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Children of the first: Hate(1) by CrimsonSpartan7
Children of the first: Hate(1)by ArchèXone
When the children of the primordials show up at camp half blood is it a blessing or a curse.
  • tartarus
  • goddess
  • chaos
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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: The Fourth Driver by WaylonTFD
Xenoblade Chronicles 2: The WaylonTFD
With Malos defeated, true Elysium founded, and the Conduit destroyed, everything should be finished now right? But have you ever wondered what side effects a multi-dimen...
  • nintendo
  • fanfiction
  • brighid
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Song of light (Crow x Reader) by Clari_girl
Song of light (Crow x Reader)by Clari_girl
Midi City, full of music and great bands and theres Branded Rock Record. Great musicians just as ShinganCrimsionz and Plasmagica and you so happen to fall into the hands...
  • aion
  • showbyrock
  • shingancrimsionz
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The Story of Eliion by Jasuti
The Story of Eliionby eggtrees
Alright, the main Character Elliion- She's a real character from a video game called Aion, which is also a real game. Its an MMORPG and this story is told from a 3rd per...
  • verteron
  • cleric
  • gunslinger
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One shots (Show by rock boys x female reader) by sunriseloveislife
One shots (Show by rock boys x The outcast
Bunch of show by rock boys x reader (Girls only) I'm only making these because we need more Show by rock!!! love Just request anything and I'm doing it! I'm talking abou...
  • titan
  • xreader
  • riku
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After all these years (aion x reader) by sunriseloveislife
After all these years (aion x The outcast
you and aion were friends during when aion was learning to be emperor but soon something bad happen that you and aion went to separated paths. so now when a few years pa...
  • animemusic
  • showbyrockxreader
  • aion
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Shingan Crimson Boyfriend Scenario and One-Shots by ThePastelPrince
Shingan Crimson Boyfriend ThePastelPrince
Ever wonder how it'll be like when you can date the oh so famous memebers of the band Shingan Crimson? You can find out here, requests and One Shots requests are open! ...
  • romance
  • shingancrimson
  • scenario
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Show by Rock!! Preferences by hiccuplovver
Show by Rock!! Preferencesby hiccuplovver
THERE AREN'T ENOUGH OF THESE Includes: Rom Yaiba Aion Crow Shu☆Zo Kai Riku
  • crow
  • shuzo
  • aion
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The Surprise Epidemic by MikaiaZoe
The Surprise Epidemicby SugarCookieKya
Sister Rosette Christopher and her partner, Chrono, have just returned from another semi-successful mission. Now that they are back at the convent, their friend Azmaria...
  • chrono
  • fluff
  • chronoxrosette
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Solo un sueño anhelado -One-shot- by JeselmyOscco
Solo un sueño anhelado -One-shot-by 🌸мιzυ 2.0🌸
Cosas q aclarar: "( )" este signo significara el pensamiento del personaje Ejm: Cyan: (mm....esto es extraño pero diré q si) ok, lo haremos! "[ ]" es...
  • chuchu
  • retoree
  • sueño
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ShinganCrimsonz x Male Reader by KaitoPop
ShinganCrimsonz x Male Readerby Sharafeldin Ali
The title says it all Might not be that good Slow Updates
  • shingancrimsonz
  • crow
  • rom
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Ascension by MelissaCuevas4
Ascensionby Melissa Cuevas
  • aion
  • fanfiction
A T R E I A [Voltron WA 2017] by leeseongjong
A T R E I A [Voltron WA 2017]by Serah (*´▽`*)
The fight against the Balaur is never ending, be you from Elysea or Asmodae. While there is a constant war between light and dark, everyone agrees they must take down th...
  • coran
  • hunk
  • pidge
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Soeurs ennemies (TITRE PROVISOIRE) by ElodieMnd9
Soeurs ennemies (TITRE PROVISOIRE)by Pippi Osu
Dans le monde d'Atréia, deux factions se livrent une guerre sans fin. Au beau milieu de ce chaos, deux jeunes filles sont sur le point de découvrir le secret caché au cœ...
  • secrets
  • aion
  • aventure
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Enemies? Friends? Lovers? Maybe ... Soulmates? by DafneVictoriaDelaLuz
Enemies? Friends? Lovers? Dafne Victoria De la Luz
Una guerra milenaria entre Daevas de la luz y la oscuridad -Elyos y Asmodianos- y Balaurs lleva a que 2 chicos se conozcan, primero como enemigos, después como amigos y...
  • mmorpg
  • aion
  • yaoi
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Atreia by -Sukone-
Atreiaby -Sukone-
  • school
  • asmodae
  • student
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Le chanteur de ShingancrimsonZ by agaroche
Le chanteur de ShingancrimsonZby Kesesese ~
Crow, jeune paysan incapable de faire la moindre note juste sur un quelconque instrument, était destiné à finir sa vie avec le bétail. Cependant, en accompagnant ses par...
  • shingancrimsonz
  • royalty
  • crow
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