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Dragon Age X Chubby!Reader Oneshots by cerilina_malha
Dragon Age X Chubby!Reader Oneshotsby Cerilina Malha
There are no Chubby/fat reader fanfics in the Dragon Age universe! So I decided to make one or more, depending how well this goes. I'm not good at writing, so please be...
Bloodborne! Male Reader x Dragon age: inquisition (Discontinued) by Hunter590
Bloodborne! Male Reader x Dragon Hunter590
As a hunter in the lands of Yharnam. You always wondered what the lands outside of Yharnam were like. Were they as dangerous and dark as well or different. Did other pla...
Dragon Age One-shots/imagines/preferences(Accepts Requests!!) by DragonAgedear88
Dragon Age One-shots/imagines/ Lillie Lawrence
The title pretty much says it all! Just a warning this will probably really suck because It's my fist time writing any sort of fanfiction which also means I probably won...
Confessions of a Lover [Dragon Age] by Adrian-Grace
Confessions of a Lover [Dragon Age]by EL
One year after defeating Corypheus, it seemed like the only problems Willow Lavellan faces were trivial. That was, at least, until her past started catching up to her. K...
Dragon Age x Reader One Shots by IcyTheFurry
Dragon Age x Reader One Shotsby IcyTheFurry
there needs to be more Dragon Age love! Will have all the DA series and I'm taking requests*. Will write lemons so yea, you have been warned. Most will be fluff and shiz...
Dragon Age Inquisition Inquisitor One Shots x Reader  by FallenKhajiit
Dragon Age Inquisition Goodness Loki
Requests are open I will do crossovers from other video games, TV shows, and movies. I will not write smut or lemon unless I state otherwise. Please don't ask if I can...
Dragon Age Various x Reader Oneshots by EmmAssassin
Dragon Age Various x Reader Emm
"There's power in stories, though. That's all history is: The best tales. The ones that last. Might as well be mine." ~ Varric Tethras Ideas and suggestions ar...
Dragon Age One Shots  by sundercat99
Dragon Age One Shots by Sundercat
All dragon ages included, open to suggestions!!
Inquisition by Fandom_Human
Inquisitionby Jess
A book of one shots including the characters of Dragon Age. Will probably be mainly Dorian paired with a few characters and my inquisitor. Warning: May contain smut an...
Time Will Tell (DA:Inquisition Fanfic) by KieraHawke
Time Will Tell (DA:Inquisition Kiera Hawke
Can she save him? Can she save them all? Or will history repeat? ♢♢♢ My name is Verya. I am one of the last of the ancient elves who survived. Ancient protecter of my...
Var Lath Vir Suledin by AmariannaRose
Var Lath Vir Suledinby Amarianna
Revas is the daughter of Falon'Din and a old friend/love of Solas/Fen'Harel..... she has known Solas since she was a child.... he made her feel.... strange.... she didn'...
Dragon Age Oneshots by putainsoif
Dragon Age Oneshotsby ♥︎
A collection of Dragon Age oneshots. Discontinued until further notice. You can also find me on Tumblr and Ao3, under the same name. Have a beautiful day♥︎
Solavellan by MorgueManson
Solavellanby Miriel
Solas and The Inquisitor Lavellan are getting closer and closer, and when Solas decides to take her into The Fade to talk away from everyone at Skyhold, they get closer...
Festis Bei Umo Canavarum by AmariannaRose
Festis Bei Umo Canavarumby Amarianna
Telanadas was just a girl.... another slave from Tevinter Imperium.... but something about her caught Fenris's attention.... his sister seemed to HATE her..... his mothe...
Stuck in a Game (Fenris x OC) by Lynn_Bennette
Stuck in a Game (Fenris x OC)by DorkyDoodles
Ember was a pretty normal girl. Had a job, watched T.V., and played games, but all that changed when she fell into one! Will Em ever get home or will she be stuck in the...
In League With The Wolf - The Elves of Fen'Harel Book 2 (Dragon Age) by kitkatcath
In League With The Wolf - The Catherine
As the Circles of Magi collapse, elven mage Tilda Hadvan escapes the White Spire, fleeing into Ferelden. Rescued from captivity by the Inquisition, she befriends its mem...
The Bear and The Bull by Goldina1998
The Bear and The Bullby Goldina1998
The Arcana x Dragon Age Inquisition fanfic What if Muriel didn't have to be a gladiator in Lucio's coliseum? What if he runs away from Vesuvia then bumps into a certain...
Dragon Age Inquisition Shorts and Imagines by UlfricOakenshield
Dragon Age Inquisition Shorts Hope Knott
Includes main characters, side characters and everything inbetween. accepting requests.
Dragon Age Inquisition One-Shots by Ckirch
Dragon Age Inquisition One-Shotsby Dragona22
I don't own dragon age Inquisition or it's characters, but all ideas are mine also I love this game so much I've played it fifty times over and I think writing a little...