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Flags by BrooklynMorgan7
Flagsby B
Soccer x Racing story Wxw 🫡
Two Young Stars by thegayestsport
Two Young Starsby gay woso 🥵
Mata De Bakker is an 18-year-old star striker from the Netherlands taking the world by storm. You have played professionally for small clubs in your homeland since the a...
Life's Not Fair by arsenal_rose
Life's Not Fairby rose
Aurelia Vidal is arguably Spain's best striker. She is the leading goal scorer for Barcelona and plays her favorite sport with her best friends for a living, she's still...
The Beauty of Two Enemies by wosowriter_
The Beauty of Two Enemiesby wosowriter_
What happens when two girls who have always hated each other have to get along in the Women's World Cup to succeed. Will they get along? or Will they discover their unk...
WOSO Imagines by eviethescribe
WOSO Imaginesby Evie
Just some one-shots of my fav female footballers FYI: some events may be different then real life just to fit the narrative better (i.e. timeline, injuries not happenin...
When You Started Writing Poems in Spanish by rose_coloured_boy_
When You Started Writing Poems m
Jamie Fleming has been living in Barcelona for over a year now, and she still can't get a good grasp on the language. Working as a sports writer (and part-time poet) and...
ona battle x reader by batlleenthusiast
ona battle x readerby ana
ona batlle and reader, mostly your own pov. you are Spanish playing in Manchester United.
Like Every Other Instagram Story (Charles Leclerc) by FootballXIXStars
Like Every Other Instagram Story ( FootballXIXStars
An Instagram story about Charles Leclerc Charles Leclerc stumbles across a girls Instagram when he's scrolling through it. That girl happens to be a football player for...
Woso Imagines by mrchiipchrome
Woso Imaginesby mrchiipchrome
A collection of woso imagines taken from my tumblr account:) these are all mine, i dont give anyone permission to copy or steal any of my works under no circumstances (...
Vidunderbarn by wosofeminino
Vidunderbarnby ki
Vidunderbarn 1. a child prodigy Astrid Emil Nygård, was a Vidunerbarn if anyone had ever seen one, the young girl from Tromsø was destined for greatness. Everyone would...
I wish I was you **ON HOLD** by awfclover88
I wish I was you **ON HOLD**by ilovebarca
Rhaina Van Haan (pronounced Ray-na) is an incredibly talented young footballer. At the young age of 13 she signs her first professional contract with Arsenal FC. Born i...
This Love • Alexia Putellas by vblohshh
This Love • Alexia Putellasby alexia'swife
Alexia Putellas, star of women's Barcelona and one of the most talked about names in women's football in the world. On the other, Stella Martinez is a player who has sto...
What if i told you i love you? by stories116
What if i told you i love you?by stories116
Emily, a twenty-one-year-old England international leaves Chelsea and moves to the Champions of Europe, FC Barcelona. Emily spent five years at Chelsea. She joined when...
champions league after party by pacheco_woso
champions league after partyby ruby x
It's June 5th , Barcelona Femeni have just won the champions league and Alexia Putellas has been dragged out by non other than Maria Leon to a new up and coming artist...
WOSO ONESHOTS // 🇬🇧 by goretzkashavertz
𝗘𝗡𝗚. ೃ⁀➷ oneshots about various woso players [player x player] and [player x oc] 🦕 𝗙𝗘𝗔𝗧. VARIOUS PLAYERS 𝗧𝗥𝗢𝗣𝗘𝗦. VARIOUS TROPES // 🫐🐋🫂🖌️🐬🩵
End Game | A.P  by loifcb
End Game | A.P by .
Oh, Isabel certainly heard about La Reina. And of course, Isabel has a big reputation. Isabel Laporta is excited to finally have the chance to work at the biggest club i...