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The five day contract  by LightTeal21
The five day contract by Teal21
As it turns out there's a junior in my homeroom class named Ari, she's really annoying and won't ever leave me alone. All I really want to do is read and be by myself bu...
5 Days || Choi Soobin ✓ by jaedennnn
5 Days || Choi Soobin ✓by felix's
❝𝗜'𝗺 𝗱𝘆𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗶𝗻 𝗳𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗱𝗮𝘆𝘀❞ ➺➺➺ In which a girl whose life is at risk found happiness from her crush. ➺➺➺ Started : 20th September, 2021 Ended : 20th Septe...
5 days to think *vhope* by hexy201
5 days to think *vhope*by hexy201
It's a short story /one shot Where taehyung trys to get hosouk to fall in love with him, but unlike all your basic love stories, taehyung does it defrent where it only t...
Peter Benjamin Stark by Very_weird_people
Peter Benjamin Starkby Kayleigh
First Off THANK YOU So MUCH TO @Deewatter on Instagram for the cover art. Ya know the drill. Field Trips, Peter getting in trouble, blah blah blah. This is First story P...
Trilby's Notes: The (Un)Official Novelization (Chzo Mythos #3) by MBGeorge
Trilby's Notes: The (Un)Official N...by M.B. George
Now a field agent for the British Secret Service's STP (Special Talent Project), 4 years have passed since what has now infamously been called the "DeFoe Manor Inci...
Granny by FullRisingMoon
Grannyby fullrisingmoon
Five days... Four days... Three days... Two days... One day... "Sweetie," she said, "want some cookies?" "No, Granny," I replied. "I h...
5 Days of Miracles by The_Real_Misty_Day_2
5 Days of Miraclesby Hoodini
For 5 days, nobody has died. No injuries. But what happens after those 5 days.
How will I die? by rjrapper
How will I die?by Mk Publishing
how will I die is a book divided to 5 different stories. The stories can be mystery, thriller, horror. So prepare your minds and we will go back to histories most trauma...
5 Days To Fall In Love by Dat_Greek_Wizard
5 Days To Fall In Loveby Dat_Greek_Wizard
Taylor Night figures out that she likes someone in her friend group. Asher Gunning, the most popular guy in school. It all happened one night at The Haunted Trails. Then...
Five days of fear by postar2006
Five days of fearby elouiseHH21
A school trip to Whitby Castle. The supposedly haunted castle was the annual school trip and I couldn't wait to get going. I loved starting the younger ones. Little did...
5 Days With Him (COMPLETED) by creamyshie
5 Days With Him (COMPLETED)by 𝓡𝓪𝓲𝓷 𝓢𝓪𝓪𝓽𝓬𝓱𝓲
"Rain, what do you want!? Ano pa bang magagawa namin nang Dad mo para matuloy ka sa operation mo?!" "Just one thing, My. One..." "What is it!?&q...
Five Days Of Sickness by DestinyGoneCrazy
Five Days Of Sicknessby DestinyGoneCrazy
It is almost Christmas and you have a little...misunderstanding which was created by you falling in a pond and getting a severe condition with a %80 chance of surviving...
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Dear You by MusicAngel22
Dear Youby jmvAngel
Dear You, 5 days till I'm gone. 5 days till you won't see me. So here are my letters to you. -Your beautiful
Hangout Corner- Plot Shop by hopiedear
Hangout Corner- Plot Shopby HopePeters
Come here to get plot ideas, I have an overabundance. Mostly original stories, but some Fanfictions too.
Øñ3 hell of a krackababy by SadToSaySheLetUsDown
Øñ3 hell of a krackababyby SadToSaySheLetUsDown
A 5'6 120 lb 18 year old young American man boy having is American faith snatched n burned for $13 in the SIP©®™~TRUE
Love In Five Days by BandLover_evei
Love In Five Daysby Eveli⚓
Caryzsol and Ricky meet in a mall in Chicago. Will their love end in 5 days or will they keep a long distance relationship?
Yalineh and Novah by OceCreates
Yalineh and Novahby OceCreates
Yalineh is a genius teenager. Novah is mysterious child. They meet on a fated mountain hike. Yalineh is devastated about her life's work being taken from her and Novah n...
granny: the home (remember. 5 days) by higuyaitsme22
granny: the home (remember. 5 days)by higuyaitsme22
as a guy gets hit in the bat, he wakes up in a old bedroom, as he gets up. he gets the vase.. then he drops it... as he hears footsteps, its up to him to survive granny...