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INSECURITIES: s i n h o p e by byunkookielle
INSECURITIES: s i n h o p eby jamais vu
[BANGCHIN english STORY #2] ❝do not pressure yourself to meet with people's expectations, but, remember to strive to become a better version of yourself,❞ a sinhope engl...
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Seulgism by KPP-Seulgi
Seulgismby ➖kkangseul☀
Seulgiㅡyour one and only eyesmile queen.
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LISA, The Brightest Star ⭐ by lalalapink__
LISA, The Brightest Star ⭐by Limario X Jungkookie
All about Lalisa 'LISA' Manoban. Her Life story on my mind. Just a Fiction.
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Already Taken {BYULISA FF}  by XyraNoelleOrimaco
Already Taken {BYULISA FF} by Xyra Noelle Orimaco
She loves Mamamoo's main dancer. She loves Blackpink 's main dancer.
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l i s a by dustymisti
l i s aby 🌹 🥀
I be the bonnie and you be my clyde, we ride or die, x's and o's." Lisa of blackpink
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Lalisa Manoban by naughty_littles14
Lalisa Manobanby Littles
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Hiari Momo by naughty_littles14
Hiari Momoby Littles
Hello I'm the Peach Momo!!!^^
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