The Wolf's Pack (Dragon Age Fanfiction) by GloryStitt
The Wolf's Pack (Dragon Age Glory Stitt
An elven slave girl named Eira gets saved and nursed back to health by Meredeth Hawke and Anders. Wakes up and meets Fenris then after a while he falls for her as she fa...
  • merrill
  • eira
  • romance
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The Long Way Home (Dragon Age) by insaneredhead
The Long Way Home (Dragon Age)by insaneredhead
Yennefer is the youngest Hawke child and the only one to have spent time in a Circle (After a Bethany mishap). Follow her story as she battles demons, blood mages, merc...
  • dragonage2
  • merrill
  • commandercullen
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Dragon Age One-shots/imagines/preferences(Accepts Requests!!) by DragonAgedear88
Dragon Age One-shots/imagines/ Lillie
The title pretty much says it all! Just a warning this will probably really suck because It's my fist time writing any sort of fanfiction which also means I probably won...
  • cassandra
  • solas
  • sera
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Him & I by ultimate_reader1
Him & Iby ultimate_reader1
What happens when an orphan is adopted to fame and drama torn between multiple guys Well I guess you'll have to read to find out what happens to your favourite orphan (...
  • leuders
  • nashgrier
  • aaroncarpenter
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The Dragonborn of Kirkwall by NightAngel97
The Dragonborn of Kirkwallby NightAngel97
The daughter of Fenris and the woman mage Champion of Kirkwall is banished from the reality of Dragon Age and sent to Tamriel. There she learns, thanks to a roguishly...
  • dragonage2
  • bishop
  • ranger
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The Dragon Effect by ScarletDay
The Dragon Effectby ScarletDay
When the fade opens Hawke falls into a whole new world. And boy is she in for a surprise! **In the process of being written so bear with me, I've been working on this f...
  • fade
  • dragonage
  • shepard
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A Long And Lonely Road by nose235678
A Long And Lonely Roadby Kenzie
Things become very different, very quickly for a normal young girl named Laskaina when she tries to play her favorite old game...and the unthinkable happens. Who will he...
  • elf
  • dorian
  • fenris
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Dark Sky (Sunsetaward2018) by myxstrangexworld
Dark Sky (Sunsetaward2018)by xXGangstergirlXx
Die 16 Jahre alte Sky muss dabei zusehen, wie ihre beste Freunndin bei einem Unfall ums Leben kommt, darauf schottet sie sich sehr ab und versucht niemanden an sich ran...
  • freiheit
  • geheimnisse
  • tags
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Classic (test) by StevenFlynn24
Classic (test)by Steven Flynn
This book has no real plot. Really, it is just collection of comic strips in words, but it will have an actual ending. There will also be books (spin-offs) about her oth...
  • funny
  • draft
  • complete
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Against the Dying of the Light: a Mar'i Grayson Compilation by prncesskoriandr
Against the Dying of the Light: natalie moon
A compilation of various Mar'i Grayson focused drabbles that I'm writing. They explore Mar'i's relationships with her parents, her friends, her grandfather, and with Ear...
  • kory
  • batfam
  • nightwing
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Feuerwind - Die Prophezeiung  #TeaAward2018 by Nachtschaf
Feuerwind - Die Prophezeiung Schattenwolf
Filomea Bach ein 14 Jahre altes, normales Mädchen wird schon länger von einer blaugrauen Krähe beobachtet und verfolgt, bis diese sich ihr offenbart. Mit Hilfe der Krähe...
  • elemente
  • wolf
  • teaaward2018
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Bride Of Ritual (Fenris x OC) by nose235678
Bride Of Ritual (Fenris x OC)by Kenzie
(dedicated to @shenriagirl) What if Fenris wasn't the only one who suffered the ritual of receiving Lyrium markings burned into the flesh? What if there was a girl...? A...
  • lyrium
  • fenris
  • josephine
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NHL Imagines and One Shots by pasta52596
NHL Imagines and One Shotsby niki
NHL Imagines/One Shots!!^^ Request a player who should be written about! I will write multiple times about the same players but do want as much variety as possible!
  • kane
  • sidney
  • bostonbruins
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The Dalish Commander (The Daughters of Thedas Book 2) by IceQueenofMitera
The Dalish Commander (The She Wolf Writer
With the Archdemon dead, the Darkspawn should have retreated back to the Deep Roads. But something odd is at work around Amaranthine, the new stronghold of the Grey Ward...
  • anders
  • magic
  • dalish
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Silvertongue • Anders by gehyAF
Silvertongue • Andersby freundliche hexen
There's been talk of a shadowy vigilante around Darktown and Anders is truly interested. His interest is barely quenched when Silvertongue pays him a visit. [DA2]
  • angstandfluff
  • vigilante
  • anders
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Stars- A Handers One-Shot  by Daisyndragons
Stars- A Handers One-Shot by Daisyndragons
Canon Divergence, one where there are TWO major character deaths. Just a sweet Handers flashback before reality ensues at the destruction of the Chantry. Warning: BoyxBo...
  • handers
  • realityensues
  • anders
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Anders sein ist kein Verbrechen! by Bananasnack01
Anders sein ist kein Verbrechen!by Bananasnack01
Es ist einfach mal meine Meinung zu dem Thema "anders sein"
  • anders
  • meinung
  • vorurteile
Bin ich denn so anders? [Slow Uptades.] by erdbeerschokolade123
Bin ich denn so anders? [Slow Selin
Lisa. Ein Mädchen, welches optimistisch durchs Leben geht, jedoch immer wieder aufs Neue enttäuscht wird. Von Freunden im Stich gelassen, von Fremden schräg angeschaut...
  • nachdenklich
  • traurig
  • schön
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Undercover [COMPLETE] by storiesforsomeone
Undercover [COMPLETE]by Kat❤️
Madeline Rae Anders is an average girl in an average city with and average group of friends. What happens when a mysterious boy shows up to her school with a secret, tha...
  • madeline
  • daniel
  • magcon
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Dragon Age: Born for this (one-shot) ✓ by Outlast94
Dragon Age: Born for this ( Outlast
"- Magowie zasługują na coś lepszego niż Kręgi. Powinni być wolni, móc żyć jak każdy inny mieszkaniec Thedas. A Zakon? - Oczy Andersa nagle zajarzyły się niebieskim...
  • anders
  • meredith
  • dragonage
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