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Secrets • Benlos Fanfiction • Descedants by Disney-Channel-Lover
Secrets • Benlos Fanfiction • Eleanor
Carlos has always been the life of the party. He was always so happy and he never complained about working hard and having a busy schedule. He was always smiling; he nev...
Stained Glass Breaks and So Do Hearts by PaigeWillows
Stained Glass Breaks and So Do Paige Willows
A Benlos Fanfic. When Carlos learns he has feelings for Ben, he learns that too much space hurts, that not everything is what it seems and that True Love exists. (Quotes...
Fire N' Gold ~Benlos~ by N1CC02
Fire N' Gold ~Benlos~by Niccos
When the four Villain kids get to Auradon, and Carlos meets Ben, he feels as though it is love at first sight. But the plan that Maleficent had assigned to them, and the...
Not So Happily Ever After by PaigeWillows
Not So Happily Ever Afterby Paige Willows
Things are swapped, the villains are the heroes and the heroes are the villains in this story.This follows similar to the original movies but if everything was completel...
Descendants - Alternative Love by duh_d_rexx
Descendants - Alternative Loveby duh_d_rexx
This is definitely AU. We're still going to be following the General Stories of the Descendants Series (books & animation included) however, instead of Ben with Mal & Ca...
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Puppies and Princes ❤️ (boyxboy) Benlos  by bluefirekryptonite
Puppies and Princes ❤️ (boyxboy) Blue
BENLOS fanfic well since the kids of the isle went to auradon carlos' eyes felt fixed on those blue eyes of prince ben.. Ben and Carlos immediately became close... But w...
Descendants One-shots by PaigeWillows
Descendants One-shotsby Paige Willows
Primarily a place for my really short Benlos fics but I do want to do some others. Possible pairs: Mal x Evie, Jay x Mal, Uma x Mal, Carlos x Jay, Carlos x Harry, Audre...
Another Fairytale Story by lostprxnce
Another Fairytale Storyby eddie munsons bff
it's descendants but gay. [evie x female oc] [will be in mc p.o.v unless stated otherwise] #1 sofia carson [sept.11] #1 descendants [sept 21] - Started: August 27, 201...
Forgotten by PaigeWillows
Forgottenby Paige Willows
Benjamin Beast is plagued with dreams of four villain descendants who he has never met. These dreams are like memories, so real yet not. They keep him from sleeping. Ben...
Descending Into Madness  by EmoGayKid154
Descending Into Madness by Seth Tackett
Forget everything you know about Decendants. Ben decides that it is time to bring more kids from the isal to Aroudon. He invites Uma, Gil, Harry and the newest addition...
head over heels, descendants  by wandamione_
head over heels, descendants by wandamione_
head over heels | 'something happens and i'm head over heels' - IN WHICH sadie white is a closeted lesbian who refuses to accept who she truly is until a certain blue...
Descendants One Shots by lostprxnce
Descendants One Shotsby eddie munsons bff
i think the title says it all. [g x g] [b x b] [Started: October 2019] [Ended: tbd] [Status: on going]
I Found You by Kiya722
I Found Youby EpicKiya722
Since that night, Ben has been wondering and searching for the boy he met and quickly became smitten over. When he does, he doesn't know how to function. Meanwhile, Carl...
there's no good in goodbye (but neither there is in staying)  || Descendants by Patolemus
there's no good in goodbye (but Pato
When Carlos was first told he would be leaving the Isle of the Lost, all he could feel was relief. He would be leaving that shit hole, the place he had called home for t...
one-shots descendientes by AlexShipperPerver
one-shots descendientesby AlexShipperPerver
aqui publicare algunas de mis locas y pervertidas ideas , espero que los guste desde ahora advierto , que en algunos habra contenido , lemmon , yuri , tal vez yaoi , l...
Descendants Headcanons by cryptidcutie
Descendants Headcanonsby angel
My headcanons for Disney's Descendants. All of these headcanons apply to the universe my works operate in. Recommended that you read this BEFORE my others!
La Bestia y El Cachorro (Benlos) by beastpuppy
La Bestia y El Cachorro (Benlos)by beastpuppy
La historia de como se enamoro Carlos de Ben y Ben de Carlos de la película de Descendientes 1 y 2. Como hay un triángulo amoroso entre Ben, Carlos y Harry. Como sufren...
Winging It || book two [also UNDER CONSTRUCTION] by kiikiiwrites
Winging It || book two [also kitty
With his newly found villainy, Carlos goes about his dark days with his brother. The spells were causing thunderous clouds above Auradon Prep, and of course all eyes wer...
Wonderland by NinaSpringField
Wonderlandby Born2ship
Carlos, Mal, Evie, and Audrey get bored waiting for their boyfriends. Ps Carlos lost a bet