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Ace Attorney Magician's Creed by Gerbil1000
Ace Attorney Magician's Creedby Indira Turner
Wright and Co. travel to Europe for a vacation. But their vacation began to turn upside down with murders roaming about. What's even weirder is that there is a legend ab...
  • aceattorney
  • aceattorneyoc
Ace Attorney x reader One Shots by CleverYui
Ace Attorney x reader One Shotsby C. Yui
This is a book of Ace Attorney one shots. I can only do characters from the first 4 games (AA1-AJ) because I haven't seen the other games yet. I do take requests but I a...
  • kristoph
  • phoenix
  • apollo
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Apollo Justice x Reader by AmandaEasterday
Apollo Justice x Readerby Pandabubblez
You just earned your attorneys badge and are on the road to becoming a defense attorney, but who are you going to work for? What will they look like? Maybe you'll know t...
  • phoenix
  • apollo
  • aceattorney
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Ace Attorney: Elyssa Justine by Endergirl151
Ace Attorney: Elyssa Justineby Endergirl151
UWAGA: książka może zawierać spoilery do gier z serii "Ace Attorney", konkretnie "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" i "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney...
  • prawnik
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  • rozprawa
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Edgeworth x Wright One Shots  by fairyaoi
Edgeworth x Wright One Shots by Aki
Wrightworth/narumitsu one shots ♥ English/French
  • anime
  • lovestory
  • oceaneyes
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Shut Up, Klavier by Tashimione
Shut Up, Klavierby Tashimione
A collection of short, completely not serious stories involving Klavier Gavin.
  • gavin
  • phoenixwright
  • trucywright
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Heart of Gold by Clover_London
Heart of Goldby Clover_London
A Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney AU where the magic is real. During the golden trial Bezella appears to make her demands. Luke decides to trade his life to save the Pr...
  • professorlaytonvsaceattourney
  • professorlayton
  • espellacantabella
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Cast Away by DimensionalSaturn
Cast Awayby Keroish
Phoenix has been "let go" of his lawyer duties for the time being and has now become quite a bit reclusive to those who care about him. However, this doesn't s...
  • gumshoe
  • milesedgeworth
  • aceattorney
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Ace Attorney: Quiet after the Hurricane by digitaldreams0801
Ace Attorney: Quiet after the Strategist of Wind
Morix Law Offices comes off as a regular agency to many, but the truth is far from what it appears. After Cotoli Morix, a well-known lawyer in the area, invites Deirdre...
  • phoenixwright
  • wattys2018
  • qathseries
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Always Remember Us This Way | Klapollo  by prcttyodd
Always Remember Us This Way | ♕
Apollo Justice has just about given up on his dream to ever become a singer, at this point it's only something that he does for fun, when he meets Klavier Gavin, seasone...
  • angst
  • astarisborn
  • apollojustice
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 Cxara's book of randomness. by CxaraTheHuman14
Cxara's book of CxaraTheHuman14
Just a book where you can ask things and I answer them in the comments. Also just random pics too I guess. lol
  • aceattorney
Ace Attorney Investigations: Moonlight by Girlinatophat
Ace Attorney Investigations: Girlinatophat
After the events of the previous book, Julia Kirigiri is keep to find out what the mysterious 'Moonlight' group is about. Her search leads her to a daughter of a crimina...
  • jat
  • agentfiles
  • moonlight
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Ace Attorney Preferences by tayraearm
Ace Attorney Preferencesby Tay
Boyfriend scenarios including Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Apollo Justice, Klavier Gavin, Kristoph Gavin, Simon Blackquill, and Diego Armando Officially started on F...
  • justice
  • capcom
  • apollo
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SUPERHERO JUSTICE FOR ALL  by avenginglawyer-
  • multiverse
  • dc
  • marvel
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Ace Attorney - Justice and Truth by Girlinatophat
Ace Attorney - Justice and Truthby Girlinatophat
United Lawyers, a new lawyer office, has invited Cotoli Morix, Lily Shield and Niamh Tenniswood to be a part of their crew. However, they soon get tangled when cases inv...
  • ocs
  • jat
  • justiceandtruth
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Ace attorney mpreg! by Springtime562
Ace attorney mpreg!by Springtime562
a tumblr user that needs more attention and followers
  • awesome
  • amazeballs
  • aceattorney
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Ship I ship by laito123
Ship I shipby laito123
These are the ship I ship
  • otacon
  • aceattorney
  • danganronpa
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Individual Fandoms Roleplay by --serendipity---
Individual Fandoms Roleplayby Noodle
The cover art is Asra from the Arcana. One on one roleplays with fandom characters and my OCs. Really wanting The Arcana, Howl's Moving Castle, Gorillaz, Ava's Demon, Br...
  • gravityfalls
  • thearcana
  • arcana
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Ace Attorney Trilogy Boyfriend Scenarios  by iizpotato
Ace Attorney Trilogy Boyfriend TheEdgyDuck
Includes : Phoenix Wright Miles Edgeworth Dick Gumshoe Diego "Godot" Armando Larry Butz
  • larry
  • xreader
  • readerxcharacter
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ATAA season 1 by ATAAworkaholic
ATAA season 1by ATAAworkaholic
This is a series that takes a spin on Ace attorney and Danganronpa, it's filled to the brim with original characters and ocasionally some Ace Attorney characters.
  • aceattorney
  • ataa