL] by thuyduonghuhi
[HXH Đồng Nhân] Bẻ cong tên nông Thiên Di
Tác giả: Thụ Cô Vương Do quá nhiều người trong đồng nhân văn đối với Hisoka tức giận, Sievert xui xẻo bị chọn làm người xuyên qua rồi. Chỉ có duy nhất một nhiệm vụ? &quo...
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