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He's a Mafioso (Book 1) by xerkel
He's a Mafioso (Book 1)by xerkel
Chuuya Nakarahara was suspended as a member (a.k.a. executive) of the Port Mafia and is now working as a medical social worker in Yokahama General Hospital. Now as an or...
Cure To My Tainted Sorrow (Chuuya X Reader) by Bakamono_dearu
Cure To My Tainted Sorrow ( ROI
Chuuya Nakahara didn't wish for this but it happened. He's going to babysit an amnesiac girl. Just what is the Port Mafia leader thinking? Highest Rank #1 in chuuya ...
bungo stray dogs reacts to....stuff by mama_nora
bungo stray dogs reacts to....stuffby nuri
soooooo as the title said imma be doing they same thing I did with my mdzs book I was supposed to already have a book like this but I accidentally deleted the shiz when...
Bitter by ssaaudrey
Bitterby ssaaudrey
In which one Spencer Reid experiences limerence with a woman he barely knows, or so she thinks. Spencer Reid has been detached from the team since he and JJ were taken h...
Finding That Black Hole(Discontinued:<) by DwarfyJamy
Finding That Black Hole( JM
This story wil be about 2 dwarf stars, BDS(Black Dwarf Star) and WDS(White Dwarf Star) flying down to earth and trying to search for their Black Hole friend that also fl...
Terrible sorrow... his sorrow... by linlangmanmu
Terrible sorrow... his 酔っ払った
After Nakahara Chuuya's die, Dazai-san became different, the way for a long time the former Overlord of Gravity tried to do. But not all at once...
new years eve; dazai x male reader by billericious
new years eve; dazai x male readerby a nobody
Era tiempo de celebración, y en la relación, era Dazai quien lo tenía más presente, pues sería la primera vez que pasaría las fiestas de final de año contigo a su lado. ...
attraction; fem!dazai x reader x fem!chuuya by billericious
attraction; fem!dazai x reader x a nobody
la atracción es inevitable, al igual al momento en cuál va a explotar entre las personas involucradas. específicamente, tres.
[BSD] Tự sát chưa toại là bệnh, đến trị by Diyan1404
[BSD] Tự sát chưa toại là bệnh, đế Tiếu Yên
Tác giả : Hoa Hỏa Convert : Yuu Tsuiki || Hoshino Sora Nguồn : 2886801 Tình trạng : Còn tiếp - Văn án : Vào nước tai nạn xe cộ thuốc ngủ, nhảy vực sống mái với nhau cùng...