Aaronbrock Stories

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home . tate ! by kayleesbryants
home . tate !by luca !
in which logan martin ends up caught his half sister's pack and their problems
all the stars . lightwood ! by kayleesbryants
all the stars . lightwood !by luca !
in which a werewolf finds himself stuck in shadowhunter problems
darkside  . mikaelson ! by kayleesbryants
darkside . mikaelson !by luca !
in which a soft yet broken boy named gregor west has spiraled out of control revealing a dark part of himself that he had hidden and it falls into the hands of hope mika...
werewolf curse . mikaelson !  by kayleesbryants
werewolf curse . mikaelson ! by luca !
in which a newly triggered werewolf gets hunters sent after him but specifically attracts the attention of hope mikaelson ships: [ brent hudson and hope mikaelson ] [...
thousand miles . tate ! by kayleesbryants
thousand miles . tate !by luca !
in which issac lahey's older brother comes back to beacon hills from the police academy and finds himself caught in the supernatural problems
charming werewolf . meade !  by kayleesbryants
charming werewolf . meade ! by luca !
in which a charming yet idiotic werewolf gets caught in up witch problems due to his half sister
stormbreaker . mikaelson !  by kayleesbryants
stormbreaker . mikaelson ! by luca !
in which a young man trying to escape his current school ends up getting kidnapped and reuniting with his former enemy turned friend hope mikaelson who julian has had fe...
stronghold the originals !  by kayleesbryants
stronghold the originals ! by luca !
kyler jones grew horribly as his father often treats him terribly and favors his siblings more his mother is deceased kyler is basically the family outcast
capital letters . fairchild ! by kayleesbryants
capital letters . fairchild !by luca !
in which two sworn enemies end up falling in love with each other
troublemaker . jalali !  by kayleesbryants
troublemaker . jalali ! by luca !
in which nolan's troublemaking brother returns to the town after his brother is murdered and ava jalali immediately takes a liking to him
plot twist .  macpherson !  by kayleesbryants
plot twist . macpherson ! by luca !
in which neither one of them thought they would fall in love
dangerous . blake ! by kayleesbryants
dangerous . blake !by luca !
in which dax wilson is dangerous heart stealer but he loses that when he falls for a certain blonde witch
immortals  < sonya  by kayleesbryants
immortals < sonya by luca !
[ maze runner tst based ] [ love interest is sonya] [ enough said ] [
alpha werewolf . lightwood !  by kayleesbryants
alpha werewolf . lightwood ! by luca !
in which a true alpha werewolf finds himself caught up in shadowhunter problems and falls for alec lightwood in the process
troubled teenager . drew ! by kayleesbryants
troubled teenager . drew !by luca !
in which the local troublemaker falls for nancy drew
armor . mikaelson !  by kayleesbryants
armor . mikaelson ! by luca !
in which will davis and his hotheaded siblings find themselves involved with the mikaelson family
greyhounds twilight !  by kayleesbryants
greyhounds twilight ! by luca !
follow the adventures of ander lockwood and his dumbass werewolf siblings and a few vampires